Brandi Glanville Accused Of Tipping Off The Paparazzi


During The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, Joyce Giraud alleged that Brandi Glanville calls the paparazzi and gives them a heads up on where she is going so they will be there to photograph her. When discussing #TamponGate with Brandi, Joyce advised it might be time for Brandi to get help with her drinking. Brandi explained that it is hard to always be on your best behavior when the paps have followed you for five years. When Brandi accused Joyce of giving the paps a head up, she denied it, and said her publicist told her Brandi was guilty.

“You call them. You do that!” Giraud insists. “You just forgot they were going to be there. They told me that!” Joyce clarifies, “Yes. Somebody told me that Brandi calls the paparazzi to have them waiting for her. And that day (#TamponGate) she forgot because she got too wasted.”

“I have never in my life called paparazzi,” Brandi says.

“My publicist told me that,” Joyce insists.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


3 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Accused Of Tipping Off The Paparazzi”

  1. liar liar pants on fire Brandi
    real great example your setting for your poor boys. Eddie should take you tocourt and get full custody. piece of shit

  2. Brandi didn’t convince me either. I’m sure she habitually gives hints as to where she’ll be on social media knowing that the paps are monitoring her. She’s not fooling anybody.

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