Why Does Boy George Live With Dorit Kemsley?

There are two new faces on this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… Dorit Kemsley and her houseguest, pop icon Boy George. So why does George live with Dorit and her husband PK?

“There was like an instant love between Geroge, PK, and I. We met George a few years back when he had approached PK about managing him,” Dorit recalled to The Daily Dish. “And when he came to L.A., PK had suggested, ’cause we had the room, he said, ‘You’re welcome to come to the house.'”

“I think when you stay in someone’s house and you live in their lives and you’re playing with their children and you see them as a couple [it’s different]. I mean he sees us before bed; he sees us first thing in the morning, and it’s not like this lunch date per se,” she said. “You kind of get more intimately connected, and that’s definitely what happened.”

“And George is like family for that very reason. He’s my daughter’s godfather. He’s my pseudo husband,” she said. “I’m definitely in a menage-marriage at times. He’s someone I trust implicitly. When my husband’s not there, it’s him and I — and we’ll dine together; we’ll cook together. He’s with the kids. All of his friends become our friends and vice versa. And he’s also George in our house. He’s not always Boy George.”

“Yes, of course, you take one peak into his closet and its like whoa, Boy George regalia, through and through,” she said. “But he is George: this down-to-earth, super-funny, warm, natural, big, beautiful heart, down-to-earth guy.”

Photo Credit: Bravo