Brandi Glanville Believes Something Is Fishy About Lisa’s Dinner At SUR


Brandi Glanville is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Brandi writes that she believes something about Lisa’s dinner at SUR with Joyce was fishy and insinuates she could have been set up. Brandi also responds to Joyce’s comments as to why she is single.

Brandi writes, “We begin this episode with the end of our SUR dinner from hell. Lisa having a dinner to bring Joyce and I together is ironic because the whole reason we don’t get along is because of Lisa and the Hairgate situation. Lisa asked me to act as if Joyce didn’t exist and now she is throwing a dinner for us? It’s all so perplexing.

The other thing I find perplexing is that Mohammed and Martin are Lisa’s two very best friends and they somehow both know Joyce very well, but Lisa had never known of her or met her. Something seems very fishy.

Having a husband and wife tag team me from across the table was frustrating because I’m one person and I didn’t have a husband or partner there backing me up. The f-bombs did fly out of my mouth aplenty, but Joyce, with all of her elegance, had no problem saying them right back to me . I got up and left out of the frustration from trying to fight with two people who are both yelling at me, making false accusations, and calling me bulls— labels.

On the husband/man topic, I date plenty — maybe even too much — and have zero issues getting a man. The difference between myself and Joyce is that I won’t settle. I have to be physically attracted to the men I date. I want butterflies, chemistry, the whole shebang. If I just wanted to marry some short, rich guy that promised to make me famous I could have done that long ago.

The one thing I did enjoy about Joyce in this episode was that when her hair was in a ponytail she couldn’t play with it as much. I’m not sure if she is in hair competition with Crystal Gayle, but someone needs a seven-inch trim.

Joyce told Yolanda she needed to give me some elegance, because apparently Joyce thinks she is perfect — so much so that her New Year’s resolution wasn’t about improving herself at all but was about me. Obsessed much? Please Joyce focus on your own issues, of which there are plenty.

The day after our dinner from hell Yolanda came to visit me and give me a big sister-style pep talk, in which she told me I need to change the way I communicate. I’ve never spoken the way I’ve spoken to Joyce to any of my real friends, Yolanda included. But negative bad people bring out the temperamental, f-bomb-swearing side of me. Yolanda is very aware of what was going on in my life at this time, unlike most of the rest of the girls. She knows my dad is seriously ill and we are not on speaking terms. She knows the heartbreak I’ve been dealing with, having Chica my dog disappear and handling my children’s devastation from that. There is also a lawsuit from my former landlord and a few other issues I’d rather not make public.”

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  • Aunt Bee

    Poor, poor poor Brandi. Grow up and handle your problems like an adult. Your only claim to fame is your divorce so do not try to belittle Joyce. You are sooo jealous of her and her hair. What is the difference between her hair and you showing off your new house in your underwear. The difference is CLASS which you do not have.

  • A fan

    ” I’ve never spoken the way I’ve spoken to Joyce to any of my real friends, Yolanda included. But negative bad people bring out the temperamental, f-bomb-swearing side of me. ” Hmmmmmm. We’ve seen it on the show many times. You do realize that it’s on tape, right. Okay.

    • AS1

      OMG ! I feel the same way. Brandi is so delusional .. She does need help, I cant imagine what goes on behind camera when she cant control herself ON camera. That is scary to think about.
      Lisa and Ro are the same way, they say whatever dumb thing comes to mind and then deny it, change it or blame editing when they are confrnted. The are way to old to act like that. I still laugh at the dream team comment and I cant wait to hear Ro try to say she didnt mean that or it came out wrong, thats her biggest personality trait – Denial.. I had more respect for her before I was able to see the real person..

  • Vanessa_H

    OMG, Brandi the only thing fishy at that dinner was in between ur legs….STOP trying so hard 2 discredit Lisa and start at defending your actions you words, you had a problem w/ JG from day 1 not cuz of LV but bcuz she was younger, skinny and happily married with 2 little boys oh yeah and rich as fck!! Get over yourself and your disgusting behavior! You r 42 not 18-21 if u make mistakes own up 2 them and stop trashing someone you didn’t get a chance 2 really know! Its’s on tape what u did NOT LV! I can make my own judgement on what I see from you not Lisa ur classless trash no matter how much money u make u will still open ur mouth full of trash! you r a trash bucket!! Sorry 2 all BG fans this chick drives me nuts she can’t own up 2 anything….SAD

    • ck

      When you said “fishy”, it reminded me that Brandi made some nasty comments about Joanna (RHOMiami) having fishy genitalia. She really does get personal with other women, doesn’t she? Hair, vaginas, drugs of choice, philandering husbands…when she and the wicca princess fall out, she will probably divulge some “nasty”secret of hers, watch out, wicca princess! She blasted Adrienne’s secret, a story about Kyle, a story about Kim, a story about Troutlips’ husband, then got in good with Lisa, so I’m waiting for her to divulge some secrets from Lisa’s household…Lisa was probably smart enough to make her sign a nondisclosure before she let her in!

  • DebBrenn

    I really feel badly about what’s happening to Brandi, but only she can fix it. This blog indicates we can add paranoia to her list of problems. It was clear that both Martin and Mohammed had not been close friends with Joyce at any time, let alone recently. Don’t we all know and interact with people that don’t know or interact with others we know?

    Joyce was clearly attacked by Brandi, yet again. Those were fighting-insulting words for Brandi to say Joyce’s friends “don’t speak well of her.” That comment could only be construed as intentionally hurtful, demeaning, and an attack. You can’t start something like that and then claim you are the victim. Brandi is an emotional, mental mess right now that’s trying to fix it with drink and lashing out. Sincerely, she needs to get help.

  • yaya

    So basically, Brandi, your full of Shi#, all you ever do is make excuse after excuse. Lisa is manipulative and more than likely she did set you up, Lisa is a strategizer, so that part I do believe, but the rest of your story Brandi are just excuses. You’re not the only single, struggling mother in this planet. Single women struggle EVERYDAY and they don’t go around mistreating people just bc youve lost your dog, being sued, having to deal with your family issues. If this proves to be too much for you, QUIT the show! Joyce and Michael did nothing to you that you started with Joyce. Michael had every right to defend his wife, Ken defended you against Mauricio once upon a time… selective memory with you I guess. Joyce said the truth to you, but, you seem to have problems with the Truth- Yolanda is probably tired of your behavior in public, seriously, stop your excessive drinking and learn to control that big filthy mouth of yours and you might see a viewership change for the positive- everyone with the exception of a few morons who see your atrocious behavior acceptable, the people are sick & tired of your stupid shenanigans. Enough already!

  • ck

    Brandi has it all backwards: she (paraphrased) “doesn’t curse any of her friends”. Your friends, dummy, are the only ones with whom you MAY (if they are low-classed like you, which they seem to be) use cuss-words! Just face it! Your sons have surely seen what a trashy “broad” you are…no wonder they are happier with their father and his WIFE; I can imagine you dis their father when they visit, and LeighAnn is wise enough to tell them their father is a good man (just because you stopped having “sway” against him with your “looks” – which seem more botox and implants than real – he didn’t die and dry up…he quietly moved on and you kept exploding, spreading your legs, getting drunk, screaming, cussing, ad infinitum! You need to move on, “Chica”.

    It is with strangers and before the public that you should never use cuss-words. You are who you are to us only on camera, and that is a “public figure” with a grand, reasonable audience. You need serious intervention for alcohol AND anger management, and self-esteem issues. You goad Joyce, yet you are yourself so possessed with how she tosses it…doesn’t that sound a little to you like a stalker or an extremely jealous person? Move on, child, buy some women dresses and stop shopping in the teenager section of the prom stores. Grow up! no real man wants to marry a child like you; he wants a “partner” equal in education, inspiration, aspiration, and the ability to “add something to the pot”. – you appear to have none of those. As Judge Judy says, “Beauty is temporary (don’t mistake that I’m calling you beautiful – I’m not, not at all). Dumb is forever.” Ask Joyce what that means – especially when it comes to why she married the man she did – don’t forget, she’s still happily married and protected, and your cute husband LEFT YOU!

    • AS1

      Brandi is so delusional, I agree ! I am very surprised her Ex isnt checking in to the welfare of his children. I dont think under these conditions, Brandi can be a good role model. There is no way she is so out of control on camera and a solid person off camera. I hope Eddie does research and find out what his kids are seeing at home. It is ALWAYS what is Best for the Children…

  • Aunt Bee

    Yay CK you said it all. Congrats. I think the only time those little boys are safe is when they’re with their Dad.

  • Jacque McL.

    Brandi, you are an embarrassment to women with Class. You’ve been on a attack with Joyce since day one. Joyce is extremely pretty with grace and mannerism that you are differently lacking. You are jealous of her and you are no longer the center of attention,which is what you accuse her of. She’s NOT the one who one ups on you- it’s the other way around! STOP making excuses for your rudeness: your divorce, your lost dog- OMG!!! Do you want some cheese with that wine? Oh yea, that’s what the problem is: You are a major drunk who needs Rehab and at this rate honey, your never gonna get a man- You may get a man BUT you can NOT hold onto one- After all, now I see why Eddie cheated on you. Grow up and take responsibility. Joyce is far from your problems. Oh yea- and this thing you and Carlton have going on, also shows you have no respect for her husband becuz now she’s cheating on him with you who- and you BOTH need your heads examined!!!


    I think you should find a hobby or interest to occupy your time. Kyle has a new clothing store and Lisa has 2 restaurants. I think you would do very well with your own business venture too ( I’m a fine one to talk. I’ve been trying to get my successful boyfriend to finance a business for years now!) How are your book sales going? Do you think you would enjoy teaching dance and modeling? I think that you have to much time on your hands to gossip and trash other people. If you don’t make a change in your attitude and character, your children will grow up believing you are a bad person and you aren’t. Furthermore, the footage released to the public can be shown in court and used against you. You need to get ahold of yourself and grow-up. I don’t want to see you leave the show because I think you are a woman going through real housewives experiences and that is good for the show, so much the better but you need an intervention. Good luck to you.

  • Esmerelda

    Dear Brandi,

    I really adored you from the moment you attended Kyle’s fundraising party wearing one high heel and crutches. I saw a side of Kyle that season that changed my mind about her forever. Kim also, before game night I had always felt kind of sorry for her, like you would for a lost little kid. But after the way you were treated on game night I lost respect for everyone there at that party but you. I have defended you on this board and on twitter and face to face with other viewers that I am either friends with or work with. That won’t be happening anymore.

    You drank the koolaid, Brandi. Big mistake. The more mistakes you make the more you try to make someone else responsible for your actions. It does not matter one little bit how you feel about Joyce, it does not give you the right to treat her the same way you were treated and that is exactly what you are doing. I used to admire Yolanda but I see she speaks from both sides of her face. Whatever this little game is with you, Yolanda, Kyle and Kim to make Lisa look bad only makes her look bad that she ever trusted you and took you under her wing. Lisa has been treated badly by the same people you have been treated badly by. So not many people are going to think Lisa is a bad person if they get wind of Lisa conspiring against Kyle or anyone else that has tried to portray her in a bad light. You won’t be able to convince me that Lisa is some evil doer. I think Ken is a kind and trustworthy man and the fact he has been married to Lisa for so long and appears to adore her even all these years later says to me that Lisa is who she appears to be, a smart, kind beautiful woman with a wicked sense of humor. And to say you think you were set up at that dinner??? Wow… No one made you say anything by force, if you are an ignorant ass, that’s your problem and maybe you shouldn’t accept invitations to places where you feel the host/hostess has an agenda. Of course that would mean less camera time. Everyone has problems Brandi and it is how we handle those problems that define us.

    You however appear to be more juvenile acting than ever this year. Boohoo Brandi. It must be so terrible to have a best selling book and being able to move on up (you know like the Jefferson’s only white). You have more excuses for your bad behavior and it is not cute. The little talking head interview where you coyly stick the tip of your finger in your mouth while you are make some stupid excuse for your actions or language was pathetic… picture Baby Jane (Bette Davis) trying to act young and coy and that is how you appeared to me, not sexy or girly like you think you are. GROW UP and take responsibility for your own actions and stop blaming others for your actions. You should be in a good place, success has shined on you and given you what most of us will never know and all you can do is feel sorry your pathetic self… Boo f’*cking hoo, Brandi! Kindly just STFU if can’t take responsibility.