Bethenny “Furious” Jason Called Emergency Custody Meeting


Last week, Jason Hoppy called an emergency custody meeting when Bethenny moved her things out of their Tribeca apartment. Frankel is reportedly furious with her ex for making her look bad in front of the judge.

“Bethenny is furious that Jason called his lawyers and then had them complain to the judge,” an insider reveals. “She’s thinks he’s ‘crying wolf’ every time he doesn’t like what she’s doing.”

“Bethenny is so sick of dealing with Jason and his refusal to do anything but mooch off of her,” the source told RadarOnline, adding that Frankel is happier than ever with her current boyfriend Michael Cerussi. “Bethenny is so thankful that she has a good man in her life now. She just wishes that Jason could stop fighting her for everything and move on.”​

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Confused5

    Maybe it’s because of his daughter, I wonder if she has thought about that. She is so aggressive much more like a man than some real ones. That is probably a compliment in her eyes but not intended!!!

  • SidewinderVX

    This guy is really gross, no idea how people sided with him, he was awful on her spin off show so controlling.

  • One Rotten Egg

    Go Jason!! Bethany is a hot mess.

  • yes she did

    Divorce is ugly…fact of life

  • Karen

    Bethanny is no peach, but Jason is a jerk too. He seems more focused on getting back at Zbethsnny than doing what’s best for his daughter. Poor kid has two selfish parents.

  • Bellr

    You reap what you sow!

  • Jo

    i really thought that Jason was a good guy. But I guess he’s really not. Team Bethenny