Bethenny Frankel’s Ex-Husband Jason Hoppy to Take Plea Deal in Stalking Case

RHONY star Bethenny Frankel’s ex-husband Jason Hoppy is reportedly getting ready to take a plea-deal in the stalking and harassing case that Bethenny filed against him.

“According to the report, on Monday, Hoppy will get an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal (ACD), which mandates he stay away from The Real Housewives of New York star Frankel for six months and obey all laws. If Hoppy obeys the ACD for the 6 months, all charges against him will reportedly be dismissed,” RadarOnline reports.

This prevents Hoppy from harassing Bethenny in any way, and if he does he will be in big trouble with the District Attorney.

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19 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel’s Ex-Husband Jason Hoppy to Take Plea Deal in Stalking Case”

  1. He should have taken this deal back when it was first offered (though IIRC, it might have been a year with no contact at that point). For the sake of all concerned, hope he can comply with it.

    1. I really don’t see him being compliant with this, and I don’t think we’ve heard the last off this case, unfortunately.

  2. It’s a shame he cannot act like a grown ass adult instead of like a spoiled child. Especially for the sake of his child. He does know that in the future she will be able to see what a complete ass he was right? Its no secret since its all over the internet. I would be ashamed of myself if I were him but – I am sure he cannot see past his own desires to make Bethany miserable… what a douche bag.

  3. I hope this all has a happy ending for everyone, especially Bryn. It would be in her best interest to have two loving parents in her life and to have them get along enough for her sake and stop all of the fighting. Single parent households may work for some, but if both parents want to parent the child in a healthy environment, then the child should be able to see them both and have them at least discuss her best interests as two reasonable adults. Having extended family, like grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins is also great, and Bryn has grandparents on her dad’s side, at least, unlike her mom’s family, where there is constantly a feud there, it seems, sadly.

  4. As a former single parent…it’s tough…after ‘putting him through’ law school, I was in nursing school when I decided no more. He didn’t ‘help’ in the parenting or raising of our children – only when he saw the errors I made, you know like allowing my son to have a trendy spike haircut. (the tragedy) To the outside world he seemed like a good dad, people heard his side more than mine – I was too busy raising children and attending school and working. Anyway, we have heard Bethenny’s side, I haven’t heard much of his?! Not on anyone’s side here – I could not deal with her on a daily basis and he crossed the line – they could both regret their actions.

  5. You’re so kind!! I knew he was wrong for me right after we said ‘I do’….wouldn’t change anything though. I just love you! Is your area safe from the wildfires?

  6. Shouldn’t Jason be court ordered to seek Psychological Help?
    It must be an emotional hell for Bethanny nor knowing what is going to happen moment by moment.
    Who knows what Jason is capable of doing?

      1. It takes two and yes, I am sure that life with Bethanny could send a Saint over the edge.
        In this case Jason is breaking the law. (I just think wrist slapping fuels the fire. I, believe in therapy)
        Stalking isn’t exactly, the behaviour of a mentally healthy person.

  7. Yes, I have been watching. I love the show. I may read the books. It is interesting how when Gerry wrote the Corfu Trilogy, he changed some things, like Larry being 23 in reality and married. It was Larry that urged his family to move to Corfu with his wife and him to live more simply or something like that when his first book was published. Larry was born in India where his parents lived and they moved back to England when his father died at 43 of a brain hemorrhage. He was also educated in England since age 11, writing his fist book when he was 15. Larry did go on to be a best selling author too and wrote about Corfu as well. Gerry went on to become a famous naturalist and was on the telly in the UK for years. He had zoos I believe. Now that is all changing…zoos in general.
    I also love watching Poldark. It was really good last night too. It was impressive. Do you watch Poldark?
    Outlander was on too, but I can watch it any time after noon on Sundays on the Starz app, so that is good, otherwise it is on when Poldark is on. I love Sundays now!

    I hope you have an awesome day!
    OH, did you know that Downton Abbey is on tour with all of the awesome things and cast too, I think…from the show. They are in NYC first. I would love to go, if I had anyone to go with.

  8. And they were all very handsome!!!!
    It was tough, but it prepared me and them, life isn’t always easy and sometimes you have to work or study three times longer than others. The plan was always for me to attend med school, but, I said no, mom first! Flash forward several years, I’m extremely happy I said no! Why be a doc when we can marry one…right, Real Sandy? LOL

    BF can be entertaining at the same time – this season it seemed she was out to break Ramona. Not that she didn’t need a wake up call, but with such anger, ferocity and spite? BF is happy when others are unhappy, there is a psych word for it – but I’m too sleepy to think right now. I’m trying to stay awake so I can sleep when hubby does…hmmmm…days are getting cooler, I could take bike out for a spin…

  9. I got in a short ride, wind picked up and little chilly.
    I think a lot of nurses could be excellent Physicians, but if we did, who would do all the grunt work. LOL You would have loved it, I’m sure, but we are nurses, through and through!!
    I’m still trying to work in my flight training. We have a new trauma surgeon, it’s been interesting to observe. Hubs won’t let me! While I think – well I know – I could handle the trauma, spending hours and hours in one position stitching the tiniest vein I’m too much of an adrenaline junkie.
    And, you’re good…that’s it..and BF!!!

  10. Hi Rain. The exhibition of Downton Abbey is in November in NYC. I have to check it out more closely to see what it is exactly.
    Gerry did write the series, yes.
    As for Spiros, I believe he is married with children, unless that changes, and he is a cab driver. Yet, he seems to have more money than maybe he should and always helps Mrs. Durrell out…whenever she needs it.
    I don’t have Netflix. I already have Starz and HBO, etc., and it is getting to be too much. We are limited with a cable company monopoly here and only one choice, and they rip us off!
    Poldark is great. At first it may have seemed slow, but it gets better.
    Victoria is in January. They are all too short, the seasons.
    I love you too!!
    Poor Sven…They showed him only for a second in one episode, unless I missed something….
    I like men of all shades…pretty much. I dated East Indian, Peruvian/Chinese…and married a light one, a WASP.
    Have a nice night!

  11. If everything Bethenny said is true then I feel for her and hope this helps. BUT I find it hard to believe that she’s 100% innocent. Did he harass her, perhaps. But I truly think that she thought she could divorce him, get her daughter and do what she wants when she wants. That he’d just go away quickly and easily. I do think she manipulates him just as much. I respect the work her charity is doing and she was my favorite housewife when she started on rhony. But she is really messed up emotionally and treats people badly. She dishes it out but once anyone says anything about her you can see it in her face. She attacks back visciuosly so as not to have to deal with it. I’m sure she did it to him during their marriage.

    1. Don’t you think if the douche bag had anything on Bethenny that he wouldn’t have brought it up in court, it was all one sided because he was pissed that his money train was leaving the station and he’d have to get a real job again! I really believe the only reason that Beth lashed out the way she has the last couple of seasons is because of the torture her ex douche was putting her through! Look at the awesome work Beth is doing now, she’s doing more for the hurricane victims in PR, Florida, Texas and Mexico than our own piece of shit president has! Bethenny Frankel fan 4 life!

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