Bethenny Frankel’s Skin Cancer Scare

In a new Instagram post, RHONY star Bethenny Frankel shared she had a growth removed from her face and a source is revealing that Frankel is being tested for skin cancer.

Frankel has been raising funds for victims of Hurricane Harvey, and in a new post a fan asked her why she had a band-aid on her face. Bethenny revealed that she “had a growth removed.” Another fan asked if the growth was a reaction to fillers, to which Frankel responded: “No. Basil [sic] cell. I don’t do fillers. My jaw is the size of Pittsburgh. Nothing needs enhancement.”

An insider confirmed to PEOPLE that the growth on Bethenny’s face is being tested for skin cancer.

Photo Credit: Bravo


17 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel’s Skin Cancer Scare”

  1. If BF is doing anything its to get “attention” not because she has a heart! She looks like such a “hag” her character (or lack of it) shows on her face! She’s just so vicious and vile! Can’t stand this tormented woman! She deserves what she gets! Wait till the “new” wears off her new boyfriend he’ll get exactly what her first and second husband experienced! This is a bad woman!

    1. I may have misunderstood you. When you wrote, “She deserves what she gets!”, did you mean that she deserves cancer? If so, I am appalled. No matter what I think of Bethenny, and I happen to love/hate her for her comic relief and despise her for lots, I could never wish any type of cancer on anyone, including all mammals of every kind. Bethenny is a human being, like each and every one of us. She is no murderer or anything like that. This is just a person on reality TV, there for entertainment value, and she knows it. No matter what, she is one smart individual, whether I agree with her or not. I happened to always like Jason too, and tried to see his side, though now I am on the fence about him.
      If I misunderstood you, I am sorry. If not, then I am sorry for you.
      Have a nice day.

    2. Bethenny can be abrupt at times but I can’t imagine what she went through as a child. I came from a loving home with great parents. It didn’t sound like she did. I try to cut her some slack.

  2. Thanks for the comments! No that’s certainly NOT what I meant.. I’d never wish cancer on anyone! I’m a nurse and I see the mind/spirit and body connection in disease! All I meant is “attitude” is everything in life..Romona said it best “she (BF) “is the most angry, unforgiving, harsh and judgemental, hypocritical bitter person she has ever met!”(RS has her own issues trust me)! But BF has bulimia which has its roots in self hatred, and her cancer may be related to the root of bitterness in her! Like it or not, believe it or not you DO reap what you sow.. some call it karma! Bethanies ultimate issue is “unforgiveness!” Nothing can fill the void in that empty little heart of hers except reconciliation with God, forgivenesscof others and herself! My opinion only.

    1. And your opinion is still one of the snarkiest fear based mean spirited words I’ve seen on here. Just my opinion, nurse. Sure hope my ass never winds up on your needle.

  3. Gosh, I hope Bethnny will be okay. I really like her. I’ve not seen Bethnny smile so much at the reunion. For the 1st time. Looked as if a huge load was lifted from her, she’s been through a lot. I wish her always good health.

  4. The great thing about a blog is “everyone” is entitled to their opinion.. you have yours and I have mine! I didn’t solicit your opinion and you don’t have to read or like mine! Hope to find you on the end of my needle! Lol

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