Bethenny Says RHONY Season 9 Cast Trip Was Best Ever

Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer call season nine of The Real Housewives of New York City “monumental,” and that’s thanks partly to an epic girls’ trip that’s filled with sipping tequila, skinny dipping, and kisses between friends.

That’s right, Sonja Morgan and Bethenny Frankel appear to lock lips in the trailer! “You don’t even know that I necessarily kissed her. She might’ve kissed me,” Bethenny teased during a recent interview with People Now. “I like penis, and that’s really my choice, I prefer. I mean, I don’t know. I haven’t tried all parts of the buffet, and who knows what the future holds, but as of today, I like the turf versus the surf.”

So how did the cast trip go? “So it became The Hangover meets The Golden Girls, eight hours later,” she said. “I don’t want to give everything away, but it was insanity.”

“We were drinking the finest tequila ever made. We were drinking 140 proof tequila that tasted as subtle as Chardonnay. It was smooth and easy. None of us realized how many different types of tequila there were. We were doing tequila tastings,” Bethenny said. “Everybody was in a great mood. I have to say, everybody said it was the best trip we’ve ever taken.”

RHONY premieres April 5th on Bravo, are you ready?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Sounds boring!! Can’t wait for the OC ladies to come back!!

I sure hope it isn’t going to be about lesbian story lines. None of them have to go there to make the show interesting. Atlanta was crappy this season for making up crap all centering around BS sex blah, blah, blah.

Atlanta has Porsha to blame for all of that talk, but no one is saying none of them swam in the lady pond either. It happens. It just went overboard with the false accusations that went too far about Kandi and Todd. That was the worst I think the NY girls like to have fun and kid a lot. They have a sense of humor, and whether or not they kiss or not, it will not affect the show in a negative way for me. I think they are playful. I love that they are able to have fun and… Read more »

You’re right about Porsha. She ruined the show this season for me. But honestly Real, do girlfriends kiss each other just to be playful? I think not. It’s all for show and shock value. Which is so disappointing, if this is the path the show takes this season. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I am looking forward to the show too. 🙂

Today everything is more open. It is not like when I was young and things like that just did not happen, in public anyway. Girls are more bicurious or just more into kissing other girls than ever before from what I can see. Bravo, after all, is quite open about LGBTQ lifestyles, so I think it is what they like too. I think all of these ladies love the attention they get when they are kissing another girl, etc. Katie Perry has the song, Kissed a Girl, and she is open about it. Miley Cyrus is even more out there… Read more »
Morning Real Sandy, wow, how things have changed since I was in school. You may be right, but still to this day, I couldn’t ever think of “making out” (do they still use the term?) with another girl. No matter how drunk! LOL I have nothing against LGBTQ lifestyles in the least. My insurance agent is a lesbian. But if one is straight……I don’t get it. Oh well. I still hope they don’t go down this path in the next season. I don’t what to be shocked (get enough of that with today’s politics) I just want to be entertained.… Read more »

Barbara, I understand what you mean. It is not for everyone.
Do you watch Vanderpump Rules? That show is a lesson in what younger people are doing…at least those on the show. I don’t watch a lot of younger themed shows, but I find it a learning experience. I have no daughters either.

I don’t watch Vanderpump Rules. I wanted to like it because I thought it would be more about Lisa and Ken. I tried to watch the first show. But when I realized it was about a bunch of, what I call silly, dumb young people, I never watched the show again. I never made it threw the first episode. Now I’m so glad I cut my losses early. LOL Hard to believe this is what is being done out there and it’s acceptable behavior……Wow

very disappointed in RHWA this season – I kept watching hoping the storyline would change – it was painful to watch. Portia ruins the entire show

I haven’t watched last night’s episode yet. I taped it. I tape most shows now, but I just got finished watching the last episode of the Walking Dead. Boy was that good. If only the housewives shows could be as good. lol

I’m looking forward to this, and I dare say ole Bethenny sounds like the side splittingly funny chick she was in earlier seasons. I love a good girls trip when the women are just having fun…and so far according to Ramona we only have to worry about her and Bethenny trying to kill each other this season…but they tend to kick each other in the shins and bounce right back, so how bad could it really be, right? ☺️

Maybe the torture of divorce, and marriage to a Mama’s boy wore off.

I agree. She never came across as spiteful or purposely hurtful to me either. She is one of my favorites.

I can’t wait. The trip looks great. I hope there isn’t much arguing of course.. Especially between Luann and Bethenny. I have never been a fan of Luann’s hypocrisy. I also don’t like it when Bethenny goes off on her. Even though what Bethenny says is true. That last reunion where Luann interrupted and spoke in that pretentious tone over every single housewife there was just so much more than impolite. The way she condescendingly spoke over Sonja’s videos on the boat, how she spoke TO her. The way she spoke during Bethenny’s story of being at Polo, then constantly… Read more »

Me too, Sandy. Luann doesn’t care what happens as long as she feels above everyone else. I just realized, NONE, of the housewives are married accept her. Wow, I hadn’t really thought about that till I went to reply to you!

Yay! Looking forward to New York, it’s my favorite.

Looks good I agree