Big Upcoming Moments On RHOM!

The second season of The Real Housewives of Miami is starting to heat up, and there are some pretty big upcoming moments to watch for! Including physical altercations, exes returning, cheating allegations, and tensions with the ladies unravel. Looks like the new cast did spice up the show! We break it down for you below!

  • Adriana slaps Joanna!
    Things get physical at a fund-raising even thrown by Lisa Hochstein. “I don’t know what was in the drinks that night, but there was fight after fight after fight,” model and former DWTS contestant Joanna says. “Somebody was thrown in the pool, then there was a situation where Joe Francis was saying lies about my sister Marta and I, and Adriana slapped me. I thought I saw the devil when she slapped me. It was supposed to be a fun charity event, and it turned out to be a disaster.” (De Moura recently told The Hollywood Reporter that the slap was “definitely warranted.”)
  • A trip to the Bahamas doesn’t go as smoothly as planned!
    The trip was scheduled around Joanna’s birthday. “I wanted it to be a peaceful, cleansing trip so everybody would get along,” Krupa explains. “Boy, was I wrong.” She adds that Marysol and Lea’s drama takes center stage. And, Marysol adds: “We kind of discover there’s been some cheating going on. A lot of things are hashed out, but there is also a lot of spiritual healing.”
  • Marysol’s ex-husband returns!
    Marysol revealed this season that she and Philippe Pautesta-Herder had separated. “When we were filming his grandmother passed away and he was in France for a few months, so he wasn’t there, but later on he came back and we were able to talk about what happened with the breakup,” she explains. “It will be nice for the audience to see.”
  • Joanna continues to struggle with her fiancé, Romain…
    The spit-fire finds flirty emails between her fiancé and a dancer who has been working for him for five years. When they sit down to talk about their problems, “a lot of the things he told me shocked me,” she says.
  • Joanna poses for a shocking PETA ad!
    “I’m curious to see how people respond,” she says. “It’s more of a comedic angle, and I hope people get the joke and the message, or I will be ducking in the corner somewhere if people don’t understand it. My fiancé was like, ‘Oh my god, that’s so gross.’ But with me, anything is possible. The crazier the better.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo


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