Brandi Glanville And Tamra Judge Feud Over Brandi’s Alleged RHOBH Salary


Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge is speaking out about Brandi Glanville’s exit from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. During an interview with Extra, Judge said she was “a little bit shocked” by Brandi’s claims that she was not find from the show and calls “bullsh*t” on Brandi saying she decided to walk away.

“Nobody leaves the Housewives show,” Tamra said, adding that she was laughing about Glanville’s claims that she was making $500,000 last season. “We have the same production company and her numbers do not match up. I know who she’s negotiating with.”

“OK, so let’s just put that on the table right now,” Tamra said. “I’m going to offer you $500,000 to work four months out of the year and you decide, ‘No. I’m going to try to find another job.’ No. Sorry – it doesn’t work that way!”

Brandi took to Twitter to address Tamra’s interview. “@TamraBarney please STFU about me cuz you don’t know what your talking about& I wasn’t lying about what I make- maybe U need a better agent,” she tweeted. “I like @TamraBarney just shouldn’t talk about what she doesn’t know about that’s it I’m on my period & feisty spice!Lunch with @darinharvey.”

Tamra replied, “Just joking around. You know I love you. Hope the rumor isn’t true. Won’t be the same without you. No Brandi NO drama.”

Photo Credit: Bravo