Brandi Extends An Olive Branch To Lisa Vanderpump


In this preview for tonight’s episode of RHOBH, the ladies attend Brandi Glanville’s Housewarming party. Lisa Vanderpump does end up coming and during the party, Brandi extends an olive france to Lisa… literally.

“Here’s an olive branch,” Brandi says, handing Lisa a branch from the tree at PUMP.

“You need to chop this tree down,” Lisa jokes, as Brandi successfully pulls down a bigger branch to give to Lisa.

“I’d like to actually tie her up with this olive branch and leave her on the tree,” Lisa jokes in her interview.

All joking aside, Brandi ends up asking Lisa if she will have lunch with her alone and makes some inappropriate jokes that might offend new Housewives Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna. What will Lisa say? Watch the previews below.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


17 Replies to “Brandi Extends An Olive Branch To Lisa Vanderpump”

  1. Oh Lisa I am so disappointed that you gave in to that witch and went to her party. Just don’t turn your back on her cuz she will stab you again.

  2. There goes Brandi- making It a PUBLIC issue AGAIN of a private matter. Therefore putting pressure on Lisa- by design of course- to accept her non apology, but rather allow her to back her way into Lisa’s life without having to even acknowledge all the damage she willfully did. What a manipulative and unrepentant snake she is.

    1. I think so too because this craziness of we hate each other this season then next season we expect bygones to be bygones so we can move forward is so ridiculous to me. Nowhere in life that happens. Some of the things done on these shows would result in the end of any further contact regardless of how minor. Even Yolanda on her high horse expecting Lisa to invite her to her star ceremony is wacky because they clearly are not friends so why would Lisa invite her to anything? Holding a grudge just means the person is more cautious and in reality is over you.

  3. Bravo must think we are entertained by Brandi…. nothing could be farther from the truth. I fast forward thru Brandi’s scenes….

    1. I agree- the “poor me” BS Brandi is peddling nonstop this season is boring and annoying – because it rings both hollow and false. Of course she has nothing else to say to be relevant.

  4. Lisa should’ve shoved that olive branch where the sun doesn’t shine on Brandi. I don’t think Lisa should have even went to that party of Brandi’s.

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