Brandi Glanville Asked Lisa To Keep Scheana Away, Says Scheana Was Flirting With Her Boyfriend, JR


Brandi Glanville is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Brandi says she believes Lisa picked Scheana to serve at the party to get a reaction out of her on purpose. Brandi believes these are calculated moves on Lisa’s part and it’s clear watching TV that Scheana and Lisa are close. Brandi also accuses Scheana of flirting with her date, JR.

Brandi writes, “This episode was both really fun and really hard for me. It was interesting to hear that Lisa and Kyle were throwing a joint birthday for Ken and Mauricio as they had previously had so much tension. But I’m all for everyone trying to get along.

I didn’t understand the team discussion that Lisa and Kyle had about deciding who to invite for the birthday. I was actually surprised when Lisa seemed shocked that she wasn’t invited to Yolanda’s step daughter’s wedding, as I know that she wasn’t even invited to Yolanda and David’s wedding because she is actually Mohammed’s close friend.

My book cover photo shoot was stressful because my hand was throbbing, and I was meeting my editor Nancy Hancock for the first time in person. She and I had talked on the phone and exchanged many many emails, but had never actually come face to face. She is one tough cookie when it came to deadlines and content.

This second book was a lot more work than my first book, and I think I got an ulcer trying to make all the deadlines. After watching this back I can see that Nancy was 100 percent right in what she was saying. I absolutely adore Nancy and the whole team at Harper Collins and feel very blessed to be in such great hands. What I don’t feel great about is how blonde I colored my hair the night before the shoot. As the old saying goes, never make major changes before any big day. I wish I had followed that saying. . .

I was very perplexed why Joyce all of a sudden believed that her God was no longer more powerful than everyone else’s and that Carlton would ever do or even think of hurting anyone’s children with her beliefs. Carlton is one of the best moms and most gentle souls I know when it comes to children. I don’t understand Joyce, I feel like she is always contradicting herself. She can’t swim, she can swim. I’m all of these horrible things, then I’m not. She doesn’t believe in Wicca, now she is scared for her children’s lives?!?

Watching Lisa and Kyle try and plan the party together was almost comical because we all know it’s Lisa’s way or the highway when it comes to party planning. I will say that Lisa does throw a beautiful party.

Before this party I had asked Lisa if at all possible to keep Scheana separate from me because I just felt like I have had this woman in my life enough. I have done my part as a friend by sitting down with her at Lisa’s request. I’ve kind of had enough. So I politely asked Lisa to do her best to keep us at a distance from one another and that is why Lisa decided not to have her wait on us at SUR for the dinner she planned for Joyce. I wasn’t told or made aware that Scheana would be waiting on us in Lisa’s home for this party. I know there are many, many servers for Lisa to pick from and this was a blatant move on Lisa’s part to get a reaction out of me.

When I didn’t give Lisa the reaction she was hoping for she asked me to go over and say something to Scheana about her engagement. . .what should I have said? “Make sure not to let him have any poker nights so he doesn’t cheat on you?” Not to mention Scheana spent the entire evening flirting with my date J.R. For a newly engaged woman I don’t think that is a good sign. This triangle Lisa continues to try to create between her, Scheana, and it isn’t healthy for me and makes it incredibly difficult to move forward because I’m constantly being reminded of the troubles from my past. If Ken had cheated on Lisa and his mistress worked for me I probably would have fired her or made sure that she and Lisa never crossed paths. . .But that’s just how I roll.

Yes there was one time when Lisa threw a Mother’s Day brunch and Pandora’s jewelry line and she asked me to come to Villa Blanca. She did say Scheana would be there, but asked if I could please, please come anyway because it would mean a lot to her. I went to the brunch for Lisa. I’ve done a lot for Lisa when it comes to Scheana and now I’d like to have my wishes respected and move on with no more surprise visits from this waitress. It’s clear to me watching Vanderpump Rules that Scheana and Lisa are far closer than boss and employer. It actually breaks my heart because I truly thought Lisa was my friend for the right reasons. I hope one day we can figure it all out.

Carlton had been checking her phone the entire night and speaking to her children. I truly believe Carlton and David wanted to be home rather then at this dinner. I didn’t see the necklace exchange between Kyle and Carlton, and Kyle said anything negative about Carlton to me. I know I say women should always follow their intuition — but I think that this was the wrong time and place to pick a fight. Ultimately got Carlton home to her babies where she wanted to be

I didn’t get involved in this fight because it honestly made no sense to me at all. I’m in a good place with Kyle and that has taken us three whole years. I really really love Carlton after just a few months, so I am going to try and stay out of this one!”

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12 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Asked Lisa To Keep Scheana Away, Says Scheana Was Flirting With Her Boyfriend, JR”

  1. Seeing her would get on my nerves, too. Remember, if it weren’t for her and those other pieces of trash, you may still be married to a “B—–” actor. She gives you something to write about and have top selling books.

  2. This crap has gone on long enough. Let it go Brandi. Still the victim. Now it is your hand you want sympathy for. GROW UP!

  3. Brandi fights with everyone at one time or another, and clearly expects her friends, whoever they are at the moment, to shun everyone she’s got a beef with. Lisa, on the other hand, has an entire staff and many friends (including Brandi) that she has bent over backwards to understand and help rather than to dump, even when that would be easier. Scheana has worked for Lisa for years and has been one of many Lisa has taken under her wing, overlooked the girls faults, and tried to help, just as she has Brandi. Brandi could learn a lot from her about moving on, and should. Brandi’s anger and resentment and grudges only hurt herself.

  4. I do not understand why Brandi constatnly blames Scheana? If I remember correctly from when she confronted her at Villa Blanca Scheana said she did not know he was married…heck I am a fan of Eddie and didn’t know he was married to her. The first person who should be blamed is Eddie he knew he was married so even if someone throws themselves at him he should say no…….Brandi is not the first and sadly I doubt she will be the last woman to be cheated on but this is getting old she needs to move on…..learn from it but move on already. According to her Eddie slept with plenty of people does she expect everywhere she goes they should make sure no one there slept with him…….come on grow up!!!!

    1. I have to agree. Eddie should be the one faulted if he had not told her about him being married. If she was not told, how in the world would she know? When Brandi has her “many” lovers, is she absolutely, without a doubt, sure none are married? Give me a break. I am a fan of Eddie also and I didn’t even know of Brandi. But then again, Brandi sure isn’t something you want to brag about.

  5. Brandi is A good person she just refuses 2 take crape yeah she needs 2 filter herself some as far as Scheana is concerned she’s just a hoe home wrecker and Lisa needs 2 be a bigger person She always picks sides u can never tell with her

  6. I agree I think lisa has alternate motives she’s always got something up her sleeve lisa’s a decent person who wants things lisa’s way she’s been this way with ever housewife on the show and as 4 Scheana she’s out 4 Scheana I mean why does this homewrecker keep trying 2 but in Brandi’s life she probably was flirting with Brandi’s date 4 meaness she’s like that no morals lisa shouldn’t have ask Brandi 2 congratulate this girl not cool at all Brandi’s trying 2 move 4ward who are we 2 say how long it takes

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