Bethenny Shares What She Sees For the Future of RHONY

Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel is sharing what she would like to see on the future of the show.

“I would like to see some younger cast members. I’d like to see an African American woman on the show. I suggested someone who didn’t work out,” she said. “There are really no Jewish women in the cast. There are also no Asian, Latino or gay women on the show. I’d like it to represent New York more.”

Bethenny went on to discuss when she felt like she was a success during her career, saying that “there are different feelings of success.” “But when the Housewives was successful, I felt successful,” she said in an interview with Parade.

Frankel also dished on her upcoming appearance on Shark Tank. “I will be myself. I was approached to do the show years ago and had an agent at the time who told me not to do it. It’s good company to be in. There are some really smart people. But the people who are coming in with the ideas are the most inspirational,” Bethenny shared. “I was that person. I had no money. But I had an idea and pushed it through. That is what people who are pitching the Sharks need to do. I find that very interesting. I bring a marketing perspective to the table, which is something different. I can learn from the Sharks. And who knows? Maybe they will learn something from me.”

Do you agree with Bethenny?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Lady of London

    For once she makes sense about the show

  • Watching in Ohio

    The best thing that could happen w the show is if BF is NOT on it! Damaged mean girl who thinks she’s the moral authority and only truthteller on the show! Unable to sustain relationships on ANY level! A “fiend friend” Ramona! Get that!

  • missrox

    Bethenny makes this show the other women are too old even Tinsley is 42 what is with this show the only married 1 is LuLiar and she is Fake ass they come

  • Rain

    Tried watching this show but couldn’t get into it

  • Bon Vivant

    I love Shark Tank. A lot of my peers are reaching that age where they want to try new things and diversify into new areas for work and careers, these kinds of shows are inspirational and I’m looking forward to see her on it. That said, of course Bethenny can share what she sees for the future of RHoNY. Though she remains uncredited, she is as close to a producer as you can get while still remaining a member of the cast. The amount of power she wields through her legal partnerships with Bravo gives her an unprecedented amount of influence over which direction the group dynamics go this show. Her buddy Kyle Richards has a similar set-up over at RHoBH in terms of non-credited producer status, but where they differ is that Kyle does minimal stirring & sits back and and lets the girls play, whereas Bethenny heavy handedly wields her power in the group to really dictate which direction everyone is moving.