Bethenny Frankel’s Boyfriend Michael Cerussi Accused Of Fraternity Rape


Bethenny Franke’s new boyfriend, Michael A. Cerussi III looks great on paper, but RadarOnline is revealing some new information about Bethenny’s man that is quite shocking. According to court documents found by Radar, Cerussi was expelled from college after he was accused of raping a girl with another fraternity brother. Read more on the allegations below.

Cerussi was kicked out of college after a schoolmate accused him and his fraternity brother of raping her during an incident in 2000. He vehemently disputed the allegations and filed a lawsuit against the school and his accuser in a bid to maintain his innocence and be re-instated in school.

According to court documents, obtained by Radar, Cerussi was expelled from Union College, which is a small, independent liberal arts college in Schenectady, N.Y., during his senior year, after a college disciplinary board found he raped a Union student. (Cerussi reportedly was not criminally charged in the incident and the woman’s identity will remain private.)

Cerussi and a fraternity brother ”met [alleged victim’s name redacted] at a bar near UC late Friday night, November 11, 2000,” the document reads. “[The woman] accompanied them back to their fraternity house and had sexual intercourse with both men.”

She and Cerussi “talked afterwards, he drove her home, and she kissed him goodnight,” the document states. “[The woman] then joked with her roommate… about having sex with both men and did not state that she had been raped.”

But she soon changed her story, it’s claimed. At brunch the next day, the alleged victim allegedly told a friend about her night, “but did not claim that she had been raped.

But shortly thereafter, when some of [Cerussi’s] fraternity brothers laughed as they passed her table, [the woman] assumed they had been told [about her threesome].”

Later that night, when yet another member of the fraternity called her, the document notes, the woman “inferred from the conversation that [name redacted] knew she had had sex with [Cerussi] and [name redacted].

“Sometime later [that night], [the woman] concluded that she had been raped,” according to the document, and she went to Ellis Hospital, where Nurse Carol Fritz Braungart ”examined [the woman] and observed redness at the vaginal base, but [she] did not allow Braungart to examine her internally, take pictures, or complete a full rape collection kit.”

The next day, the alleged victim told Dean of Students Kathleen Schurick that she had been raped, the document states. Cerussi and his pal were then suspended.

After a thorough investigation by the school, “Schurick found [Cerussi] and [name redacted] guilty,” according to the documents and they were informed of their expulsion on December 12.

Cerussi appealed, the documents reveal — and he was granted another hearing. But there, according to the documents, the expulsion was upheld.

A third appeal in the college disciplinary system ended with the same result.

Photo Credit: Splash News