Brandi Glanville Admits Eddie Might Have Overpaid Her In Alimony And Child Support, But Says “It’s Spent”


Brandi Glanville is admitting she might have received more money from Eddie Cibrian than she was supposed to, but says she doesn’t have the money to pay Cibrian back. “He says he’s overpaid me child [support] and alimony and he would like me to pay him back, but it’s spent!” Brandi told Access Hollywood Live. “We had to live.” Brandi said “it’s possible” she received more than $100,000 than the court ordered Eddie to pay for their two sons, but didn’t “think so.”

Brandi is currently promoting her second book that has made it on The New York Times Best Sellers List, and when asked if she was brining home the bacon, she replied, “A little bit … [my books have been] New York Times best [sellers], two times in a row, so yeah.”

Brandi says she has “no idea” what Eddie’s financial situation is, but she believes the lawsuit is him trying to take away from the success of her book launch. “The last time my first book came out, he kind of pulled something similar, I think he does it just to rattle me a little,” Glanville said.

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8 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Admits Eddie Might Have Overpaid Her In Alimony And Child Support, But Says “It’s Spent””

  1. Why doesn’t she APOLOGIZE for talking smack about him on Twitter in the first place?!?!? Remember that? Gawd, she is unbelievably demented.

  2. Maybe Eddie is getting even for all the BS you’ve spewed at him for the last 4 years. I don’t know how he stayed with you for as long as he did. You are foul mouthed and trampish. If I were Eddie I’d use every bit of the dirt on you he could to take away custody. Your children would be so much better off in a stable environment where the house is not full of dog crap and a mother who does not sleep with every slug in town.

    1. Aunt Bee, you are exactly right. Those children should be given to Eddie because she is a totally unfit mother. She says Eddie “might” have overpaid her, well, I would think I would notice if I received $100,000 more than I expected. And for the comment that “we have to live don’t we”, I doubt that the children benefitted one little bit from that extra. More like Brandi benefitted with new things to impress her johns. She is a total loss. Too bad she could reproduce. But maybe the world will luck out and the children will be like their father, not her.

  3. She doesn’t even have any remorse when she slanders someone! She should be embarrassed that she said something not only hurtful to someone else, but hat it wasn’t true, and yet she isn’t! We thought she was over-sharing at first, but the last few months at least she’s hurt so many people with her big mouth and who knows how much of it is true? We know she has no remorse when she’s caught lying.

  4. yea – brandi admit you spent it on the all important “vajay rejuvenation”—you are despicable—please go away. pay him back and shut up already—-some things should be private (are you mentally retarded or something??)
    BTW—you’re boys are not well adjusted and doing fine—-with you as their caregiver—just wait till they get older and understand who and what you are—they will hate you and have to see a therapist for many years.
    You are cray cray and vile…….

  5. Brandi, have you noticed that in time before, you at least had a FEW fans but now even they have seen the light and realize how ugly (in and out) you really are. Have you even noticed how many people are sick of you and are wanting you to just go away? I have no idea who is buying your trashy books, probably people that you pay to buy them.

  6. Brandi will probably try to turn this around that she is a victim (again). While it was wrong for her ex to cheat on her, there are two sides to every story (and somewhere in the middle lies the truth). Brandi has burned so many bridges – it is difficult to feel sorry for her. Having said that, if she was paid overpaid by her ex his attorney can garnish her salary and/or garnish any royalties realized from her new book.

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