Bethenny Tells Sonja Morgan: I Don’t Want Anything to do With You


In this preview for the next episode of the Real Housewives of New York City, LuAnn de Lesseps officially moves in to Sonja Morgan’s townhouse and Bethenny Frankel finally confronts Sonja about her new brand, Tipsy Girl.

“When a brand rides of the coat tails of another brand, they call it a cheater brand,” Frankel tells Morgan in the preview below. “It’s a personal insult and I don’t want anything to do with you.”

Sonja, who is in tears, replies, “Got it,” as she wipes her face.

And the drama between Ramona Singer and John Mahdessian is not over. “I never want to be in your presence again,” Singer tells John as she gets into a fight with him at his party.

As we previously reported, Ramona gets into a fight with Dorinda and and John at Mahdessian’s party when she reportedly stuck up for an intoxicated man, who John was trying to throw out of his event.

Watch the clip below.

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26 Replies to “Bethenny Tells Sonja Morgan: I Don’t Want Anything to do With You”

  1. whether Sonja came up with the name or not. I think Sonja should have consulted Bethany first. As a friend and said before we go into production do you have any concerns….. I have to agree with Bethany it is a bit close to home regarding the name. So many things they could have put after Tipsy that would make it different to Bethany’s brand.

  2. This story about the name obviously was out before the show, either way she really should have spoken to Bethenny about it. She kept saying “Bethenny told me when she gave me advice not to tell everyone what I was doing.” She knew damn well it would cause a problem, and that with the connection between them as housewives, there is no way to separate it now. I do hope Bethenny doesn’t take any kind of legal acton, not that it would do her any good but it would make her look really bad, and probably knows it would be fruitless anyway since Sonja’s business partner incorporated the name or whatever it’s called.
    The tipsy part is kinda cute I think. But you are so right Stucoo, there are so many words she could have used that would have been just as cute of not better. I can’t think of any right now, I am not at my best in the mornings, but I would be curious to hear what all of you think, and I think it would fun if everyone said what they thought would have been good.
    Like Skeptics list for what we never want to hear again, that was fun.

    1. 3Ds, I agree. She didn’t need to talk to Brandi but as a courtesy and friend she should have talked to Bethenny. As you may know, we were farmers, my kids now run the farm. There are so many farms on HWY 50 in the country. We all have our names connected to our farms. There is Musso Farms, DiSanti Farms, etc. It’s a business. Green chile, tomatos, other veggies are out best sellers. If there is nothing illegal about Sonjas ‘Tipsy Girl’ brand. However I don’t think Sonja is infringing on the rights. She would have been told at the licensing bureau.
      On a personal note, I got my espresso maker today!! THANK YOU! I love it. I had my first cup virgin. It was better than I expected! My second cup had Bailey’s Irish cream! Needless to say I’m feeling fine. It’s the best I’ve had since I was in Sicily at my cousins house, many years ago. Cheers 3D’s. THANK YOU for recommending it. Love you XOXOXO❤❤❤

      1. OH! Oh! I am so happy you like the espresso. Man, I keep Bailey’s around and Kahlu`a for when my Daughter comes over, and indulge occasionally when she isn’t here. My daily is a regular latte` with raw sugar. Every sip is delicious. My old one the pressure part broke or something, so it was like a drip coffee maker, no bueno`. Man, this new one, I went to take the handle out too soon and it practically blew up, so at least I know the pressure part works! I will think of you now, Joanna, with the beautiful accent when I have my daily espresso now. I am so glad you enjoy it too.

        1. I forgot the other important part. I did not know you were farmers! What a hard job, but rewarding too I would think and something to leave to your children. How wonderful! I just pulled weeds and cut Ivy from around the brick where it is unwanted for 3 1/2 hours. I certainly don’t consider myself anything close to a farmer, but I do understand the love for growing and the Earth. And Wildlife is a big plus too. My kitties are inside kitties with their facilities in the attached garage, so I don’t have to worry about my bunnies or songbirds. Children, nature and animals rule.

          1. I will think of you too when I have mine too. I love Kahlu’a too. Today it was Bailey’s. I’m so happy you like nature as much as I do. As you know it is hard work, but very rewarding. I liked to lay out in the corn field and listen to the corn grow. You can hear ‘shoop’ sounds. It’s incredibly beautiful. When there’s a soft breeze the wheat and milo look like ocean waves. I’d love to see your garden. Being a Gardner you could easily be a farmer. I agree wholeheartedly that nature and animals rule! Thanks again. ❤❤❤ three for your kids ❤❤ 2 for you and your hubby who clearly loves you.

  3. There is no “there” there. Sonja Morgan is no threat to the SkinnyGirl dynasty. The wine will probably never see production….she never finishes anything…because she lives in a fantasy world of imaginary yachts and grand parties, where she entertains huge stars and moguls, like P-Diddy and Jay-Z. Bethenny’s money and Bethenny’s brand are safe…and she knows it. I hope this is one of those bait and switch Bravo scenes…where they mix different conversations…because this scene was probably the stone cold bitchiest thing I have ever seen on Bravo.

    1. Yes, Apple. I hope very much you are right. There is no danger to anything Skinnygirl, and boy you hit the nail on the head. I was surprised Sonja actually had labels on the bottles. It was a pretty nice turn out too, unlike a few of her other “extravaganzas.” When Sonja started crying in that scene I was thinking the same thing you were. Bethenny can be a total bitch, but I very much liked her scene with Jules. That was real and I though it was endearing. I can not recall whether if there was any conversation on WWHL about this whole thing, but I really hope it is a non issue.

      1. I think that had more to do with her business partner, Peter, than her. He is the real muscle behind these products…and was just looking for a RHONYC “face” to put in front of it. He tried Ramona last season, but she didn’t go for it. He wants to market the wines and other alcohol and is opening up a restaurant/bar under the same name…which he trademarked around a year ago. Bethenny went after them in November and tried to trademark the name “Tipsy Girl” so they couldn’t use it, but he had already claimed it. I think Sonja is clueless….and he may be just trying to soak up some of the Skinny Girl hype…but he has invested a lot of money and has been in the restaurant bar booze business for 30 years. I don’t think anyone would confuse the two names and his products have nothing to do with weight loss. I can’t imagine anyone is buying her booze because it is good…they just love her…and this won’t cut into her sales…but she is trying to control anything with the words Skinny…or Girl.

        1. apple, I agree with you that this is all Peter the business partner’s idea deliberately hanging onto the coat tails of the successful “Skinny Girl”. Ramona was smart enough to turn it down because she knew it would cause problems. Sonja…….0h sweet ditzy Sonja so desperate to make a buck Sonja, bit. If it were any of us doing it I don’t think it would be a huge thing. At least not huge enough to get sued by Bethenny. As a business woman myself, it would have ticked me off royally, however, I wouldn’t have spent the money on a law suit. I would know or feel, it would have been useless. I’m not sure I would go so far as to call Bethenny a bully either.

          Here are some names……….
          Tipsy dame
          Sweetly tipsy
          Ipsty Tipsy

          DAMN I could go on and on and on……………………

      1. Thanks for the link….very interesting. Seems the courts didn’t agree with Bethenny. Page Six has some pretty negative views on our Skinny Girl and her trademarks….seems she went after Teresa Giudice for Skinny Italian, too. I guess anything Skinny is hers. It also explains why this divorce is taking so long. She is a bully.

    1. Yeah, I read that he approached Ramona with a similar idea and she didn’t go for it. Who knows if it’s true, but the guy looks like peewee Herman had a love child with a used car salesman.

  4. Sonia’s little-girl, coy act is obnoxious. She knew exactly what she was doing. Honestly, I’ve never liked her at all. She’s sketchy and shady and married for $ and had a kid to secure her life. They were married for a few years and she wants hundreds of millions of dollars. She was a hostess at restaurants. No royalty in her blood. She’s a fall-down drunken mess. Another loser.

    1. Do you really think that. I waffle with Sonja. Sometimes I agree with you but at other times I think she’s like a little kid pretending to be a sophisticated lady. She sure never goes to the right people for advice though.

  5. Team B! Would never buy this copy cat, sleezy bottle! I always enjoyed Sonja for being humourously drunk but know she has shown her a**!

  6. I like Sonja — sometimes. I like Bethnney at times too. But in this case, Sonja should’ve consulted with Bethenny first. Somehow, I can take or leave this season.

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