Brandi Glanville Claims RadarOnline Prints False Stories About Her


Brandi Glanville is sick of the false reports about her in the media and took to her podcast to open up about the issue. RealityTea is sharing a recap from Brandi’s show, where she admits RadarOnline never has anything nice to say about her.

First, Glanville clears up the rumors she is feuding with alleged new RHOBH Lisa Rinna. Brandi says she has not filmed with Rinna and doesn’t even know if she has signed on for the new season.

Brandi also had a lengthy explanation as to why RadarOnline never has anything nice to say about her. Glanville alleges that the editorial director Dylan Howard used to do drugs in front of one of Brandi’s friends who is sober. After, Brandi called him out on it because it was hard on her friend to be around.

Now, Howard is a head director at Radar and they “hate” Brandi and won’t print anything nice about her for very personal reasons. Brandi says the incident with the drugs happened about 3 years ago before Howard worked at RadarOnline.

Brandi also confirmed that she is NOT suing Eddie Cibrian an LeAnn Rimes.

“I love all of my nice people that are nice. Just because you disagree with me, doesn’t mean you have to hate on me. Just say ‘listen, I disagree with you!’ You don’t have to be horrible to get your point across,” Glanville said.

Photo Credit: Bravo