Bethenny Frankel Talks Divorce From Jason Hoppy and New Boyfriend Dennis Shields


Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel is still reeling from her divorce from Jason Hoppy and she is opening up about it in a brand new interview.

Although her divorce was finalized in July, “there are still some bad parts that I definitely thought would be gone,” Bethenny tells US Weekly. “But the hardest parts have been anything that seems negative for my daughter. Anything that is unnecessarily negative for my daughter is really challenging for me. You know, you kind of have to look inside, find your strength.”

And even though Bethenny is forbidden from discussing the details from her dirty divorce, she has learned one thing… what to look for in a man. “Integrity and kindness now are so much more important than I ever even realized, because I didn’t realize how many people don’t have it,” she continues. “I think I’ve been pretty sheltered in my emotional estimation of people. I’ve gotten pretty surprised.”

Frankel has been dating Dennis Shields for almost a year, a friend she has known for 27 years. “He’s exceptionally brilliant and funny and a very major family person,” she shares. “My dog and my daughter like the guy.”

But Frankel is still unsure if she will ever get married again. “I finally got to the place where everything is settled. Why start to, like, throw it up in the air again?” she says. “I’m not looking for helicopters to fly over my house while I wear some big, white poufy dress. I don’t feel ready for that right now.”

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43 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel Talks Divorce From Jason Hoppy and New Boyfriend Dennis Shields”

  1. I think this shows that Bethenny is NOT a looney tune. She has been through hell and back with Jason Hoppe. He is nothing more than a blood-sucking leech and it appears that he has gotten everything he wanted out of Bethenny. I haven’t heard of him working at any kind of a productive job. Of course, to do so, would have meant that he couldn’t put on his “poor me” act and get the money that he got from this divorce. I’m with Bethenny, unless someone is hell-bent on getting married, why bother. It only ties one to another in every way possible. Take it from one who is in a situation where I would love to get out, but just cannot for financial reasons. It truly stinks and creates more problems that one can possibly imagine. Oh well, I have to listen to what I tell others, I created the situation, now I either have to learn to live with it or figure out how to get out of it.

    1. I’m sorry, texussgal, that you find yourself in a bad place. I understand completely.
      It is nice to read another woman feel empathy and kindness for Bethenny. That divorce was brutal for her. She paid for everything, including SUPPORTING him, $12,000.00 a month in SPOUSAL SUPPORT! Paid for HIM to live in the apartment SHE BOUGHT. And he stayed there the entire 4 years, what a BIG BABY, NOT A MAN. He never made that kind of money. SHE CREATED that success, he worked 4 lousy months in her business, what a prik. Everyone seems to enjoy blaming her, saying she is responsible for hurting her daughter. Jason wanted his parents to raise Bethenny’s daughter, he wanted his Mommy to live with them. Bethenny had to be independent, and a survivor, or die in that home she grew up in. And I am not saying and I don’t think she says all the time “poor me” she just tells the truth. If her own mother hadn’t been what Bethenny says, why would she ever not speak to her for 15 years, 7 years BEFORE the success. Everyone likes to blur the dates and years, saying she was greedy and didn’t want to “share” with her awful mother. There was nothing TO SHARE, until 7 years ago. She reached out to her step-dad, so there must have been a damn good reason she didn’t reach to her mother, if one could call her that at all anyway, after the way she allowed Bethenny to grow up. It DOES affect us the rest of our life, otherwise why does everyone think so many “grown” women in prison are still talking about their own upbringing?
      And her mom had zero, nada, zip, zilch NOTHING to do with helping Bethenny become a success in her life or her business.
      Bethenny is aggressive, harsh, and too honest for her own good. But…out of all of the women at that reunion she admits to it. Luann says the opposite of what she said, on film, and thinks no one remembers? Dorinda interrupted whenever Jules and Bethenny started to come to any kind of meeting of the minds, and THAT, my friends, IMO, is a SHIT STIRRER. She wants to be the savior, and wouldn’t even allow Jules to speak for herself. Carole allows everyone to speak above her, so for them to say Bethenny drowns her out, like when
      ( I would use a real play on words & a rhyming name for “countess” right now if it didn’t offend me so much ) Luann kept saying “what are you babbling about?” It’s not Bethenny who drowns out Carole, it’s Luann. She is just sorry she lost her pet. I know they tape a lot we don’t see, but I wish we could have heard what Carole had to say more. I think ALL FRIENDS, are a little different with different personalities, not just certain ones. Naturally we are different when we are with different people. Everyone has faults except Luann, in her own opinion, has none. Gag. Luann treats others with disrespect and derision, especially Carole, then accuses Bethenny of doing it. Like Ramona said in talking head about Tom, “Does she think she is invisible” when she is saying rude contemptuous things? Luann was horrible to Sonja too.
      One thing more I have to mention is that I thought the seating was odd. Poor Sonja had Dorinda on one side, and Jules practically sitting on her lap. They had plenty of space if Jules would have moved over where she belonged. Did anyone else notice that? She looked squished between the two of them, to me. It would have felt disrespectful to me if I had been Sonja, as if she didn’t deserve her personal space.

      1. Hello 3D’s Forever…..great post. I must agree with your take on the seating arrangement; very disjointed to me. I don’t know if anyone feels this way; however, I’m uncertain if Jules or Carole would have been missed, if they had not shown up at the reunion. For some reason, felt a little sad for them.

        1. Thanks, RHFan4ever. I won’t miss Jules, with her good girl front, her hypocrisy, like so many, when something is called out as offensive, all of a sudden it “was a joke!” The oldest con in the book. I wish Carole would SPEAK up for herself. I believe she has something to say. Instead of saying “excuse me” to Luann, she should have said “EXCUSE THE HELL OUT OF YOU” Luann and Jules saying Bethenny drowns her out in their friendship, and in the next moment, saying several times to Carole, “what are you babbling about” & “Shut up over there” God, Luann is such a bitch and hypocrite and liar, she can’t recognize it anymore. It has become who she is. She is the one I wouldn’t miss. I did notice the seating immediately, with Jules too close to Sonja. I am surprised, to be honest, that Sonja didn’t fix that during breaks. Like “Move OVER! “

      2. Love your posts 3D. I agree with most of what you said, especially about the seating. Sonja should have been seated next to Ramona. In the beginning of B’s divorce I was squarely in Jason’s corner. I thought B was awful to him and wanting full custody was to much. Jason wanted his parents in his child’s life cause that was their only grandchild. I get why B didn’t want to go to PA every other weekend, neither would I. But once every couple of months would have been just fine. But when the two decided it was over and she went after full custody, well that’s when all hell broke loose. But that is all water under the bridge now. I love B and am so glad she is back on the show. I find everything she has said this season about everyone has proven true. Don’t understand why she is not liked more. I guess strong women are hard for most to handle. 🙂

        1. Hi, barbara, I think she isn’t liked because she has done what so many women can not do, which is build a company from NOTHING. Well, not nothing, but no money, just an idea. Then to sell it to Jim Beam for almost 100 million dollars. That was a coo if I’ve ever seen one. Then keeping it going, making a business from her own mind and ideas, and her employees, allowing them freedom to help, very different. And I don’t see her shoving it in everyone’s face, because if she did that would be what everyone said. I think she did project a little about Jules eating disorder, but I really do think Dorinda amped her up with lies. Because she proved she does lie, during the boat party for example. And, IMO, if someone lies once, it isn’t the only time, like cheating men. Bethenny didn’t spill the secrets Jules told her, and Dorinda kept repeating the little snarky things she said as if they were the same as spilling a secret, which they are not. All of the girls say things in TH, all of them. When the first things that kept being brought up about what Jules said about elderly women, for one thing were NOT JOKES, but either way that was BEFORE THEY knew about her eating disorder. Stuff like that keeps not being said and it bugs me. Saying some rude comment was a joke because one is called out is BS. Bethenny doesn’t lie about that and say it was a joke, she says the truth, that was how she felt and she said it, period. I believe a lot of women dislike her for her success, because she didn’t marry it or inherit it, she BUILT IT!! Just my opinion. 🙂

          1. I like Dorinda but she is a “Shit Stirrer.” I will say this about Dorinda, I think she is as strong as B and not the least intimidated by her. Not sure where she get’s all her money from, maybe from her died husbands estate, who knows. But that women is strong and when she gets angry, to me, she is down right scary! B lives in a mans world and is tough as nails and that may very well be why most on this blog don’t like her. I on the other hand admire that and find her hilarious to boot. I think you feel the same. 🙂

            1. I do. I have a deep respect for her. Anyone who says that our upbringing has no bearing on our adult lives must have had a wonderful childhood. When your own mom didn’t want you, and tells people that, and shows you that every day of your childhood, it affects you forever. It isn’t a poor me. Bethenny is a cryer, so am I. I was not allowed to cry in front of my Dad my entire childhood, till 14, when my folks divorced. I went to a catholic school where I was considered a bastard child because my dad was excommunicated for marrying my Mom because she was divorced! We were still made to go there, and to “mass” every Sunday. My Mom finally got me out toward the end of 7th grade for something a Nun did that went too far for my Mom. I was so, so happy I got to go with her when she told that Nun off! There were many times I was close to tears. That affects me even today, at 62, the crying part. She is good to her daughter, she is not the one who dragged the divorce out. She paid for EVERYTHING, and that pansy she married wanted to suckle on his mommy forever. Yuk. No wonder she was so freaked out when she went to that doctor’s appt., and told she might actually die. Bryn possibly being raised by those hillbillies.
              Many women dislike her for her male type energy. She would be revered in the business world of she were a man. She is a survivor, and had to be. She broke through the glass ceiling, and good for her. More power to her I say. Bryn is a lucky little girl to have a devoted Mom who wants everything she didn’t have for her child. Is she messed up, yeah! Did she cause that, NO, her bitch mom did.

    2. I must admit it appears I was wrong about Jason. he seemed like such a great guy when they got together. I was so surprised when they split. More fool me!

  2. Still think they need to clean house. Start all over. B to me lost viewers how toxic she was. Showed an entirely different side to her. Still can’t find the reason why it was ok for her to degrade everyone on their personal life, except for Carole, but yet her personal life was never to be discussed. Train wreck that people can’t help but to watch. She was as mean as it gets with any bravo franchise. Good god the chick apparently needs more therapy than she is taking. Toxic toxic toxic . Why even attempt to run in her circle. Money does crazy things to people and since she supposedly has a lot of it, she need to get off of tv now.

    1. I think that Bethenny’s employees are writing some of these blogs in favor of her.. She is beyond nuts, beyond mean, needs major therapy, and has brought about most of her issues with everyone. She was so out of line all season with these women.. who talks to people like that?? Team Jason.. can’t stand crazy Bethenny.. who thinks that she is always right and can dish it, but can’t take it

  3. Well, you all know I’m not a fan of hers… But that Jason was a bit odd. The big lesson she should learn is not to get married just because you got knocked up.

  4. I think Jason was kind and had integrity. Bethenny is not kind and she does not have integrity. She’s just projecting he own flaws onto him and judging them so she doesn’t have to feel wrong and other people will feel sympathetic to poor Bethenny. Have we not seen how she goes for the juggular and isn’t happy till she has humiliated them and made people believe that her analysis of soneone is the only one. This is Bethenny we are talking about. She is a psychological mess. Dennis is asking for it and he’s going to get it. She was sweet to Jason in the beginning too. By the way he is a pharmaceutical sales executive and has been all along. He is not out of work and never has been.

    1. Good post.. spot on.. Bethenny reminds me of the completely damaged dog from the rescue that bites and can’t be fixed.. she’s a nut job.. ps Bethenny- no one cares to hear your opinion- you aren’t God, more like the opposite

  5. He might have had this “Job” all along, but he asked for and received $12,000.00 monthly spousal support, after working a total of 4 months in her company. Who is Dennis? I must be watching a different show because the only person she attacked was Luann. She had a tiff with Sonja, and Dorinda was more upset than Sonja. Bethenny did have an argument with Ramona last year when Ramona spread lies about her. I don’t see all of this mean stuff unless it’s what everyone does all put together and blamed on her. She was always a mess emotionally, she knows that. She has friends from 25 years ago, which says a lot about a person, and 100’s of employees who depend on her brilliance so they can make the good living they do working for her. So, she is different. She actually has responsibility, so she doesn’t have time for the bullshit all the others do. They simply sit around and do the show. Not much more, I don’t even see any charitable work they do, so IMO they are just lazy. Out of all the women, she is the only one who works, minus Ramona, but she makes it to every event on time. She gets a little pissed off sometimes, but she does it right to peoples face, not like Luann who spreads lies, and Dorinda who does lie, and who speaks for others as if they can’t. She doesn’t get stumbling drunk either, like Dorinda, who I used to like until she showed what a liar and a shit stirrer she is. Never have we heard what supposedly Bethenny knew about Jules marriage. The secrets I mean. Which was another thing Dorinda lied about. Anyway, women don’t like her because she can and does hang in a man’s world, and it makes her a little hasher than most women. That’s what I think.

    1. Dennis is the boyfriend she’s been dating for the last year that she didn’t want anyone to know about till now. Asking for spousal support is not unusual for women so why discriminate against men. After living with her and enduring the hatchet job she’s done on him he deserves all the money he can get from her. He was used by Bethanny so she could have a child. She never loved him. If he were your son how would you feel about her?

      1. I totally disagree. She fell in love, as did he. They simply didn’t get to know each other well enough, because she became pregnant, which is always a blessing. It ended in divorce, which she paid for. An unbelievable mount of money. She paid for his extravagant expenses for 4 lousy years! What real man allow a woman, the Mother of his child, to pay for EVERYTHING, simply because for 20 plus years she followed and worked her ass off for her dream, and it came to fruition?

  6. My impression of Jason was that he was a very kind, very in love, down to earth man. Bethenny was the complicated damaged one. I seriously doubt that their problems stemmed from him being unkind. I think she put him through hell.

    1. Totally agree Lisa.. Bethenny is a wack job.. can’t see her ever having a successful relationship.. she’s like a damaged dog that you get from a shelter that can’t be fixed and it will just keep trying to bite you

      1. Yes, like I told you, I have 5 kids, a great husband, a beautiful garden that I spent 16 years planting that I tend, I am a writer and an artist, but since I am no longer wealthy after trying but filing to save my youngest Daughter’s life, I walked from Nevada where I live, to New York on the small chance I would see her.
        I write on the NY blog, no others, and BH when it is on, so obviously since I defend someone I believe to be smeared for jealousy reasons, I am obsessed. Have fun with that.

  7. Is that the guy she was shagging while still married to Jason ?….and she still has the gall to call the countess of whatever a “slut” ??

    1. She was never banging any other guy when she was married either time. She barely knew Dennis and his wife. She had gone to HS with the wife, and the Daughter has set the record straight for all the siblings. Bethenny wouldn’t even be a part of the kids life if she had been “shagging” Dennis when he was still living at home. You don’t like Bethenny, obviously. But lying about her and spreading untruths doesn’t strengthen your position.

      1. what makes you think you actually know the truth? The truth according to what Bethanny wants you to believe is the truth, isn’t the truth.

      2. The daughter clearly said Bethany was a good friend which means she was friends with the wife all along then went after her husband so she is everything she called the countess plus more

        1. She wasn’t friends with the wife, considered “nobody in their lives” is what the daughter said, then, after the separation, good friends. She went to HS with the wife, and saw her 3 times in 3 decades, also according to the wife. Why does everyone try to hurt the wife with these allegations in their desperate attempt to make Bethenny look bad? Not nice at all.

  8. She not only acts like a carney one person freak show, she looks like one also. All of her hatred is in her face. I would typically feel sorry for someone like her. However she has insulted and degraded so many people this season just from the bits and pieces I have seen, I can’t feel sorry for her. I do however feel sorry for Jason and their daughter.

  9. This article in US Weekly is just more spin from The Bethenny Machine.
    Jason never quit his job. He is still an executive sales rep in a major pharmaceutical company. Remember, Bethenny wanted him to quit, but he didn’t to it.
    Spousal support is decided by the court system, using a formula, and based on percentage of income. Jason and his lawyers had no influence over the amount he was awarded. Bethenny has admitted she married him because it was a story line…and she knew their relationship would not work before she married him…but she did it for the money. She was also the one who filed for divorce, not Jason. If the roles were reversed and Jason was a woman, whose powerful husband had married her to further his career and then dumped her once the money started to roll in…would he be considered a “loser”? …or shamed for continuing to live in the home his child grew up in?
    Jason is also not in the press trashing his child’s mother every week. Bryn is 6 right now…but soon she will see the things her mother has said about her dad, and her grandparents, (THEM) to make money. That will suck for her. I am also sure her mother is currently talking trash to her about her father and her grandparents. Can you imagine a scenario where the “truthsayer” doesn’t say whatever she feels like saying? I can not.
    Dennis Shields is still married and has 5 children. He is rich and made his money as a predatory lender preying on people with legal problems who cannot afford to pay for representation. Bethenny has said in the press that he has been in love with her for 20 years. Unfortunately, he was married to someone else for all of those years. This is the “very major family person” she is currently shopping for 25 million dollar apartments with.
    Still, I feel sorry for him. She will destroy him, just as she has destroyed everyone else who ever cared about her. There are none so blind as those who will not see. People show you who they are. Believe them.

    1. I tried to find that, where she supposedly said he had been in love with her for 20 years. Could you tell me where to find that, please? I asked a few people to tell me where they saw anything about the secrets Jules told Bethenny, in quotes. Not an insider, or someone close to the family BS, but where it was BETHENNY spilled secrets. Because I never saw it, heard it, read it anywhere. If these things are true, I would like to see them, if you don’t mind.

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