Brandi Glanville Breaks Down After Faye Resnick Attacks Her!

Lisa Vanderpump & Brandi Glanville

In this preview for the upcoming episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville walks out of Kyle Richards’ dinner party. We left off where Faye Resnick attacked Brandi at the table, insisting she needed to apologize to Adrienne Maloof for what Brandi said about Adrienne’s family. Brandi leaves the table, and Kyle follows her outside to make sure she’s okay. Brandi starts crying and telling Kyle she’s “not going to re-live what they’ve already been through.” Brandi tells Kyle that she can’t always be the “bad guy” of the group.

Back inside the rest of the women start discussing what happened. Marisa sheds some insight and explains where she thinks Brandi is coming from, while Lisa Vanderpump defends Brandi also, and Faye states she is not sorry for what she said to Brandi at the table. This doesn’t sit well with Lisa… Watch below!

Tell Us- Whose side are YOU on?

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5 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Breaks Down After Faye Resnick Attacks Her!”

  1. Faye is such garbage. I remember back when she was throwing stones at another dinner party. Who does she think she is? She made her money off writing a book about her slain supposed best friend (Nicole Brown Simpson) and subsequently posing for Playboy. Real classy! Those who live in glass houses…

  2. Brandi, do not listen to creatures working off of third? fourth? fifth???hand information who need to butt out of matters that do NOT concern them. You have folks who think your doing great considering what you’ve been thru.

  3. Brandi, we all love u. You are a strong independent woman with a mind of her own. I love ur sense of humor & I’ve never seen anyone who can match wits with u! Ignore those people who blame u for things that aren’t ur fault. Faye Resnick is trash & a wanna be housewife. I hope she’s never seen on ur show again. Keep it up girl, u have it all!! Much love!

  4. Are you kidding me?Anyone who cannot see the true troublemaker bully and insensitive piece of trash Brandi is has gone completely insane and if people can defend her they too are probably unhappy people who just like Brandi takes pleasure in making other people lives miserable because she is bitter because her husband is no longer with her.Mauricio is the only one with true integrity on the show.He absolutely did the right thing by speaking out and unlike Kyle for popularity with the girls when u see someone slandering another person for no reason.I agree Cherry berries, if anyone talk to my husband like that in my presence we would have a serious problem and she would not be sitting so close to my husband talking that ish to him.Kyle is no good, and is not in favor of her sister and her husband,that is the one thing Brandi was right about, she is not loyal to both of them.She is not loyal to her sister nor Mauricio, so i dont why Lisa thought it would be different with her.The only person Kyle has been supporting is the fake and plastic fabricated lies of Taylor.Because Taylor’s husband is not here to defend himself,she pretends to be a victim of domestic violence.I am a woman who usually believes when a woman says she has been beaten but with Taylor it sounds very unbelievable that this man was beating her, the way she confides in Kyle and is also very outspoken there is no way she would of kept that a secret. Example2 she is writing a book about this so called abuse,my point exactly there is no way she was being abused and did not speak about it.Brandi is gonna get back the same Karma she is dishing out .She is meanspirited and Yolanda is all of a sudden defending Brandi i think they are intimately more than friends for her to be defending someone she just met they seem to be spending so much time together all of a sudden.Yolanda buying Brandi gifts knowing she is not nice and disrespects people regularly especially with the swearing.She has such a potty mouth and no one has the guts, but Kyle’s friend Faith to challenge her.She met her match with Faith.Lisa and Ken clearly used her to get at Adrienne and they are coming out of the mess with somewhat clean hands,but they are fooling no one.But she is going to regret it because she sabotaged a marriage and the demise of a family,and Karma is real.Kim needs to distance herself from her manipulative sister she does not care for her,she wants to be the it girl,that is all she is about.She wants to be about friends.I lost respect for her last season when i saw her disgusting treatement toward her sister.She barely ever has her sister’s back,and now to see her husband disrespected whether it was his place or not its up to her to tell him not Brandi. Her true colors are being shown now by Lisa who feels the sting now. Lisa and Yolanda are so phony and materialistic but dont know anything about true friendship and loyalty.Yolanda is another phony who was speaking down to every woman there with her sweetheart and all Kyle and the other woman can say to Brandi and Yolanda is your beautiful and i like you and think you are a great person.Its pathetic ,if Nene Leakes was on this show, i bet Yolanda and Brandi would be in tears and their true insecurities would show.They are weak but pretend like they are right because the other woman are more concerned with being popular than being respected.Brandy would need a brandy once i finished with her ass.She is a vindictive snake and being used for Lisa’s cause but when they are done with her,she is going to be sorry about all the instigating and sabotaging people’s relationships..All these females have no class in my opinion.Leann Rimes is now sorry she ever had any involvement with Brandi’s ex because she too like Adrienne is feeling the wrath and putting eveyone thru hell for what her ex did to her.A woman scorned is now on a rampage to destroy other people’s lives, and relationships ,even Leann almost had a nervous breakdown the other day because of Brandi.People need to stop pretending like they can’t see that what Brandi is doing is morally wrong.Mauricio is the only one that can speak the truth.Again i say, if Brandi spoke to my husband like that she would not be so easily off the hook. Brandi, and Kyle should be ashamed of themselves.I dont know why people envy Ken and Lisa’s relationship,she had some gay guy living with her when she first started the show, paying all his bills and we do not even know if this guy was really gay the only person that said he was gay was Lisa even he did not acknowledge he was gay,she wanted her lil boytoy to continue to live with her and if Ken is so much of a man or husband allowing this is bs, he is no man at all, he needs to just put on a skirt and call it a day.They are plastic weird looking people that think of themselves as better than others looking down and judging other people.

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