Brandi Glanville Apologizes In Advance For Bad Behavior On RHOBH


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville took to YouTube to apologize ahead of time about her behavior that is coming up on the show. Brandi says she decided to take matters into her own hands because there are so many “bullsh*t blogs and rumors” out there. She admits that Housewives fans are about to “completely hate her guts” and that “sadly she is a dick in the next three episodes” of the show.

“However, I will say you don’t get to see the entirety of what happened,” she says. “They can’t show everything they shot. You can’t understand why Joyce and I don’t get along, you don’t understand why I’m being a bitch to her.”

Brandi goes on to say that she would like to apologize ahead of time for her inappropriate jokes and her drunkenness on vacation. She says that while many fans will “hate” her she is a good person, doesn’t play the victim and doesn’t lie.

Photo Credit: Getty Images