Brandi Glanville, “Adrienne Tried To Exclude Me From The Group!”

New Official, Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville, is taking to her Bravo Blog after the Season premiere to discuss her falling out with Adrienne, Kyle and Taylor talking behind her back, and of course her introduction to Yolanda Foster! Read what Brandi had to say below!

Brandi writes, “During our hiatus, Lisa and myself grew very close, and Adrienne and myself grew very, very far apart. Let me just say that besides the fact that Adrienne brought me into this group in the first place she definitely tried her hardest to exclude me from the group after the reunion. . . A couple of people did actually, but clearly it didn’t work. So coming into this season I am none too pleased with Adrienne, because I need this more than anyone else.

I meet for the first time Yolanda Foster and my first impression was that she was STUNNING and very friendly. I tell her that her ex-husband Mohammed is a friend of mine and she says yes it is a very small town. I then (as I always do) joke that yes Beverly Hills is such a small town that everyone knows everyone and everyones slept with everyone. JOKES people.

Sadly it didn’t take Taylor and Kyle long to start talking behind my back about it, as they like to do so much.

As far as Kyle’s daughters birthday goes, I did kind of feel like I was forcing myself onto the party guest list. But I really would like things to be better between Kyle and myself.”

Tell Us- Are you glad Brandi is an official Housewife?

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3 Replies to “Brandi Glanville, “Adrienne Tried To Exclude Me From The Group!””

  1. I got it Brandi! , Kyle forgot to mention the part that was funny. she jumped right to the ghossip as usual. we all heard you…and we all took it as a joke,as you ment it…

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