Brandi Glanville Apologizes To Adrienne Maloof, Says She Is Glad Adrienne Was Receptive


Tuesday night we watched as RHOBH star Brandi Glanville finally apologized to Adrienne Maloof and in her Bravo Blog, Glanville explains she was very happy that Adrienne was receptive to her apology and willing to move on from the past.

Brandi writes, “I’m a pretty good headspace in my life after the experiences I’ve been through over the last year, and I’m ready to make peace with Adrienne Maloof. I run into her often, and it is very uncomfortable to know and see someone and not even say a simple hello. I decided to ask Adrienne to go for coffee when I saw her at the annual White Party, hoping we could clear the air, and I wanted to apologize for my part in our argument. I 100% take full responsibility for what I said. I shouldn’t have said it, and I will not say it again. I was very surprised and happy that Adrienne was so receptive to moving forward with me. In this group it’s very important to keep your own voice and not pick sides. I have learned my lesson and now say hello to Adrienne every time I run into her.”

But Brandi couldn’t help but throw shade at some of her other cast mates. She continues, “In the news of the other ladies, it was lovely to see Kyle’s family go on yet another vacation, and I’m thrilled to know that Lisa V. now has two housekeepers.”

Glanville also shared the status of her relationship with JR.

“Speaking of J.R., (my on-again-off-again real estate agent boyfriend) as everyone knows, last year when our group went to Puerto Rico I invited J.R. to join us, but he said he had to stay home and work and that he couldn’t afford to travel,” Brandi writes. “Right after he said that he told me he was in love with me. I guess I was silly to assume that meant we were a couple.While we were in Puerto Rico, J.R. said he needed to go to his favorite place in Italy to have a much needed vacation…Um yes, I was confused also. He flew to Italy and had an affair. When he told me about the affair, I tried to make excuses for him and even forgave him.We were an on-again-off-again couple until I left for The Celebrity Apprentice. We were out of touch for the weeks I was in NYC shooting. I returned home from NYC, and the woman he had the affair with was now living here from Europe in my town.”

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10 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Apologizes To Adrienne Maloof, Says She Is Glad Adrienne Was Receptive”

  1. Get serious–affair is when married man sees someone other than spouse. Unless brandi was datin JR. when HE was married to someone else, and had an affair, then I get why she would say that.

    No, Brandi did not take responsibility–she first apologized,my hen immediately said reason why she acted and said what she did was because she was being used as some puppet by Lisa.

      1. @jo–maybe you forgot Adrienne and Brandi were initially friends, and Brandi spoke up regarding the surrogacy on air, which caused the big problem. Lisa didn’t tell brandi this.

  2. Brandi inadvertently revealed her real reason for being so nasty with these women…pure unadulterated jealousy. Lisa has two housekeepers? Yes, because Lisa was smart and hardworking enough to open dozens of restaurants with her husband instead of trying to screw money.

    1. I really don’t think anybody would pay her for sex!! What the crap is wrong with this girl that she can’t get and keep a man???? ( I don’t blame her for the men cheating)

  3. Brandi shows how insecure and jealous she really is. I’m sure she’s’ afraid now that Adrienne is back since she’s a strong rich woman too. Also, unless you were in a committed relationship with JR, he didn’t have an affair. I think he uses Brandi and she uses him.

    1. Yep. Mutual users- which is the best thing for both, since neither gets hurt. Both get the publicity. Brandi uses her body to extend her fame, because that’s all she has- her body, her outlandish mouth( which she will use in more ways than one) and her unrelenting will to attack and cause problems with others in the most public way. Because if it’s a public feud- it will keep her in the news, thus more “relevant” and then she can sell more books, get more re-tweets, have more followers on Twitter and her Podcast= $$$$ Her only way to make money is to be notorious.

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