Brandi Glanville Calls Out Cast of RHOBH on WWHL


Brandi Glanville appeared on Watch What Happens Live Sunday night and she dished with Andy Cohen about her life and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

After Andy played clips from the RHOBH reunion where the ladies reacted to the video that Brandi sent in, he explained that he received a lot of backlash for allowing Brandi to speak her mind about the show.

“I watch the show, obviously. I was friends with all of them at one point or another but to have them blaming me for all of the world’s problems and not having that voice back,” Glanville said. ‘You know me, I have to say something. So, I was like ‘I will do this, with me talking,’ but I didn’t want to be there and have them come at me for no reason. I wanted to see them turn on each other, which is what they did.”

Andy also asked Brandi her opinion on some current Beverly Hills events.

On Lisa Rinna being enraged about Yolanda’s illness: “I’m enraged by Rinna’s hair, so she needs to stop.”

On Kim and Kyle working on there relationship without Brandi being involved. “I think that’s beautiful and exactly what should happen. Leave me out of it.”

What was her reaction to David and Yolanda’s divorce? Did she know they were having problems? “I promised Yolanda I would never talk about this.”

On Ken Todd calling Lisa Rinna a stupid bitch and a wanker? “Ken is aggressive and I love Ken but he needs to calm it down when it comes to the ladies. He’s a little bitch.”

On the ladies (excluding Kyle) calling Lisa Vanderpump manipulative? “Kyle has said it and Kyle called her Bobby Fisher before. It is what it is.”

Brandi also revealed if she missed any of the ladies from the show. “I don’t actually miss any of them because the ones I’m actually friends with, I talk to,” she said. “Yo just had her tonsils out on Friday but she’s so good and she’s almost better, until the tonsils came out. She is feeling 100.”

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23 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Calls Out Cast of RHOBH on WWHL”

  1. Over the hills & away—fade with the sunset Brandi. We don’t want to see or hear you.
    On another note, Yolanda just removed her tonsils–something to add to her fakeness?

  2. Lol. Brandi is a mess. I like Brandi, granted she has some flaws, but I respect the way she defends her friends.
    She honored Yo’ s wish, to never discuss her marriage/ divorce.
    She is right. Ken acts last me a mean girl- bitch, when it cones to defending LVP; & Kyle was the first person who called LVP manipulate.
    Can’t argue those facts.

    1. You mean her former “teammates”, one of which is a proven fraud who’s husband dumped her and the other one is a professional alcoholic, shoplifter and psychotic con artist. Yeah great teammates she has there.

  3. Does anyone here give a crap about anything Brandi says? No of course not. SHe is a joke and a disgusting excuse for a woman. SHe is a terribly horrible human and a very sad excuse for a mother. Her children are going to figure it out very soon, but you know what she won’t care. She justifies all of her stupidity and taking off her clothes on the internet. She drinks like a fish and acts like an 18 year old getting drunk and high at a party.
    I cannot stomach this woman.

  4. She tries so hard to remain relevant. I don’t think she’ll ever understand what a misfit she was on the show.

  5. She will do anything to stay almost relevant. She isn’t relevant but is hoping and praying that someday she will be close. Brandi didn’t want to be on the set to say her ‘piece’ for two reasons: (1) she is a huge bully and (2) bullies are cowards. She knew the women would go after her and well they should have been able to. Go away, Brandi. Slither back under that rock you were sunning yourself on.

    1. Long time no see Skeptic :). I blame Andy and not Brandi. Let’s not pretend that Andy doesn’t plot and plan these stunts or that it’s Brandis decision to continue or go , she’s just s pawn . He knows how to agitate the audience and get the rise he wants

  6. Brandy sounds like a dolphin when she talks. (I got that from KATHRYN FROM SOUTHERN CHARM) . Brandy go away more to Orange County she’s a better fit for that show. Her & Tamara would make good drinking buddies.

  7. I saw on my DVR that Trashbox Barbie was the guest that night and immediately hit delete. I am not interested in whatever bile she has to spew.

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