Brandi Glanville Accused Of Cheating On Eddie Cibrian! Brandi Responds!

Brandi Glanville

We previously reported that Brandi Glanville was being accused of lying in her book that has yet to be released, and now we have new information on why Brandi has been defending herself on Twitter. According to Brandi’s new tweets, it seems a “source” is accusing Brandi of cheating on Eddie Cibrian while they were still married. Brandi denies any cheating on her part in the marriage, and explains that she dated here and there when Eddie was already living with LeAnn Rimes during the process of their divorce!

Monday, Brandi tweeted, “4yrs after my split & right B4 my book comes out “sources” say I cheated on EC while married with a bunch of hot guys that I don’t even know!” Brandi adds, “Timing is everything! did date while I was married but my husband had already moved in with LR and divorce takes time. This is so obvious.” After fans told Brandi she has nothing to prove, Brandi tweeted, “U are all right! Who cares, timing is everything and it’s clear. I was still legally married for yrs and dating through my divorce!”


As you can see, Brandi insists the cheating allegations by the “source” are about timing with the release of her memoir.

Photo Credit: Wire Image