Brandi Glanville Claims Lisa Vanderpump Admitted To Having Cedric Martinez Deported


Brandi Glanville alleged Lisa Vanderpump had her former BFF, Cedric Martinez, deported back to England on last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa denied Glanville’s claims, saying Brandi never even met Cedric in person and that Glanville had entered her life based on a lie. “She (Brandi) wasn’t a “friend” of his and they hadn’t modeled together,” Lisa wrote in her blog. “She had somehow concocted the story with somebody else. She came into my life on a lie…that should have spoken volumes.”

Lisa joked, “Housewives don’t have that much influence over Homeland Securities.”

After fans on Twitter accused Brandi of lying about Cedric’s deportation, she tweeted, “I didn’t lie. That’s what Lisa told us all at the airport in Paris last year. So sorry I chose to believe her.”

Photo Credit: Splash News