Bethenny Frankel Suing Lawyers Over Messy Divorce

Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel is claiming she got screwed over by her lawyers in her divorce from Jason Hoppy.

According to a lawsuit from 2011, Bethenny bought a Manhattan condo for $5 million. Jason Hoppy, her husband at the time, suggested she put the property in a trust. Frankel claims she wanted it held in her name alone, but went along with the trust idea and they had their lawyers draft the document.

Bethenny claims, after divorce papers were filed, she discovered the trust gave Jason a 50% interest in the condo, TMZ is reporting. This is what gave Jason the right to live in the apartment and not pay a penny in rent.

Frankel is claiming this is what made her divorce so messy and drag on for three years. She is now suing her lawyers for $2 million minimum.

Photo Credit: Bravo