Bethenny Frankel’s Ex-Husband Jason Hoppy Arrested for Stalking Her

According to TMZ, Jason Hoppy showed up outside of their daughter’s school to confront Bethenny saying, “I will destroy you.” Which caused the NYPD to arrest him and charge him with harassment and stalking.

Apparently this isn’t the first time something like this has happened outside of their daughter’s school. Back on January 6th of this month Jason went off on Bethenny. Bethenny filed the police report on January 17th, according to police reports.

In the police report, Bethenny told them that she has been flooded with hundreds of abusive emails, phone calls, and even Facetime calls.

According to the complaint, Hoppy approached Bethenny and her boyfriend and said , “There’s nothing you can do to stop me. You’ll be sorry. You’ve been warned… she’s pure evil.”

Police arrested Hoppy last Friday January 27th.

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11 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel’s Ex-Husband Jason Hoppy Arrested for Stalking Her”

  1. His jealousy of her success on Bethenny Ever After was scary, and what I ultimately believe to be the cause of their divorce. He really seems like someone out to take it all away for her. Hopefully she is doing okay, and hopefully Jason seeks the help he clearly needs to move on from this.

  2. hasn’t he tortured her enuf by dragging out the divorce and living in the apartment she paid for for years while she was jumping from place to place. wow. glad she dumped this nutbag.

  3. Maybe the folks who blamed everything on her in this ridiculously protracted divorce can take a seat now. He clearly cares more about his own ego than he cares about their daughter.

  4. Maybe there is more to this story. Maybe he just wanted to see his daughter and went to her school. Maybe Bethenny threatened him first. Maybe we have just a bit of this, but either way, he is very wrong. I wish they would play nice for Bryn’s sake.

  5. Bethenny is not evil. She is driven, and she has done nothing but put her head down and work her ass off. Jason ALWAYS said she was the only one who needed to change, because he grew up with parens still married didn’t make him perfect. He wanted his parents to be as much a part of Bryn’s upbringing as Bethenny was. That is not how it works. He needs to get off his Mama’s titty’s, and grow up. Everyone always blaming her…….yeah, all the stuff she wasn’t allowed to say was this crap no doubt. Outside of Bryn’s school? I would be frightened for myself and my daughter, and even my employees and friends. I hope she goes to court and wins full custody. She adores Bryn, she tried and tried, he didn’t, IMO. She did at first, everything opposite of what she saw as a child, which was horror. Now, she has her own Motherly instinct to use, but like all new Mom’s, at first it’s more of a challenge. It remains a challenge throughout our children’s lives, but this shouldn’t be part of anything. I would use some of my money for security for Bryn if I was her, for sure. To make sure he doesn’t grab her and take off to live some hillbilly life. Ooohh, chills……..

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