Brandi Glanville Admits She Fell in Love with Lisa Vanderpump

I have to admit, I was just as shocked as a regular viewer when I found out that former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville filmed this year. Ironic, after her nemesis Lisa Vanderpump feuded with the ladies all season.

Now, Brandi is weighing in on all the doggy drama that happened. “It’s not about the dog,” Brandi says in a new interview, adding that the issues between the women go way “deeper” than a dog.

“It’s about friendships and Lisa manipulating people and finally having to take ownership for that,” Glanville added.

She continued, “Lisa is intoxicating. “She’s the smartest person I know. I fell in love with her in a weird way because no one else was talking to me. She kind of rescued me like I was a dog from Vanderpump Dogs and she’s like, ‘I’ll take care of you and take you under my wing and then do what I say bitch.'”

“It’s hard when you’re against the women and no one likes you and this beautiful witch comes in and saves you,” Brandi stated. “You’re with the queen and everything is perfect. Everything is perfect all of the time. If one little thing isn’t perfect, she loses her mind.”

Brandi continued to say she became one of Lisa’s minions and when she tried to tell her story, she “was gone.”

Brandi has always been a controversial topic amongst Housewives fans. However, since I’m back and writing this blog again I’m going to give you my actual opinions now, even though readers may disagree with me. I enjoyed watching Brandi film with Denise Richards. I believe Glanville needed a break from the show and I am happy she finally got closure to her story. There are definitely two sides to this story and Lisa and Brandi’s issues run deep.



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