Bethenny Tricked Into Signing Papers That Allowed Jason To Live In Their Apartment?


More information about RHONY star Bethenny Frankel’s nasty divorce from Jason Hoppy are coming to light. It’s no secret that the former couple has been at war over their Tribeca apartment, and now a new report claims Hoppy “duped” Frankel into signing the documents that have allowed him to stay in their apartment and someone may have even forged her signature!

The purchase of the apartment in 2011 was made through a trust, but according to court documents, Frankel “claims that she executed the trust agreement without understanding it. Specifically, she claims that when she signed, she believed, based on her communication with her husband, that the trust ‘was only to maintain privacy given her public recognition and that [the husband] would only be managing the property for her benefit.’”

“She never read the trust agreement before signing it, and does not recall ever being shown any part of it except for the signature page,” the documents, obtained by RadarOnline state.

“It is also undisputed that neither [Bethenny], [Jason], nor the trustee was ever present in the office” of the attorney who allegedly witnessed their signatures on the trust agreement, according to the documents, and none of them had ever met him before the agreement was signed either. Other documents signed by Frankel and Hoppy as part of the purchase are “unenforceable and invalid,” the papers claim, and Hoppy’s own mother is to blame.

Jason’s mom is a notary in Pennsylvania, and her stamp and signature appear on some of the signing documents. However, the documents state “that she is a ‘notary public in and for the State of New York,’” which is not true. Frankel “claims, and [Hoppy] does not deny, that neither party” ever went to Pennsylvania to sign the forms.

So Frankel “questions whether the signature purporting to be hers … is in fact hers at all, [a claim which] Jason does not deny…”

The purchase of the apartment was funded by a loan in the amount of $2,300,000 and by approximately $2,700,000 from an account in Frankel’s name. Frankel claims that she took out the loan. On November 28th, 2011, Hoppy was appointed sole successor trustee of the trust — for privacy reasons, Frankel says she believed. Now that they’ve split, however, that means he gets to stay there.

Bethenny insisted in court papers that Jason “duped her into executing the trust agreement, in order to make the apartment joint property under the prenuptial.” She “alleges that the apartment was purchased with her separate property, and seeks an award of the apartment to her on that basis.”

On May 4th, the judge ruled that “it is undisputed that the signatures of the parties … were not acknowledged in the presence of the person claiming to have acknowledged those signatures. It is also undisputed that the power of attorneys were not even signed in the state where the notary public was credentialed, Pennsylvania.”

“Contrary to [Jason’s] argument,” the judge said, “the trust agreement is a matrimonial agreement, since it was made between spouses and purports to govern property ownership as between them. Accordingly the trust agreement is subject to strict formality requirements.”

“Where no valid trust was created by reason of failure to comply with the formalities … any transfer into or out of the putative trust is null and void. Accordingly the transfer of the apartment into the trust was null and void.”

“The deed must be reformed in order to reflect the proper identity of the purchase, since the trust never existed, and cannot therefore have taken title to the apartment.”

Looks like this means Bethenny and Jason will be spending a lot more time and money in court.

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40 Replies to “Bethenny Tricked Into Signing Papers That Allowed Jason To Live In Their Apartment?”

  1. You go girl! Jason is a conniving bum riding on your coat tails. Don’t let him get away with it! I don’t know the rules for Notaries in New York or Pennsylvania, but where I live notaries cannot sign documents for relatives. I know because my daughter is a notary!

    1. Why would Jason and his mother lie? Why would she swear that she was licensed to notarize in NY when she was not? This looks very shady to me and just because Bethenny has tons of money it doesn’t mean that she needs to let everyone take advantage of her. There are notaries in every corner of NYC, why did it have to be his mother?

      1. That is the whole point that why was it his Mother. I think the only time in her life she trusted someone was her husband. She was I think 40 when she married and wanted so much to be in a committed marriage. Her whole identity stems from broken marriages and having either no Father or too many “Father figures” From the very beginning she stated her disconnect with all things normal as far as parents and it is so unfortunate that now as a parent herself things are broken.

    2. Absurd …. Jason has the same rights as any spouse , just like you would if your husband moved out . He has nothing more , nothing less .
      Quit falling for Bethenny’s BS … she’s a LIAR

    3. Oh please. Men have been getting screwed over in divorces for years. Time the shoe is on the other foot. Oh boo hoo Bethanny.

  2. Oh cry me some skinny girl, I very much doubt Bethany has ever been duped, she knows how to read a contract. This is solely for pity, trying to change public opinion, I won’t fall for it! RHNY has turned into the skinny girl infomercial, that’s all u see in the background, it:s getting really annoying

    1. I agree. Every episode has her whining about how Jason is taking all of her money. She got to tell her side of the story in court when she was fighting for full custody, and then when it was his turn, she quickly settled. He hasn’t been able to defend himself at all, and he hasn’t put out any stories about her. She has only joined the show to try and rehabilitate her image, and sell more products. She was embarassing on Morning Joe, trying to sell her book, but had the table full of skinnygirl products. All for a 5 minute segment.

      1. I agree, Bethenney has at least a few partners. Bethenney would never sign anything they hadn’t looked at. Jason even had to sign an additional pre-op for one of her business deals. She talked about it while in her therapists office. She said he didn’t want to sign the paper, but he did for her. One of her partners needed him to sign the paper.

        1. no one knows what Jason is doing or thinking. These things are coming from her side, ROL prints things that aren’t true. Jason has only reacted from what Bethenney has done. I really think he wants a private life for him and his daughter. I think he’s a fair man. That’s what I saw.

      2. That’s Bethenny’s MO, once the drama with Jason is done then it will be someone/something else…she exhibited the same behavior before him and will after.

  3. ITA, naynay. The B wants us to believe her horsesh*t sob story. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone as thoroughly, to the bone, selfish as she is. It’s sickening. And then there’s her grating voice and what she spews isn’t clever or amusing, just eye roll inducing annoying.

  4. Jason Hoppy should be a real man and get a job and man up. He’s not only taking advantage of Bethany but his own daughter! Hate “men” like him. Wives should not get anything from ex husbands either. Everybody has to work. SHE worked hard for her earnings only to be taken from a man that’s healthy enough to work. Shame on his mother! Not saying I like Bethany but it shouldn’t happen to anyone. Fight for what’s yours. GET A JOB JASON HOPPY, YOU NEED TO SUPPORT YOURSELF, YOUR EX WIFE SHOULD NOT SUPPORT YOU! CREEPY JASON

    1. Jason had a job until Bethenny forced him to quit it and work with her. Lets be fair.He didn’t want to quit his job.

      1. Did you watch the show? Jason told her in very firm terms that he was not going to quit his job to be her CEO, he refused her job offer, he never quit his job to work for her. Je might have quit now and needs to go back to work but he made it very clear to her that he felt confortable and secure in his job and wasn’t leaving to become his employee.

      2. As I recall, she didn’t FORCE him to quit his job, in fact he was adamant about NOT quitting his job. What a jerk he is Bethany has custody more than he, they should live there… not him. She worked and paid for it.

    2. Right on. She did not FORCE him to quit his low paying job. None of us know what the documents all say and when and where and who was thinking what. She worked her ass off from the beginning to make something of her life. She had a really shit upbringing and did her best to pull herself up. She went on “Martha Stewart’s Apprentice” the only season it was on to GET A GOOD JOB IN THE INDUSTRY SHE LOVES.
      She really did want it to be a family business and he didn’t. Now when it’s up for grabs all of a sudden now it is a family affair and he deserves the apartment SHE PAID FOR WITH HER AND HERS ALONE hard work. She kept everyone going during that whole renovation. The 3 seasons of “Bethenny Getting Married” focused on that a lot. I haven’t read any ‘COURT DOCS” so I am not privy to the “facts” of the divorce. It’s one thing to get his fair share of things that succeeded because of his help and another entirely for him to keep the home she built.

    3. According to the divorce papers, he does have a job. He is shown to earn $100K per year from his job. He’s half the reason that Skinny Girl brand was worth what it sold for. Without Jason there was nothing interesting enough in Bethenny’s life to warrant a 2-season spinoff on Bravo. People were interested in her and Jason together, and rooting for her and Jason together. If not for him in her storyline, the brand would not have been worth anywhere near what it sold for, so he deserves his piece of the pie.

      1. His piece of the pie maybe but the whole pie NO! He is living in the high life at Bethany’s expense. She bought it, made a home in which to raise her daughter and he lives in it. B pays spousal support, he’s a kept man. Just because you’re spouse is rich doesn’t mean when you divorce you get anything. I left my husband of 11 years ago with our two young sons and didn’t even ask for child support, I wanted nor needed anything from him, I showed him I could support myself and my boys by myself. I believe it hurt his ego he thought he was top dog turns out he was just a dog. I sold real estate in Colorado and made more than he did. Sons are adults now and I have four wonderful grandchildren, without help from anyone.

  5. she comes across as a horrible, selfish person at times, sure. but the apartment was bought with her money. and she should be living there. jason, compared to bethenny, seems like a lovely guy, but stealing his wife’s property is a dick move.

  6. I agree- smells fishy to me, and I think Hoppy is being a grasping, lazy scum trying to grab at wpminey he did not earn, while he sits on his lazy bum doing nothing but throwing up more legal roadblocks and sending the bills to Bethenny. He’s a loser.

  7. Reading the start of this article I found it very hard to believe as I can’t see her as the type to sign things without knowing what she’s signing.
    But seeing as she may not have actually signed forms and he’s not contesting that she didn’t, or not contesting they weren’t at the witnessing of their signing, that all makes sense.

    I think she might be holding stuff back from the press for the sake of her kid, it’s only very recently she’s made comments about him and money and forged signatures and his mother making false claims on forms is all very suspicious.

    She could have said all this to the press and made him look so bad

  8. If she put anything bad or untrue he would have exposed it. Of course she complains about it all the time but if it happened to me I might too, wouldn’t you?

  9. What–Ms. “I’m a pretty smart person, I can figure it out” Frankel didn’t read the contract?? Don’t buy this one.

  10. Bethany is far from stupid and I don’t think for a second she would not read documents properly but I don’t think for a second either that she would sign the trebeca property to him .. She loves that apartment .. So know idea what is going on but I personally think some sought of forgery has taken place.

  11. so the brilliant businesswoman who made millions wants us to believe that she had no idea what she was signing when she signed the trust listing her and her husband as joint owners? . sole sucessor of the trust means if she dies he gets it and if he dies she gets it. It belongs to both of them .. that is why she’s pissed, it’s not part of the prenup. Why don’t she just give it to him or sell it and split the profit. she’s such a bitch.

    1. Because it was the home she found and purchased and tore down to the bare pipes and chose every single color, faucet, floor, carpet, piece of art, toilet and closet. She wanted a daughter and husband and a home where she would be brought up. It isn’t that easy to just sell and split in New York. Since she likely pays more in child support a month than I can imagine he should let her and Bryn keep the home she built with her money. He is keeping it from her because he knows it is the most important thing to her and no matter what the documents say, (unless her name is forged ), there is a thing called doing what’s right and caring more about your daughter than your pre-nup.

  12. I don’t see her falling for this either…even people who are not in business know not to sign something they haven’t read. None of this makes sense to me, though. People often put property into a trust in order to avoid estate taxes, or probate court…for example, a family farm may be placed in trust. The owner of the farm still owns the farm, but should he or she become incapacitated, the people designated as trustees can make decisions to properly manage the property. They do not own the property. If the grantor (owner) dies, the beneficiary is specifically named in the trust, and may or may not be the trustees. If Bethenny is the owner of the apartment, which seems to be undisputed, and Jason is the designated sole successor trustee, as long as she is still alive, he does not own or control the apartment and has no legal right to her property. I think the prenup probably protected everything they each owned before they married and her business, and everything they accumulated after they married is considered community property, so he is legally entitled to half.

  13. What a lot of nonsense. She’s always shoved down everyone’s gullets how super smart she is and you would have to be the biggest idiot in the world to get scnookered like this….Not falling for it!

  14. As a notary, I can tell you that Mrs. Hoppy is not permitted to notarize anything for her son or daughter-in-law. Notaries are not allowed to notarize for relatives.

  15. Jason Is A Pace Of Work, Feel Sorry For Bethenny
    Jason Mother Must Be Telling Him Went To Do & Remember When Bethenny Said Inside Jason Is Different From Outside Jason She Was Spot On About Him, He’s Only Using He’s Daughter To Get More Money From Bethenny, Feel Sorry For Bethenny & Her Daughter
    Team Bethenny

  16. Some people don’t seem to be getting what happened here. This apartment was purchased with money Bethenny had before she married Jason plus a loan Betheny took for the purchase, this makes the apartment Bethenny’s since it was purchased with funds that were her sole and separate property and to which Jason had no legal right. Therefore this trust being executed the way it was was done for the purpose of turning Bethenny’s sole and separate property into marital funds. This was done while Bethenny and Jason were together in a viable marriage. I would really like to know how anyone would feel if their marriage partner did this to them to deprive them of property that they really had no legal right to. This certainly does not represent a marriage partner that is dedicated to their marriage. I don’t blame Bethenny one bit for fighting this, I would fight too under these circumstances. As for the assertion that smart people can’t get conned, that is just ridiculous it happens all the time–as someone said up thread ask the victims of Bernie Madoff–and there were a lot of them many with a lot of money and attorneys on retainer, so to speak. The fact that the judge sided with Bethenny speaks volumes, in order for him to essentially throw the trust out or to say it’s invalid there had to something seriously wrong with the trust agreement, seriously shady. So if a woman is successful and fights for what is hers she is a bitch, really.

    1. I just loved that post. Everyone kept saying that if she was a good business woman she never would have signed and on and on. You just put that so perfectly, Thanks.

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