Brandi Glanville “Can’t Compete” With Step-Mom LeAnn Rimes


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville still has a lot to say about her ex-husband’s wife, LeAnn Rimes. In her new book ‘Drinking & Dating’ Glanville refers to Rimes as a c*nt-ry singer and complains about her parenting style. Glanville says “Mason and Jake aren’t allowed to bring their ‘nice’ clothes to Mom’s house,” she claims in the book. “That basically sums up our co-parenting, or, as I call it ‘no-parenting.’”

At their dad’s house her boys have “have every video game imaginable (not to mention the iPods, iPads, iRobots and M-Macs), while I still struggle with my f***ing Blackberry. They have a closet full of designer clothes … Sadly, when it’s time to come to my house, they are forced to change into the exact same clothes I sent them over to Dad’s house in two days earlier. Apparently, they each have a ‘Brandi’ pile in their room — not even a ‘Mom’ pile — of the things they are allowed to bring with them for their time at my house.”

“According to the boys, the house has a giant pool, a tree house, a zip line, a tricked-out movie theater, a custom trampoline and — wait for it — a rock climbing wall,” Brandi writes. “I can’t compete. And I gave up trying long ago.”

Brandi has made it clear she only communicates with her ex through assistants. “Unfortunately, he still doesn’t consult me when making larger decisions about the boys that we should discuss. For example, I wasn’t asked my opinion when he decided to take our ten-year-old son to a R-rated movie. … I don’t think it’s appropriate,” she shares, adding, “I wasn’t thrilled when both of my sons were given BB gun assault rifles for Christmas … Guns of any kind are not an appropriate gift for little boys — or for any of us.”

“The truth is,” she admits, “I have no control over what my ex-husband chooses to do during his time with our children. That’s not to say I don’t get royally pissed off, but all I can do is scream into a pillow and take deep breaths.”

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5 Replies to “Brandi Glanville “Can’t Compete” With Step-Mom LeAnn Rimes”

  1. Moms don’t have to compete with material things….. loving them is all they need – the other stuff is just things… quit you whimpering…..

  2. brandi doing what brandi does all the time – WHINE and complain without taking any responsibility for her choices and her life, she blames leann and eddie for her being f-up. Truth is brandi is a trainwreck and that is possibly why her husband left her — their divorce happened 6 years ago and brandi is still milking it for sympathy. This foul mouth alcoholic needs to grow up – put on her big girl pants and get over herself, nothing special about a ranting lunatic who has NO bounderies and will repeat friends confidences to gain relevancy……..go away already. As Tom S. said, brandi looks like her nose is squished between 2 butt cheeks from too much botox–very true Tom…….

  3. I don’t understand why you don’t feel your child should be exposed to a R-rated movie yet you cuss like a sailor and answer your door dressed like a whore? Aren’t the children exposed to your (your words, not mine) many many sexual partners? Wonder what they feel is going on in their mom’s bedroom with those men? Get real Brandi. And as for not wanting the new clothes coming home, I don’t think I would like those expensive items being sent to a home where the dog poop is just laying around the house and you not even trying to attend to it. If the children weren’t being spent money on with all those games, then you would complain about them NOT buying them things, them being so rich and all. Do you realize how much of a sad sad joke you are?

  4. Why is everyone bashing Brandi when clearly Leann is the home wrecker and Whore! She has never been remorseful and just wanted to steal that family that she had no hand in building. It’s time for Leann to grow up! She disrespects the Mom of those boys and still to this day is stalking Brandi. Eddie has no balls and should have put a end to this a long time ago! Leann should already by now have sealed the deal and had her own kids??? She just wanted to break up a already made family claim it as her own and wanted Brandi to just fade away! How’s that working for you and Eddie? Do I agree with everything Brandi does and says? No, but Leann is no better believe me! She is crazy and her bizarre behavior will never stop because she is like a 14 year old brat! She keeps telling her “Truth” which are all just her way of justifying why she thinks she did nothing wrong! She wrote a whole album about it and it tanked! No one wants to hear a whole album about breaking up a family!! Brandi book is on the New York Times best seller!

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