Brandi Confides In Kyle About Her Friendship With Lisa Vanderpump


In this preview for the next episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville and Kyle Richards take a hike in the Hollywood Hills only to end up in a discussion about Lisa Vanderpump. Brandi confides in Kyle, telling her, “I’ve been having some thoughts about some of my friendships, and I’m just wondering… you and Lisa were super close… how do you move forward when she says things like Mauricio is only friends with people who sell the house?” Brandi adds, “There was such a divide, and how are you guys so close again? I don’t get it?”

“First of all, we’re not so close again,” Kyle tells Brandi. “Up until two weeks ago things were still awkward. We weren’t speaking. We would see each other but we would never call each other or anything like that. But she’s been calling me in the morning, which is why I knew there was a problem with you guys.”

“I am used to getting my morning phone call from Lisa Vanderpump,” Brandi says in her interview. “We discuss everything under the sun and what happened last night what’s going to happen tomorrow, but when things kinda started to go south with me, the calls were trickling off.”

“She just shifted,” Kyle tells Brandi. “You saw, I tried really hard to fix our relationship and she would not let me in because she had you.”

“Friendships aren’t a chess game,” Brandi tells Kyle. “They don’t make sense all of a sudden. I just don’t understand how she can go from hating you almost, to having you back.”

“If we are going to be in the same circle I want to get along,” Kyle says. “But I will always know who Lisa is and Lisa isn’t going to change.”

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5 Replies to “Brandi Confides In Kyle About Her Friendship With Lisa Vanderpump”

  1. I think all these women would still Be friends if the cameras were not following them and reporting all the negatives. They say something very innocently and then it is blown all out of proportion by the way it is interpreted.

  2. kyle is nobody’s friend, she is a vindictive backstabber and is so insanely jealous of Lisa vanderpump’s success and popularity which paralles her and her stupid sisters tank in the ratings, and make no mistake kyle is an uber narcisist along with her emotionally and mentally unbalanced sister—they want and need to be the stars (hence kyle with the splits every chance she gets)–and kim is just alcohol damaged brainless. the women (and I use that term loosely), on BH are like a pack of wolves feeding off the camera and waiting to pounce on anyone who gets in their way. And since Lisa is the STAR of the show, they all want to diminish her and get her off the show—only thing is, if Bravo got rid of Lisa, there would be no show….. vile kyle, brain damaged kim, skank foul mouth brandi and mother superior yolanda are not worth watching…. nor are the two newbies, joyce (please grow up already), and carlton (dark hypocrite) add nothing to the show except to drag it down further.

  3. kyle is still seething in not being able to get everyone to hate Lisa, and brandi thinks she knows how to play chess but is too stupid or drunk to know better.

  4. Maybe Lisa is not perfect! Its funny how not one of the woman who have been on the show really likes her besides Kyle. It first started she Lisa was jealous of Taylor and Kyle getting close. Then she slowly make her little cut downs to the other ladies, pretending she was joking. She meant everything. Lisa can be a great person and friend but they have to kiss her ass and she has to be number one in their lives or they are not a friend. All the ladies have talked crap about one another and I like Lisa bu her fans are ridiculous. They act like she’s never done anyone wrong. I could make lists of crap she’s pulled or said about each one. I agree with the first comment. In real life these ladies would be fine but its a drama show. They are meant to fight and stab each other in the back or they let them go. The second season was my favorite. I am not a fan of Brandi or Carlton. I’m proud of Kim. Yolanda has problems with her mind so I don’t think she should be on the show as not fair to be mad at someone who doesn’t remember saying things. Last yr I disliked her but since she fell ill, I can’t help but have sympathy for her. Taylor went go Kyle and complained about Lisa treating her like crap. Kyle didn’t say anything bad but didn’t defend Lisa and when Lisa called her out at the reunion and Kyle was honest with how hard it is to be her friend, Lisa made her pay, and she’s still paying. If Lisa was so great of a friend why did she act like she cared more about Sheana than Brandi? Just because you need space does not mean you make Brandi pay by telling her to Congratulate Sheena. There are times I love Lisa, she beautiful, smart, caring but she plays the game betthan any of them.

    1. I agree. There are only a few of us who don’t think Lisa is the British Queen of America. I like Lisa but I do think she expects to be the top dog in friendships. Also, all these women cannot be wrong.

      I also remember seeing a VR episode when the girls were talking about being tired of Lisa’s sh*t.

      I think part of the reason viewers are so hard on Kyle and Brandi is because they dare to not love Lisa.

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