Does Bethenny Frankel Talk About Skinnygirl Too Much On RHONY?

RHONY star Bethenny Frankel has been accused of overselling her brand Skinnygirl on The Real Housewives of New York City. Viewers have complained that they are tired of hearing Frankel talk about her brand.

A caller asked Bethenny this question when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live Wednesday night. “No, [it’s] not nearly enough… I do not. It’s what I really do every day,” she said, explaining a bit more about why she’s totally fine bringing it up as often as possible.

Do you think Bethenny oversells Skinnygirl?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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It’s fine for me. She’s a business woman. She’s clearly learned the power of marketing with a platform that gives her a captive audience of millions each week: what she and her partners would have to pay for 17-20 weeks of paid product placement would be literally in the millions, so from a business perspective she’s doing the right thing. Will I ever buy her products? No, not interested. But I understand her hustle, and I’m all for women kicking major business butt. So go for it.

It doesnt bother me. Its her life. They talk about their lives. So what? People are jealous.

Shameless self promoter! They’ll probably put a skinny girl bottle effigy on her gravestone!

It’s free advertising so I don’t blame her however I have noticed my local liquor store and grocery store are no longer carrying her products, I wonder why

I never hear her talk about her brand. We see a lot of it but I have only heard Ramona complain that she doesn’t like Skinny Girl anything. Watching in Ohio……. She is a genius when it comes to marketing, How awesome would it be to have this multi-million dollar company and be able to go on National TV FOR FREE. She is not obnoxious and I don’t think she would want it to be like that. People don’t like Bethanny and I can’t understand why? I saw a post the other day that said Jason Hoppy is the one… Read more »

Omg thank u so much, I thought I was the only one who felt that way about B I literally said everything I was thinking. I’ve been rewatching old seasons and it’s obvious how much the divorce changed her and people never respected that it was so annoying to watch

Isn´t that the point of being on the show ? … Sonja was peddling her toaster oven, then her fashion line, the former countess was promoting her singing career, Ramona her hooch, another housewife was promoting her nail polish… Carole her books, Kelly Bensimon her cheap jewelry

What else is news ?

I feel like u hear about Ramona pino a lot more, she’s brings that sh** everywhere