Bethenny Frankel Has Other Things To Do Rather Than Focus On Ramona’s Drama

Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer started feuding on this season of RHONY right away when Ramona brought up a film Bethenny made back in the ’90s and Ramona asked whether Bethenny had talked to her daughter about certain topless scenes in it.

While we are just seeing the beginning of the feud take place, Bethenny explains she’s much too busy to get involved in the drama with the ladies these days. “I feel fine. I have so much going on. I have a beautiful daughter who just turned 7. I have my Skinnygirl brand, my charity, B Strong. I’m producing this television show. I have another big announcement… So I’ve got a lot going on,” she told The Daily Dish at the NBCUniversal Upfront on Monday. “So Housewives is amazing and NBC is my family, but I don’t even watch my own show half the time. It’s hard. I live it.”

Ramona also spoke about her decision to bring up that topic at the dinner table with the ladies. “I think all of us on the show that have children, our children come No. 1. So I was kind of surprised by Bethenny’s reaction when I was bringing up her daughter because I wasn’t bringing up her daughter to talk about her daughter. But I just came back from Avery, visiting her at college [and] having a special experience with her. And then I’m out of concern, like mommy to mommy, ‘Hey, what’s going on with you and your daughter and this school because things like have an impact?’ I know when I’m in the press for something that’s negative, hey Avery’s friends can read it,” Ramona explained. “People talk, and it came out of concern, not to put her on the spot or to embarrass her. And I was really shocked at her reaction, how things all turned out. Of course, I admit my delivery might not have been the best but, hey, what can I say?”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Lol…I have to laugh at that horrible picture of Ramona making that face 🙂 Ramona’s contrived excuses for her bitchy backfired behavior is so old now that it’s not even entertaining in the least.

Ramona is a first class a$$ h_le.

Since the “up” thumb won’t work, and no emojis work, ditto is what I will say.

Ramona, has to have Something and Someone to talk about.
My question is;
Where did Ramona get her ” Picking up Men” skills?

Pretty sure she is a one and done

This broad has serious issues. I have watched this show since the beginning and she truly says some of the vilest things to people, and I mean to every other HW on the show, then just because she gives a fake cheesy apology they are supposed to just say “oh, that’s okay Ramona, we know you didn’t mean it”. Let one of them say “enough, I just don’t like you let’s part ways and she thinks she is the one taking the high road. If that’s the high road, I be in the swamp. lol

“Hey, what can I say?” She needs to genuinely ask herself what she shouldn’t say. I am so totally tired of her, her mannerisms and her childish, clawing, grasping, desperate behavior. When she speaks like “IT–WAS–THE–SIDE–OF–THE–SHOE,” and that quote motion she makes with her hands reminds me of 5th grade. I just want to slap her. Comparing Avery to Bryn is a joke, Avery is what, 23? I feel for Avery with her mom believing Avery’s friends are her friends. When she was in the dress shop the day after the election, Carole said the black dress was more of… Read more »

Amen 3D’s!!
I love the way you think!

Thanks, Boo. I’m sorry this is so old. I have been out of the house a lot, and just too tired at days end to read my favorite blog. I truly love the people here, if I was allowed an emoji, I would click a heart here!

I join Boo in saying, “AMEN”. Well said 3 D’s—as always. I need not add to your post.

Thanks, Starr. I hope all is wonderful in your world my friend. I know you are especially happy about the news on China. No matter who helped, it has begun. Now, if we can just eliminate the evil all over the planet. I will love up my kitties for strength. Love you Starr.

Geez, I would give all,of your Comments a Thumbs up..
However, when I try it?
I am,not logged in.
I can’t use my emo’s or edit either..
Anyone else having these problems?

Yes, initially the thumbs up and down worked but now they don’t. I had the same problem. I am sure that Nic ki is still working through any bugs in the reboot of this site.

Watching the 3 Cougars trying to pick up young guys is disgusting to me. Do they truly not realize how ridiculous they look?

I know this is over 2 weeks old, but there are no new blogs from the cast. Ramona is always saying that Bethenny runs away, when she constantly says “I will shut up now” and NEVER DOES. She says “let me finish” then runs away all the time. This last thing about the movie and B’s daughter was cruel and not what a friend says. Then she goes to every person she knows to back up her opinion, “can’t I say ANYTHING to a friend??” My answer and only Sonja’s answer, “NO, NO NO NO.” I wondered on another page… Read more »