Bethenny Thinks Dorinda Was Acting Innocent At The RHONY Reunion


Bethenny Frankel is taking to her blog this week to discuss part two of the RHONY reunion. Frankel shares her opinions on the rifts between the ladies and admits that she believes Dorinda was acting a bit too innocent.

“This one made me laugh. Let’s just say that I say some things, and when they air it, it is like hearing it for the first time. The Tom Cruise line made me giggle out loud, Ramona spastically trying to search for M&M’s, chocolates, nuts, or chicken made me laugh so hard. She doesn’t needs nuts. She is nuts enough for all of us. Even though I love and forgive her, she had to be held accountable for her actions. From taking my property to lying about me cheating, she had to be checked. Based on a very kind voicemail she left me yesterday, she definitely feels remorse.

Dorinda and Kristen went at it a little bit. I split the difference here. John is handsy and over-the-top, but she can excuse herself. What is comical is Dorinda’s references to Moses and the Hunchback and storming the castle. She is very dramatic in a different kind of way that I like. Dorinda was playing a little bit of an innocent game, so she definitely had to be checked. She will party with the best of us, but Season 1 is a time to coast as a new Housewife. We let her slide. We had bigger fish to fry.

The damage with Luann and Carole runs deep and will never be fully repaired. I am friendly with both of them and Ramona, so I think I will have the unenviable task of getting them together.

In addition, it has been an interesting summer. I’m pretty healed and happy, and Luann and Ramona are at turning points in their lives. I’m really trying to have compassion for them and be there for them. I actually am a great shrink—just not for myself I reckon.”

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28 Replies to “Bethenny Thinks Dorinda Was Acting Innocent At The RHONY Reunion”

  1. I am loving Bethenny at this Reunion…she is putting them all on blast….but most especially Ramona. The stolen dress interaction? Oh, snap!

  2. Ramona is too silly to stay mad at.

    Luann is ridiculous. She has nothing at all to put on airs about and I hope that guy’s wife comes by and punches her in her entitled pumpkin head! Carole is cool and really just goes about her life and doesn’t bother anyone.

    Kristen did play along with Dorinda’s fat boyfriend’s grinding and grabbing, then tried to play the victim. Dorinda seems great except then she’s acted very strangely a couple of times and also she really needs to get rid of that handsy, greasy pig she goes out with. How disrespectful is it possible to be? I’m glad she didn’t accept his ring. I wouldn’t doubt if he felt up her daughter and that’s why the daughter hates him!

    1. @judge Judy–Dorinda’s spoiled brat daughter comes across as just that, not to mention, she may not like John just because of his appearance by her comments “chubs”

  3. I have never liked Bethenny, I need to slow down her speech to fully understand her. This season and in the last few weeks I have been warming to her! She can be funny!

    1. I totally agree. She is funny more and more, but she has been known to drive me crazy…and I never liked her, especially when filmed with her ex. I wish I could put her on slo-mo too…she talks like a machine gun…so fast.

  4. I thought Bethenny was great last night. A voice of reason yet called the BS out like a master. Yet she did it with no malice. Just said it like it was. And she is HILARIOUS. What a brilliant mind.

  5. Dorinda is funny and smart, and may be the best actress of them all, definitely one of the best at controlling public opinion. Her daughter? Eh. But the oily and somewhat sleazy John is not a becoming partner. Be appreciative that he got you through a rough time and move on. Oh, and you do need to stop endlessly talking about “Richard”; he was the love of your life…we get it.

    Luann is being exposed for a somewhat desperate cougar who won’t own it for a (well founded) fear of embarrassing her children, and apparently screws anything that appeals to her, married or single. Then lies about it. Belligerently. Her absurd judgements about Carole and Adam showed her true colors. And with Carole employing the well disciplined approach of “give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves every time” we all learned that Princess trumps a Countess, every time.

    Sonja is just the best TV ever, “Raise your hand if you slept with the (house manager)?” Batshit crazy, delusional, holding onto an old life that left her long ago, and making us a bit protective of her desperate self.

    Ramona honestly believes that the rules don’t apply to her. She’s just a tacky broad, finding her way post-Mario.

    Carole is smart, witty and vulnerable. She doesn’t throw barbs unless forced to defend herself, and is the most authentic personality of interest up there. I find her riveting to watch and her clever commentary, along with Bethenny’s, is the only thing about this show that does “New York” justice.

    Heather is just such an indescriminately dominant personality that she wears on one a bit. She just needs to dial down her clearly abundant testosterone and shut up once in a while.

    Bethenny is funny, smart and fun to watch, even if most if us could only take her for an hour a week. Aggressive, aggressive, aggressive is exhausting and you just sort of want to hold her head under water every once in a while, if only for the beautiful silence.

    Honestly, Kristen is like a deer perpetually in the headlights, and now that her husband has confirmed our suspicions that he is, in fact, a total entitled jackass by first denying and finally confirming his subscription to the cheating website Ashley Madison, having made 63 payments over a three year period, I just wish her the best. Two kids and limited income of her own, save an unremarkable Bravo paycheck, leave her in a very tenuous position. No shade here, just good luck to you.

      1. In the words of Dorinda-No, No, No, back that shit up. I don’t totally agree about Heather. She is opinionated but she calls it for what it is. I like her a lot! Just my opinion!

    1. Wow. I enjoyed reading your commentary. You hit the nails right on their heads about the characters. I loved it! 😉

  6. I’m very confused by dorendia….she talks about Heather being condescending while she condescendingly talks to her, and then doesn’t own her stuff and tries to talk over people so she is not the focus. I agree with B when she said she had to be called on her stuff.

      1. Dorinda is nuts. I get that. She talks without thought a lot and talks over everyone else, yes, especially when she drinks too many martinis! She can be quite rude at times, but still she is a good addition to add some more nuttiness to an already bizarre and mostly entertaining group of women. She has to see that she had slurred her speech at times and acted like a complete a….I think? I do enjoy RHONY! 😉

  7. I grow tired of Bethenny because she thinks her opinions are the only ones that matter & talks over everyone. Her lines seem so rehearsed & Andy acts like a sycophant. I loved Ramona & her candidness this year, just putting it out there.

  8. I have always been a Bethenny fan but I had to hold on during the first episodes and give her a chance to calm down. There would be nothing to watch if none of them were aggressive. A group of women with really differing ideals and lives. I personally don’t care for Hether, she thinks she has to sum up the answer for everything before moving on and I have never appreciated that kind of a person. Eight ladies is too many IMO.

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