Brandi Glanville Claims Lisa Vanderpump Admitted To Having Cedric Martinez Deported


Brandi Glanville alleged Lisa Vanderpump had her former BFF, Cedric Martinez, deported back to England on last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa denied Glanville’s claims, saying Brandi never even met Cedric in person and that Glanville had entered her life based on a lie. “She (Brandi) wasn’t a “friend” of his and they hadn’t modeled together,” Lisa wrote in her blog. “She had somehow concocted the story with somebody else. She came into my life on a lie…that should have spoken volumes.”

Lisa joked, “Housewives don’t have that much influence over Homeland Securities.”

After fans on Twitter accused Brandi of lying about Cedric’s deportation, she tweeted, “I didn’t lie. That’s what Lisa told us all at the airport in Paris last year. So sorry I chose to believe her.”

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  • Aunt Bee

    This is coming from a known liar and troublemaker. Brandi please keep your filthy mouth shut.

  • Judy

    Whether Lisa turned him in, or not, why would you say something like that?

  • another day, another lie from this foul mouth tampon string…uuuggg, go away already………

  • One Rotten Egg

    If Lisa somehow had that kind of power to deport anyone who slides her, then why is Brandi still here? Be gone, fool!

    So what if she did or did not have Cedric deported–wasn’t he trying to blackmail the family? Whatever the case, if Cedric did something illegal, he SHOULD be deported, PERIOD.

  • Ann

    As far as I am concerned Brandi has no morals, no character, no loyalty. She is vindictive and a low life.
    Whereas, Lisa is the exact opposite.

  • Hina

    Honestly, I feel like Brandi unknowingly self sabatoged her friendship with Lisa. It seems she is so paranoid about another person “screwing her” (ie. like cheating Eddie), she jumps the gun. I wish she saw her time on the show as a huge incentive to become better with friends. After all, the best revenge is happiness and success.

  • Alex

    i thought brandi never met cedric…lisa is such full of shit

  • t haJoan

    This woman (Brandi) will grab at any lie she can for attention. Forget her Lisa. She isn’t worth even the time of day or the same air as you breath.

  • Tibi

    All Brandi knows how to do is lie about anything she can to try to get her ugly mug in the forefront. She is so antagonistic and loves to hurt and destroy anybody she is angry with. Look out Yo and Kyle–you cuddled up with this snake and it won’t be long until she bites both of you in the behind. Actually, I might enjoy that since you knew what she was when you sidled up with her.

  • Teresa Carlucci

    Brandi is so yesterday! She weaseled her way onto the show and now that she’s here, what? BORING! Same old truck driver mouth. Big deal she’s trash and isn’t afrId to show it. She bri gs people down on a regular. I’d love to have Faye Resnick come back to put Brandi back in her place. She seemed to have an affect on Brandi that she was afraid of. How do you say all these hurtful things about people who are so good to you? Kyle and Yolanda will be next. If they get to stay on the show that long. I’d love to see Brandi, Kim and Kyle all get replaced 🙂 Brandi is just grasping at straws now TRYING REAL HARD to find something juicy on Lisa. All because if you watched it all started when Lisa and Kyle were getti g close again. Brandi’s insecurities kicked in and she got jealous . Then they both threw their husbands a party together and Brandi saw red. Sooooo the next thing we see is Brandi and Kim talkin smack on Lisa and then Brandi moved on to Kyle to nip the newly rekindled friendship in the bud. Sadly enough, the very reason Lisa and Kyle’s friendship went sour in the beginning was Kyle not sticking up for her friend when people talked dirt on her amd instead, chiming in with them and talking on her too, and ALAS Kyle did it again. Just proving she is not , i repeat NOT a credible friend !!!!!!! Kyle Lisa didn’t write the tabloid article, so get over the whole damn thing already. If your gonna believe the stories Brandi is telling you, you deserve to be her next victim!

  • fresafresca

    It’s amazing how a British woman has so much power over American immigration services!

  • martha

    If Lisa has so much power why doesn’t she have Maurico deported to Mexico or wherever he comes from, Kim back to rehab, Kyle to the slums where she belongs and Brandi back to under the hot rock she crawled out from under!!!

  • Aunt Bee

    Just watched tonight’s show and was thoroughly disgusted. These women are so blind. Why would anyone believe a known liar. Didn’t anyone see the self satisfied smirk on that bitch’s face when everyone started attacking Lisa. They have pushed Lisa into the witch’s lair from what I see in next weeks preview. And Kim must have brain damage from her years of drinking. She acts like a 10 year old child.

    How would Yolanda feel if she was attacked and her husband sat by and said nothing???? I truly felt sorry for Lisa and Ken and Mauricio although he should have seen through this whole set up.

    Brandi wins again and Carlton will be the beneficiary since Lisa went running to her. That witch will love it and will probably blame Kyle.

    Of course I also feel so bad for Joyce who just wanted to surround herself with friends after her father’s death. I definitely will not be watching the Lisa bloodbath on the reunion shows.

  • starr sabga

    I have said it before, I will say it again. Brandi is not only the lowest form of gutter, she is cow dung & more. What a DANGEROUS human. It is clear that after all the defamation of Lisa’s character that she did & the other band of fools joined & enjoyed what she said, shows how dirty & jealous she is & they are too. If that’s what her ex had to tolerate daily, I crown him with a halo.