Brandi Glanville Clears Up Joanna Krupa Affair Scandal, Yolanda Foster Asked Her To Quit Talking About It


Brandi Glanville is taking to her Bravo Blog to speak out about the feud that ignited with Joanna Krupa over allegations she slept with Yolanda Foster’s husband, Mohammed Hadid. Brandi clarifies everything in her blog, and also shares that Yolanda has asked her to keep quiet about this issue if further asked.

Brandi writes, “I have met most of these women only once and consider them friendly acquaintances — but I don’t actually know any of them personally other then Lea Black. As we all have seen from watching RHOBH, last season Yolanda has said that fidelity wasn’t her ex-husband’s strong suit but that she and her ex have both happily moved on in their lives and now have a wonderful relationship that focuses on raising their beautiful children together. Given my own personal past, I am extremely sensitive to all things infidelity and will always stand tall and have a friend’s back.

Yolanda and I had both heard that this woman from RHOM had an affair with her ex during their marriage. While at a Bravo party this other woman started to walk up to me and when she saw Yolanda turned and ran the other way (we walked away as well). We both thought it was very telling. Later in the evening when asked by one of the RHOM women why I was avoiding that certain person I simply said “I don’t want to be friends with a woman that sleeps with married men” and motioned towards Yolanda. That was all that was said. I was simply being a loyal friend and that was it. Later hearing Yolanda’s ex joke with Lisa and I about the odor situation, I assumed it all to be true. I don’t expect Lisa to back me up on this because of our current rift and her closeness with Yo’s ex — but it is the truth.

While I know this is not my business to be involved with, I was inadvertently brought in and just trying to be a loyal friend. Of course it’s Andy’s job to ask all the hard questions. I wish my name hadn’t come up on the Miami at all, but it did and I was truthful in my answers. Anyhow Yolanda has asked me as of now to no longer comment on this subject and I will respect her wishes because she is trying to stay focused on getting her health back on track. So as of now if you ask me anything about this subject as (yes even you Andy Cohen) I will decline to answer. I think we all know I am a little passionate about the subject of infidelity because it hits very close to home for me. . .I have little respect for men that cheat and the women that they cheat with and that will never change.”

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  • Fiona Wright

    Mohammed is so unattractive! Ugh!

  • cindi

    get over it…

  • DebBrenn

    So, three long paragraphs providing more detail and reiterating it all is how Brandi honors a friend’s request to make no more comments about it? That sounds about right for her.

  • linda in spring

    It appears Yolanda still loves the guy Mohammed that she is telling friends about this old aged affair. Yolanda is ridiculous to have a friend bring this up and create possible jealousies between her ex and current husband. These woman are beautiful, dress wonderfully but talk trash more then the poorest of women, who are taught the virtues of living a descent life.

    • DebBrenn

      I think if some girl that my ex-husband cheated on me with was walking up to me I might mention it to my friend that I was standing with. I wouldn’t say it into a megaphone, though, which is kind of like saying anything to Brandi.

  • Susan Mcleary

    lol@ Brandi back peddling. So, all she said is true. I’m still laughing at the stinky pu.ss.y comment, gross, yes, but brandi was being truthful, afterall.


  • joe

    I think the only thing we need to pay close attention to and remember is that Brandi did not start this situation. she was brought into it. what was she to do? lie? if the situation is true why let joanna lie and get away with it? yes we’ve all said Brandi is blunt and sticks her foot in her mouth ad nauseam, but why is she taking any heat on this one? who cares if she said it! maybe dont cheat instead! lol Also whether you like Brandi or not honestly who do you believe? her or Joanna? hmmmm lol i think we all know the answer to that. Again though allegedly assuming all of this is true! ya never know lol

    • DebBrenn

      Joe, I don’t think anybody is arguing that Brandi is lying. Only that she’s shares other people’s secrets, and that’s not cool. Clearly, Yolanda was confiding in a friend, not announcing it to the public. I used to defend Brandi because I thought she just didn’t know any better, for whatever reason. But she really needs to understand that it’s one thing to tell all your business to others, and another to tell friend’s secrets. Although, I do feel badly for her boys because they might not be old enough to suffer any embarrassment or know some of her stuff now, but they will at some point.

  • If this is Brandy’s way of staying silent and showing solidarity, all the way back from Nov. 2013, I wonder how many other “secrets” she has kept to herself.