Blind Gossip: Which Real Housewife Is Secretly Estranged From Her Own Family?


Can you guess this blind gossip?

This popular Real Housewife seems to have a lot of people fooled. While everything looks pretty much perfect from the outside, behind closed doors there’s a shady past full of lies and secrets, leading to her own family not speaking to her.

This diva is estranged from both of her parents and a brother. She will not reveal exactly why her own family hasn’t spoken to her in years, but the estrangement certainly raises questions among some of her friends… especially since this Real Housewife keeps her past so tightly sealed.

Comment below with your guess.


25 Replies to “Blind Gossip: Which Real Housewife Is Secretly Estranged From Her Own Family?”

  1. Ramona/Sonja/Carol
    Have never heard Sonja or Carol talk abt family….while Romona seemed to have some trauma assoc. with her past in the Berkshires.

  2. Carlton and Lisa V don’t talk about their families…ever. You see they talking about having a relationship with their husband’s families, but not their own.
    Maybe it’s a british thing, or it’s because they live in the US.. I don’t know.
    But to be honest, I like them very much and don’t think that a shady past with their families is going to change that. Hell, if I could I probably wouldn’t talk with 90% of my family.

  3. Starting to think these reality shows are ways for therapy. These starlets know their deepest darkest secrets could be revealed, and what better way to share than on national tv

  4. Is it lisa from rhobh? We have only met ken’s family and it’s odd she uses her maiden name when her legal name is todd no?

  5. I think it is Dina Manzo. There have been several times both Caroline and Jacqueline’s husband have refused to make any comment about Dina except they are extranged.

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