Is Bethenny Frankel’s Boyfriend Dennis Shields Threatening To Sue Jason Hoppy Over Nasty Emails?


RHONY star Bethenny Frankel’s divorce to Jason Hoppy is finally over, but apparently the drama between the two ex spouses is far from over. According to a new report, Jason has been sending hateful emails to Bethenny and cc’ing her new boyfriend Dennis Shields on them.

RealityTea is reporting that Hoppy has sent Bethenny at least 50 nasty emails in the last 70 days, and now Dennis is threatening to sue Jason.

According to the site, the emails talk about how old, ugly and irrelevant Bethenny is and warns Dennis that he’ll be “gone soon” because Bethenny has a revolving door of boyfriends. However, Dennis and Bethenny have been together for almost a year now.

But Shields had his attorneys send Hoppy a letter warning him to stop the emails or he will take legal action.

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32 Replies to “Is Bethenny Frankel’s Boyfriend Dennis Shields Threatening To Sue Jason Hoppy Over Nasty Emails?”

  1. Bethenny is FAR from my favourite but seriously is her ex a 15 year old girl with a grudge? Old and irrelevant? He’s looking for another 15 seconds of attention apparently!! This is so pathetic it’s almost laughable. He needs to spend his free time looking for a J-O-B.

    1. He has a job – different than when they met but he’s been working. I have a friend in the political arena whose day career is in the big pharma industry. Hoppy is part of that club, these people attend all the same conferences together all over the globe.

      1. Why I just posted as anonymous is beyond me…not yet recovered from all my parties last week and neeeeeeed a cappuccino STAT…

        1. Okay he has a job but obviously is still a loser spending his free time harassing his ex wife and her new boyfriend. He is acting like a bitter 15 year old girl, who does that shit in adulthood?!

  2. geezzz…. bad behavior on Jason’s part. Or maybe he knows the hell it becomes living with Bethenny and he is putting out a ”warning”…. lol… doubt it – he sounds like a jealous ex.

    1. I thought Jason was an awful husband. Starting with the 40th BD party, where she asked, pleaded, begged not to have any surprises, especially if they made her the center of attention. But, he made a spectacle of her with his stupid diamond earring 3 ring circus, which IMO, was cruel. He always thought that any problems they had were only from her childhood, never anything he did. She tried to get as much counseling as she could, then he was awarded the 7 million dollar apartment SHE JUST BOUGHT, plus $12,000 monthly in spousal support for the 4 lousy months of work he did with her business. What a greedy, needy asshole. Momma’s boy wanting his Mommy to rise Bethenny’s daughter. God, he rally made me sick, he’s still at it I see.

        1. Yes, Hi Sandy, for the 4 years while the divorce dragged on, just out of spite, IMO. SHE bought and paid for the apartment, chose every faucet, toilet, piece of tile, every single piece of granite and marble, worked all the plans, chose every single piece of wallpaper and color of paint, and that little prick wouldn’t leave. I would have been pretty damn pissed off too. I believe every word of the story, it isn’t from ROL after all. He’s the one who needs the shrink now.

  3. I wonder how much of this is actually true. Jason send that many e-mails to Bethenny and cc’d them to her boyfriend? He even has the new boyfriend’s email address. It is still likely, but is it the truth? Can you sue for email you don’t like that is not threatening? If so, I would sue for all the SPAM and Phishing email I get all the time. I get phone calls all the time too, even though I am on the DNC list and tell them not to call all the time. Can I sue for that?
    This is just another way for these characters to stay relevant. Maybe Mr. Shield’s likes the publicity a bit much, and is enjoying the limelight.
    I have never loved Bethenny, but she can date whomever she wants.
    Jason Hoppy, if you are doing this, then get over it. The mother of your child wants no part of you and never did from what I have seen. You do have a beautiful little girl, so be adult about it for her, and that is for Bethenny and Jason. Grow up an stop acting like children. Think of the child first. She is only a child for a short time, and this fighting is all she will remember if it continues.

  4. Wonder who isn forming the media of these emails? If Bethany’s camp, then she is just as bad–always trying to make him look bad, even if he is doing this. But then again, is it hacked or fake email?

  5. Bon Vivant, I agree with you. Jason works for big pharma.
    I just cannot see your comments on the page with the others. I am wondering if my comment will post now.
    I did receive the emails with your posts, but for some reason, after reloading the page over and over, I still do not see your comments.

    1. Sandy it happens if someone has made an error signing in. It did to me for some reason I had some nonsense in the email box. Not even my email!

      1. Well, she commented to this article twice. One was anonymous, and she did not understand why, and then she commented again. Her comments on this article came in my mailbox, and I could hit reply, but when I came to this page they were not here?
        Off to the right on the page, could see where she commented on this page under the recent comments (earlier today) and I clicked on that comment and it would not take me to another page or a comment on this one…just odd.
        I don’t get it at all. If she made that much of an error, why would I get the email? Whatever.

    2. Here I am at about 8PM and just now see the comments from Bon Vivant actually appear on this page that were posted at 1AM today…oddly. I did receive them in my email early today but not on this page

    3. All the electronic devices have been changing between home and work and I’m posting from new ones, forgetting to sign in, forgetting passwords and screen names to this or that, it’s just a mess and I need an extra dose of One A Day Ginko Billoba memory vitamins just to get everything straight, lol. I still have yet to get the follow-up comment feature to work..I tried once when I first began posting and gave up, sigh.

      1. This site is quirky. I got the follow up comments to work, then I didn’t get them for a very long time, and then I did again. It happens at times.
        The day I received your comments in my email, I came to respond but they were not on this page…gone. Then later that evening I came back on and there they were…not sure what happened. It wasn’t you that made that happen,

  6. I don’t believe this. If Bethany isn’t CONSTANTLY in some form of a spotlight, she starts foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog.

  7. When it comes to marriages, I don’t know what happens to others, based on only what is written in the press, etc. I don’t live with them or see them communicate when the cameras are not around.
    I think Jason wanted it to work with Bethenny. He wanted an extended family with his parents seeing their granddaughter too. Bryn was named after his brother who died too young. Maybe he wanted the family life not to end, and he wanted to keep it alive for Bryn in the same home they lived in together, albeit for a short time, only. Maybe he thought they could make it work. Maybe he was a bit of a dreamer in that regard, but he did move out and Bethenny sold the place.
    Jason married Bethenny and he worked with her with her businesses. If it was the other way around and a woman gave up her career to work alongside her husband, I think people would accept it more. Jason was not a lazy oaf. His net worth was quite high when she met him. He married a woman whose career skyrocketed, and he was there with her. She did not want marriage in the first place. She married but never really wanted it from all that she has said. She had a child, a new possession, and this childhas two parents. It is not about fighting over whose possession the child is, but about what is best for the child.
    I think Jason was ready for marriage and children, but Bethenny never wanted it. She never had stability growing up, and her parents were not there for her. She maybe should never be married, but I do hope that Bryn gets to see her dad and paternal grandparents, no matter how much Bethenny hates Jason. I think Bethenny is a mean girl through and through, and I don’t pity her. Maybe it was her upbringing that got her to be so cold, but really, she is a not nice.

    1. Well said, RS…I agree. I would also add we only have Bethenny’s version of her childhood, and the facts do not seem to support it. It is possible, even probable, that the reason Bethenny’s childhood was so difficult was because Bethenny was/is so difficult. We know her mother sent her to live with her father for a time, she was in the clubs at 13, and she was sent away to a private boarding school at 14. We also know that Jason has never spoken about the divorce to the press. He seems too smart and too sane for this type of nonsense to me, and if he has a problem with Dennis, he would contact his attorney. I am leaning more toward a hacked account, or Bethenny fabricating stories in the press to counter the negative repercussions to her business and career following last season. She finally admitted she was fired from Sirius for her diva behavior. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bravo is finished too. NYC is currently filming and I have heard nothing about her and the show this season.

        1. Hi Suze…nice to “see” you. I hope all is going well and you are enjoying the Yuletide season. Christmas in Edinburgh….sigh…maybe someday.

          1. Yes all ok here and really looking forward to having all the family together over Christmas. Presents bought and wrapped up just two more waiting to be delivered then that’s me done. Hope alls well with you in New York? My neighbour just back from there with her daughter. Xoxoxoxxoxo

      1. Hey All the comments are interesting but NO ONE KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT WHAT WENT ON IN THEIR MARRIAGE. Neither Jason nor Bethanny have discussed this in depth on camera so everyone thinks they know all about it.
        Jason did this Beth did that….. no one cares. The only thing they should be talking to each other is about Bryn. No texts or tweets to make up stories. The divorce is over, her childhood issues she is getting help with and and as long as Bryn is happy and feels secure with each of her parents, that is all that matters.
        These reality shows really have people riled up about certain issues that happen on the show. People actually believe the crap on these shows. I believe that there is a part of it all that they draw from.. but the shows are SCRIPTED. The actors and Actresses are told what to do, what to bring up and to make sure the drama continues. People sticking innuendos in their comments that they say they KNOW happened. UUMM NO you don;t know what happened. So now Jason and Beth are divorced and Bethanny has moved on. She has a nice guy I guess don’t know him don’t care to know him, but hearing that Jason is sending texts and tweets IF IT IS TRUE just makes him look like a idiot. Stop saying you KNOW what happened because you don;t. It’s a pretend show with pretend actors and the more drama the longer the show lasts. BTW I like NY but I am also intelligent enough to know that it is fake. The fact that these people open themselves up to criticism and allow their children to be taunted and made fun of and can’t walk around because mommy and daddy went to prison….. They both need to take a breath and Jason needs to put down the phone and stop and Beth you have a chance to redeem yourself.

  8. I have always been a fan of Bethenny’s. I doubt very seriously she has the time or inclination to fake e-mails from Jason. Maybe I understand her a little better because of my own childhood, not that it was anywhere near the horror hers was. Just some of the knowledge of my Dad not really giving a sh*t about me, and his mocking way when I would cry. He was downright cruel, and I was a child! He was a bigot too, real time. As a tiny child I knew inside he was wrong, how I knew……but I did. My thoughts as a child as to how I would raise my own, were mostly saying to myself “I will NEVER do that, or say that” and I didn’t. I believe it was Jason or his Mommy. He wanted his Mommy to nurse that baby FGSakes. MY “creepy meter” has always rang with him.

  9. Jason is an anomaly…. he is a dud…. no personality, no show of emotion about his daughter and he did not like that Beth was always in the limelight and he became Jason Frankel. He just lived in her shadow and when these two realized they had nothing in common and separated… he just turned on her. She had all the money, she took care of him for years. Now that she does not want to married any longer Jason turned on her and started making up stories about her and disrespecting his daughter so horribly. Overtime he did something to Beth the little girl suffered for it. So she has to move out of the apartment, find somewhere else to live forcing his daughter into a be dragged back and forth between the homes. So sad. Now that he is not getting the big pay out and he needs to go and get a real job, he begins to harass Beth……. Block him Girl….. block his number and keep blocking it when he gets a new numbers block. He is a petulant child who didn’t get his own way so now he is the kid on the playground that bully’s everyone. Someone needs to put this guy in his place. If those tweets and texts get out…. Jason is going to hate his life. I hope That Dennis is successful in his legal action I would love to see him run with his tail between his legs

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