Bethenny Frankel’s Reaction To Jill Zarin’s WWHL Interview With Andy Cohen!

Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Tuesday night and we FINALLY got to hear her reaction to the infamous interview Andy Cohen did with her former friend and co-star, Jill Zarin! In case you missed any of Jill’s WWHL interview, get caught up here. As for what Bethenny thought? She admits she DID watch the interview. Andy went on to show Bethenny clips from Jill’s interview and wanted her to react to what Jill said.

First, a clip was shown where Jill Zarin was saying she miscalculated her friendship with Bethenny. She said that in Bethenny’s eyes, it was a business relationship. Bethenny said, “We met because we came on the show, we were going through this new experience. I honestly didn’t think it was going to become anything, she was hopeful, and we kind of went through this journey together.” As far as Jill saying there friendship was a business relationship, Bethenny says, “That’s a bag of bullish*t!”

The next clip Andy showed was Jill talking about how she felt Bravo, and Andy himself, sided with Bethenny. She went on to give examples of Bethenny appearing on WWHL alone, and Andy’s personal friendship with Bethenny, and how they go to dinner. Bethenny did her infamous Jill impression saying, “It’s not fair Andy, why would you be friends with Bethenny and not any of the other Housewives?” But she explains, “Yours and my relationship began as a business relationship, and I didn’t have any kind of personal relationship with you until well after the Housewives.” Andy clarifies NeNe Leakes and Danielle Staub have been on WWHL alone.

The next clip Andy showed was Jill bragging about how many followers she had on social media, and the hundreds of daily emails she gets from fans. Bethenny said, “If you gave me ten million dollars I wouldn’t know how many followers of any kind I have. I don’t know who has this kind of time. I said it back in the day, you need to get a damn hobby!”

When Andy went on to play the clip of Jill and her husband Bobby getting kicked out of Ramona’s trip on “Scary Island,” Bethenny said to Andy, “I love you so much, but I’m asleep right now. You’re torturing me. You’ve got to get a grip and keep it moving.”

The last clip shown of Jill was one where she was trying to understand why Bethenny didn’t want to mend their friendship after their feud. Bethenny’s final statement and explanation about the situation with Jill was, “Back in the day based on things that happened I was very, very angry with her. And in general whether it’s with your family, whether it’s with exes, I don’t think you should hold on to anger. I honestly wish her well, and I hope that she’s happy. I do think that people tend to do things in the press to keep themselves relevant, and they end up regretting it, and I know she ended up regretting that. It’s not really necessary to talk about it anymore. I hope she’s well, I honestly, honestly do, but it’s enough!”

Tell Us- What’s YOUR reaction to Bethenny’s responses?

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  1. I loved how over Jill Bethenny is, that is right Bethenny, Jill blew it and she needs to get a hobby, too much time on her hands.

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