Brandi Glanville Addresses Taylor’s Drunken Behavior At Portia’s Party!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Brandi Glanville is taking to her Bravo Blog to share her thoughts on the last episode. She discusses why she left Portia’s birthday early, and shares that she is not scared of Taylor or the drama she brings. She also talks about how inappropriate it was that Taylor was drunk at a 4 year-old’s birthday party, and it was not the place to have any conflict. Read what Brandi said below!

Brandi writes, “The very cute Portia had a b-day party that would rival a lot of four year old b-day parties however I didn’t think it was too over-the-top compared to some of the kids parties I have been to in this town. I bought a really cute pink dress for Portia and was very happy to get in quickly and out at the first sign of drama! 

When Kyle and Adrienne were shopping together I was confused as to why Kyle didn’t just say to Adrienne’s face what she said in her confessional about Lisa not owing Adrienne an apology. I know that Kyle likes and can deal with confrontation so I am a bit amiss on why she didn’t speak up right then and there. I am not sure what Adrienne thinks she is owed an apology for in the first place.

I thought it was nice of Paul and Mauricio to participate in Taylor’s charity, although I think what might have gone a bit further would have to been to just donate the money spent on the private jet towards the cause.

When Taylor arrived seemingly drunk to a four years birthday party I had a good idea that s— was gonna go down. So after hearing some of the things she was starting to talk about and also seeing her passive aggressively ignore me as she spoke to both of people sitting on either side of me, I decided to get gone.

Don’t get me wrong because I can handle Taylor and drama any day of the week but never ever like ever (Thank you Taylor Swift) in front of children. When kids are involved us grown up that sometimes act like children need to stick to acting grown up. So I skidaddled as quickly and quietly as possible.

I know Yolanda is getting a little bit of flack this week and I want to let you know first hand what a great woman and mother she is. I can see how some people might misconstrue Yolanda being a protective mom as to being a stage mom. But let me say that I have seen this incredibly strong woman with her family and she is the best mom ever and has the most wonderful, well rounded, un-entitled sweet children.”

Tell Us- Do you agree with what Brandi said?

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2 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Addresses Taylor’s Drunken Behavior At Portia’s Party!”

  1. I agree totally with Brandi on this one, Taylor was really drunk, and acting so ridiculous, wasn’t her own daughter Kennedy there too? What an example to show her child.. She didn’t look very well either, her face looked like she had been partying for a week, sorry I never remark on people’s looks, but she doesn’t look healthy at all..

  2. Brandi is on the money here. I was embarrassed for Taylor. Her behaviour was beyond inappropriate. She was obviously drunk at a child’s party. Inexcusable. I feel so sorry for poor Kennedy–she must feel terrible seeing her mother in that condition.

    And the slut-shaming that Taylor was trying to get going was so silly, mean girls, and pointless. Obviously Brandi herself used hyperboyle in saying she slept with every man in Beverly Hills. If Brandi herself said it why would Taylor bother spreading it like it was a deep dark secret. Again, so embarrassing for Taylor.

    I cannot imagine that any charity would allow Taylor to represent them. Clearly Taylor is immature and has a drinking problem.

    I love the observation about the money spent on the private jet flight. Awesome truth telling.

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