Brandi Glanville Calls Lisa Vanderpump Manipulative, Discusses Difference In Real Friends And TV Friends

Bethenny - September 20th, 2013 - Brandy housewife Afternoon Selects - Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Bethenny

Brandi Glanville will appear as a guest on ‘Bethenny’ Friday and she is sharing everything from her friendship with Lisa Vanderpump to co-parenting with her ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian. Bethenny and Brandi discuss how friendships that start out from the shows can be forged, and how some relationships are only based on the show. “These are friendships that are forged, they are real, but it’s because you are on television,” Bethenny says. Brandi replies, “In other words you probably never would have met them before or hung out with them before.” Bethenny adds, “Lisa Vanderpump would never be friends with you unless you met on television.”

Brandi continues, “That’s the thing, my real friends and I go out and we talk about everything. When you go out with some of the people on the show all they talk about is the show and it’s exhausting. ‘Can you believe?, You shouldn’t shoot with this person.’ It’s like Oh my God.”

“Everything is a chess game and it’s a nightmare. Not with all of them. I can go out with Yolanda and we don’t talk about the show at all. We will talk about boys,” Brandi shares and when Bethenny asks why Brandi and Lisa were good friends and now they aren’t Brandi says, “We were good friends. We have hit a hiccup, we have a little hiccup. I love her as a person. She is one of those people, unfortunately, that when you go out to dinner with her it is show, show, show show.”

Bethenny says, Yes, while my understanding. First of all when I did the show it was originally called “Manhattan Moms,”we didn’t even know what we were doing, we were just shooting.  Now, it’s become a real cunning, machination strategy type deal and my understanding is Lisa Vanderpump is the matriarch of the machinations, of the moves, she’s moving the chess board. That’s my understanding from several people. Is that the case?”

“Yes, unfortunately I didn’t think that last year but this season it unfolds that she is very manipulative and everyone serves a purpose,” Brandi reveals.

Photo Credit: Bethenny