Bethenny Frankel Suing Lawyers Over Messy Divorce

Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel is claiming she got screwed over by her lawyers in her divorce from Jason Hoppy.

According to a lawsuit from 2011, Bethenny bought a Manhattan condo for $5 million. Jason Hoppy, her husband at the time, suggested she put the property in a trust. Frankel claims she wanted it held in her name alone, but went along with the trust idea and they had their lawyers draft the document.

Bethenny claims, after divorce papers were filed, she discovered the trust gave Jason a 50% interest in the condo, TMZ is reporting. This is what gave Jason the right to live in the apartment and not pay a penny in rent.

Frankel is claiming this is what made her divorce so messy and drag on for three years. She is now suing her lawyers for $2 million minimum.

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8 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel Suing Lawyers Over Messy Divorce”

  1. She looks so petty doing this….she’s got plenty of money….you said you were thankful to finally be done with the divorce….wouldn’t you just want to move on? The lawyers are probably laughing at her ridiculousness and saying ‘no…THIS is why your divorce went on so long’!

  2. A Scorpion’s obsessive compulsive tendency for vengeance can lead to their own undoing when left unbridled and spiritually unchecked. Rather than heap this onto her doorstep, personally I would move on. It’s just more time and energy vested into things that drain you and keep you festered in negativity , when you can be out enjoying a free life with millions to spare and more to be made instead.

  3. I understand why B is going this route.
    She’s paying the attorneys big bucks to look out for her best interests and someone failed her. That’s is the crux of this lawsuit, I think.

    1. Lawyers can’t perform magic though..there is ALWAYS compromise…at the end of the day she’s a smart woman who signed something…now she doesn’t like it so blames the lawyers? She’s acting like Teresa but she’s supposed to be much brighter…

        1. I didn’t compare their lives…I said she was acting like Teresa did about her lawyers….cause she is…she is blaming her lawyers for her actions of signing papers…but if you would like to put words in my mouth, have at it.

          Also, while people’s pasts may explain their behaviours, the past doesn’t excuse them either.
          She can’t on one hand claim she wants to be done with the divorce and then turn around and sue her lawyers to drag it all out again.

  4. Having “plenty” of money, and getting screwed out of it are two separate issues. This issue with the condo SHE BOUGHT, PAID FOR, CHOSE EVERY SINGLE ITEM, AND WORKED HER ASS OF FOR 20 YEARS TO BUY, in the end Jason decided he wanted 1/2 share of it so he would have leverage, which he did. She lost way more than the money, she lost the power to choose what would happen to things SHE BOUGHT. She bought that without his help. He worked for her company for 4 lousy months, and handled a couple bottling problems. All in all it would have cost her a few million less to hire a knowledgable executive to handle that entire mess. Jason is the greedy one. Bethenny’s the one who worked for her money. He sat on his ass and paid nothing, got $12,000.00 monthly in spousal support while living free. She paid for the electric, taxes, homeowners association fees, all while he DID NOTHNG BUT sit on his ass and screw her out of money, just out of spite, Lazy asshole. I hope she gets what that property is worth, and that he lives with the knowledge he is a wuss forever, him with his momma complex.

    1. Yes – and she, a grown business woman, signed it in trust. Yes, it is a mistake and seems unfair, but it is a mistake she has to live with. Her lawyers are not responsible for her signing that form and she is a smart business woman, so I find it hard to believe she didn’t understand what she was signing. I am not saying that Jason is great and Bethanny is evil, but I am saying that she is responsible for her actions – as we all are.

      Somehow, what you are writing sounds more like someone who has been through a bitter divorce themselves rather than someone looking at the situation objectively.

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