Brandi Glanville Accuses Kyle Of Not Caring About Kim, Calls Lisa Rinna A Snake


Brandi Glanville is taking to her blog this week to tell her side of the story of what happened at Eileen Davidson’s poker night. Brandi explains that she has a very close friendship with Kim Richards and that she was trying to protect Kim, who was going through a lot at the time. Glanville continues to assert that Kyle Richards only cares about herself and not the well-being of her sister. Brandi says that Kyle grabbed her first and accuses her of picking fights with Kim on-camera. Glanville also says Lisa Rinna’s comments about her needing rehab were “reckless” and calls Rinna a snake for talking behind her back.

Brandi writes, “I hope everyone is happy, well, and invested in the season. It’s certainly a dramatic one. This episode plays like part two of last week. Please realize that it’s one game night that is spread over two or three weekly episodes when it’s actually two or three hours it takes place over.

We previously saw Yolanda on the East Coast with her girls taking the New York modeling world by storm. Gigi has only been modeling two years and is a household name. Bella had just arrived and is also a making a name for herself. I’m impressed. It’s hard to leave home as a teenager and be thrown into the very adult advertising and fashion world in a strange city. Take it from me, I know. Kudos to their hard work. This week we see Yo trying to master facetime on her iPhone, preparing Anwar for sports practice and soccer, and adjusting to a somewhat smaller nest. One of the thigs I have in common with Yolanda is that we are both mothers that would do ANYTHING for our children. You do see me a bit snappish at the jewelry party with Yolanda, but it was frustrating being lectured on events that she wasn’t present for, and it’s not representative of our relationship. I do love Yolanda, yes, even if sometimes she “mothers” me. I know it’s because she cares, and it comes from a good place, and that’s what’s important.

We began again with poker night, where we left off last week. I have to thank Vince for being so patient and for teaching us a few new tricks. He was very sweet, although the night didn’t go as planned. I really do think I should apologize to Eileen and Vince for disrespecting their home. I should have taken a page from the rest of the women and said one thing to their faces and a completely different thing behind their backs. Apparently that is what “classy” women do.

Kim. What you need to know is that Kim is a very dear friend who I talk to daily and spend time with. I take pride in being a loyal friend to Kim and many others. I have a large group of friends who have been in my life for over 20 years. We are there for each other. Period. Kim was having a rough time, and I just wanted to protect her and get her out of this situation as soon as I could see something was wrong. As most of you know, her first love and ex-husband Monty has been staying with her as she nurses him through terminal cancer. That’s hard enough for anyone. I cannot imagine taking care of my great love and best friend in those circumstances and planning a wedding and sending a daughter off to college. Kim is a STRONG lady. That week Monty had just gone missing, no call, no show for a few days and then returned. Kim has also been in physical pain and was still in pain without relief after her doctor visits. It was long drive out to Malibu and Monty had just returned, gave her one of his pain pills, and it was obviously too strong a medication for her. The party was too much for Kim, and she needed and wanted to leave despite Kyle wanting this to play out in front of the other women.

Kyle keeps saying that I do not know the history between them, but it’s now been five long years of history I’ve spent watching this sisterhood. More often than not, they’re not getting along. In Season 1 Kyle mortifies her sister by outing her dependency on national TV (I was watching). In Paris, Kyle is the first one to doubt her sister’s sobriety… once again for an audience. Her inability to keep this private matter, well, private is concerning. Kim was not herself. I was slightly intoxicated, but my goal was to get her out of a bad situation as quickly as I could. If something was actually wrong it didn’t need to play out in front of everyone, but Kyle, as I wrote earlier, didn’t share that same opinion.

To ME, it was about what Kim needed that night and no one else. My priority was Kim’s comfort, both physical and emotional. My girl needed support, not judgment, not interrogations, not a sister making drama, and not a public shaming. Kim can be seen whispering to Kyle, “Don’t,” “Stay away from me,” and “You were out of line in there,” but Kyle kept coming at her. As you saw, it was all about Kyle. I cannot believe she grabbed me so hard she knocked the food out of of my hand, then after I twisted away from her grasp, she grabbed my arm AGAIN and my skin was scratched open. She can try to change the facts to suit her victim narrative, but it’s all on tape (try watching it without the sound). I just wanted what Kim wanted–to get out of there to see Kim safely home, which I did. Sorry Eileen and Vince. Unfortunately, it’s The Real Housewives, not the Brady Bunch.

The statements Lisa Rinna made about me needing rehab were reckless. Given her own first-hand experience, she should know that addiction and alcoholism aren’t terms that should be lightly tossed around for entertainment. Lisa R. is charming and delightful to my face but a snake behind my back. I barely know this woman, but if she truly thinks that I have a problem, the proper thing would have been to come to me before talking to Kyle about it behind my back. I really don’t want to believe that she is this careless, because everyone on the show has kids that can be affected by comments like these. These are very serious accusations and throwing them around for public fodder is simply irresponsible, and she should be disappointed in herself. This show centers around social activities, and I’m a social drinker–that is it. This group of women can be intimidating and stressful and when we are socializing together there is ALWAYS alcohol around, so I partake.

Other then this madness, I’m in a great place, a happy place, at peace, enjoying my life and successes, learning, succeeding at being self-sufficient, awaiting new challenges, new opportunities, and the next chapter of my life, trying to stay as optimistic as possible. I truly hope that we can all move forward one day as friends, real friends, and support each other as we grow and meet life’s challenges.”

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34 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Accuses Kyle Of Not Caring About Kim, Calls Lisa Rinna A Snake”

  1. That Bimbo Slamville the Queen of Slams and one of the most foul-mouthed women on on the Housewives franchises has actual gall to call out Lisa Rinna for speaking the truth about her obvious inability to hold her liquor in a responsible manner while she has continually and relentlessly called other women-and mothers out in public- on Twitter, on her Podcast, on WWHL, on RHOBH and any other media outlet she can is beyond incredulous. Just like she did when she attacked Andy Cohen in her Tweet earlier in her Tweet today- she dishes it out but she can’t take it. And she suddenly she cries victim.
    Secondly- like I stated before she is NOT a good friend to Kim all she is , is a wonderful enabler. She enables Kim’s disfunction, and Kim enables hers. They are the Toxic Twins. What now all of a sudden Brandi is can expert on alcohol rehabilitation? Brandi who is notorious for being photographed falling down drunk all over Hollywood with her lady parts hanging out? That Brandi? Brandi who is filmed sloshed, slurring her words and starting fights nearly every week on RHOBH? That Brandi? Brandi who admits to mixing her prescription pills with alcohol even though it known to be very dangerous? That Brandi? Yeah- great credentials you got there.

  2. How can She say that about Lisa R when on her first season She did the same to Kim. Games night then-I thought at the time Kim in particular was so nasty and Kyle joined in. One rule for Her and one for everyone else. Get Her off the show or the Audience will leave in droves.

  3. Brandi, Brandi. We all know that you’ll out anyone whenever you please. I believe you outed your own sister on your podcast by telling the world that she was molested by the principle of her school. And then there was telling that your dad grew and dealt pot while walking around the house naked as you were growing up. I don’t think her family thinks much of her. Sad.

  4. HAHAHA… “Lisa R. is a snake”… which is followed by ” I truly hope that we can all move forward one day as friends, real friends, and support each other”

    1. I SOOOOO wish they would put a “like” button on comments. I would have worn that button OUT on yours’! You’re spot ON about Brandi!

  5. Wow–everyone’s comments above are Spot on! These women are getting PAID lots and lots of money to be filmed, whether things in their lives are “private” or not.

    Brandi’s pill-popping mixed with booze comment, tampon hanging out drunk, foul-mouthed, sex-capades revealing discussions are good protecting her boys?

    Funny–when Lisa VP told Brandi about watching her booze intake, Brandi was bashing her as a smothered..with YoYo egging Brandi on…now YOYo does the same thing? Oh wait–it was just ONE drink a la Bella, right?

  6. What a hypocrite and low life, low class snake Brandi is. She’s always calling someone names and talking about them. Yet she doesn’t like it when others speak the truth. She’s only known Kim for a few years, but she is an enabler with Kim and Kim is allowing it. If they are such good friends, I never heard her mention about Kim being in the hospital. She may say she has friends, I somehow don’t believe it. She doesn’t have a clue how to be a friend.

  7. Brandi, Practice what you so “eloquently” preach. You are a demented, sick, sick, sick person In order to have a friend, you must first be a friend. Unfortunately you know nothing of that. All you know to do is to bring everyone down, with of course, you starring as the victim. Face it, you are an un-likable person—GET HELP!!!!!

  8. Brandi states that Lisa R. shouldn’t be throwing around terms like addiction or alcoholism — what about the first season when Brandi was calling Kim a meth addict? Typical hypocrite behavior. I am done with Brandi — I used to be a fan but after last season and her appalling behavior on this season, I hope that Bravo fires her ass. She needs professional help.

  9. Unreal, her mouth just does not stop! The whole Kim/Kyle thing would never have happened if Brandi would’ve stayed out of it. Have some respect, she seems to have no clue what that is. I feel ashamed for your children Brandi.

  10. Furthermore Brandi- what other people say about you may or may not be true, and you have no control over that, just as they have no control over the crap the constantly comes forth from your mouth about them. However, what you have complete control over is how YOU behave, and the way you comport yourself in public where there is a permanent record and cameras everywhere. That is ALL on you, and you have no one but your 42-year, grown -up self to blame.

  11. Rehab for BrandiTwinkle… and get those kids out of her house. How embarrassing for the boys… I’m sure there are many kids who are not allowed to hang with them due to their Mother’s foul nature. Mine wouldn’t.

  12. would someone please sew this ceazy c***s mouth shut ! i am going to have to stop watching this show. it is as bad as what became of rhonj aka the teresa g show. i cannot understand why they are keeping this cracked out w**** on this show when she is not only so hated but so unstable. she needs to be in a straight jacket in a rubber room ! and if kim doesnt get help and lean on her sister she is going to be right next to C.C.

  13. Everything that has been said here has been said hundreds of times. If we stop commenting about her which ends up being the same exact comments every week Bravo will see that people truly are sick of Brandi and her ways. I’ll give it a try. Bravo loves that we all tune in every week to watch Brandi get drunk, use foul language, stumble all over, swear like a sailor, disrespect everyone and lie like an addict. Most really don’t want Brandi to leave the show because where would the fun be if she did. I myself get sick to my stomach watching this little girl (because she in no way is a mature woman). SO I wont be tuning in until Brandi is gone. I’d rather wait for Teresa to get out of prison and watch her steal more of people’s money.

    1. good point… I fast forward thru her scenes… with her personality she now looks repulsive to me. She brings out the worst in us bloggers… I also will not watch next season if she is on…. it is not an enjoyable experience.

    2. Yes, Melodie. I agree; so I’m not even going to post anything but this. Bravo…please show some class and send them both off to rehab. We, the viewers have had enough. Thank you!

  14. Brandi needs off the show. She has a drinking problem and she alwayss needs attention I do not know why these ladies keep inviting her over to events. She adds to much drama.

  15. All hail to the Mean Girls Club :

    Kyle, Lisa V, Lisa R, and Eileen
    Are BULLIES & Mean Girls

    Team Brandi all the way!

    1. Team Brandi if your idol is a drunken, delusional, vile, foul mouth, drug pushing, tampon hanging out, horrible mother….. you don’t really set your standards high with friends. … cause she belongs in the toilet with the other piles of crap she hangs with. Did you notice the posts about Brandi… you fall in a minority of brandi fans… disgusting.

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