Bethenny Frankel To Write Children’s Book


Bethenny Frankel has built an empire of products, and now that her talk show has been cancelled, Frankel is revealing she is working on a children’s book inspired by her daughter called Cookie and Peanut. “I’m taking a really long break right now—I want to focus on my Skinnygirl brand and my daughter,” Bethenny tells People Magazine. “I’ve been working so hard for so long, and I just really want to rest and enjoy and just kind of be.”

Bethenny explains how Bryn’s love for her dog Cookie inspired her to write the book. “She’s the Peanut and my dog’s the Cookie,” Bethenny says. “I’m reading her the book, and she’s kind of helping me with the story. She likes it—it’s really cute and she loves a good children’s book.”

And as far as rumors Bethenny’s returning to reality TV, she says don’t count on it…

“It’s definitely a personal sacrifice, sharing your personal life, and I think that’s what people like to see the most,” she says. “It’s not something I’m interested [in] right now.”

Photo Credit: Bravo