Paul Nassif Hangs Out At Villa Blanca, After Horrifying Pictures Of Adrienne Emerge!

Adrienne Maloof and Lisa Vanderpump are no longer friends, but it seems like Lisa is pretty chummy with Adrienne’s soon to be ex-husband, Paul Nassif. Monday night Paul tweeted that he was hanging out with Lisa and her husband, Ken Todd, at their restaurant Villa Blanca. RadarOnline is reporting that this made Adrienne very upset.

“Adrienne was upset at first when she heard about Paul betraying her, but she had expected this to happen,” Adrienne’s chef Bernie Guzman says. Another source claims, “Paul has been trying to get Lisa to be on his side in the custody fight he’s in with Adrienne.” The insider continues, “He even wanted her to give a deposition on his behalf saying that he is a good father.”

Keep in mind this happened AFTER absolutely horrifying pictures of a beaten Adrienne emerged the very same day.

UPDATE: Lisa Vanderpump took to Twitter to say that she did NOT have lunch with Paul while he was at Villa Blanca! Check out the screenshot below!

Tell Us- Do you think Lisa betrayed Adrienne?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Bethie

    Really? This is getting creepy. Not your post, but these people’s behavior. Paul was eating at a restaurant owned by people they know well? Adrienne is using her Chef to post in tabloids. There is noway that man would post those pictures or any stories about her marriage without her permission. He’d lose his job. Now, if he were posting as anonymous; I would just guess it was him and that he was concerned about his position in the Maloof home. This is just a big mess. There isn’t much Adrienne can say either, she didn’t exactly support Taylor who made the same allegations about her husband. All of the housewives questioned Taylor’s honesty; why wouldn’t they question A’s? She is an extremely wealthy woman, with a makeup artist. Those pics show red marks in a distant photo. As if someone snuck around a corner to take some of them. I just don’t know. This is messy.