Brandi Glanville Cheated On Eddie Cibrian According To New US Weekly Report!


In the week of the release of Brandi Glanville’s memoir, new reports are surfacing claiming Brandi cheated on Eddie Cibrian throughout their marriage, and even before they were married. The cover of this week’s issue of US Weekly reads, ‘Brandi Cheated First!” Brandi has denied any allegations of infidelity on her part, but the magazine states in 2001 she got frisky with Rick Fox, who was married to singer Vanessa Williams at the time. “Brandi went over to Rick’s table, came back and announced, ‘I just made out with Rick Fox!’” a source says. Is this the same type of comment that was taken out of context like when Brandi told Yolanda Foster she and Lisa Vanderpump made out..?

The mag also reports Brandi hooked up with Pink Taco owner Harry Morton in 2005 while in Las Vegas. But it didn’t stay there because she then supposedly fooled around again him again just six weeks after Brandi and Eddie’s son Jake, 5, was born in 2007, in the bed she shared with Eddie! “She spent the entire weekend hooking up with Harry,” the source said. “Brandi and Harry were going at it!”

The magazine is also labeling Brandi has a home wrecker. They report, “She stole Eddie away from Julianne!” the source said, referring to actress Julianne Morris who lived with Eddie when Brandi first met him at a West Hollywood bar and then slept with him that same night. “And she complains about LeAnn being a home-wrecker,” the source adds.

The magazine reports that Eddie found out about Brandi’s “cheating” last year, and a source close to him said, “It was frustrating to him because she had built a story around being a jilted wife.”

Brandi has adamantly denied any cheating on her part. She took to Twitter today to shed some light on the issue that was being reported. She tweeted, “Apparently I cheated on Eddie a few times some some Hot guys! Wow! Grasping at straws 4 yrs later a week before book is out #WISHIHAD watev.” Brandi added, “I had the baby blues after Jake was born I wasn’t even hav n sex with EC let alone anyone else. Such BS but I kind of want to buy the mag now.”

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  • imsojazy

    somebody lying…….. Brandi oh, putting out a book gives people reason to pick at your past. The hurt ex-wife thing is about to end for you.

  • DrewHamilton

    I forgot all about Cibrian dating Morris. Both were actors on Y&R in the 90s. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out Cibrian cheated on Morris with Brandi. I hope it’s confirmed soon so Brandi can have egg on her face. Crying over her marriage falling apart, making it her storyline to be relevant on RHOBH, only to be exposed as a man-stealer herself.

  • Kate

    Wouldn’t surprise me if Brandi cheated, but all I have to say is that Leann looks freakin’ creepy in this pic.

  • Brenda D. SMith

    I already new Brandi was not MS perfict now maybe other people will at less begain to wonder about her. Her ex cheatter with her on his other ex