Bethenny Frankel Sues Jason Hoppy For Custody of Daughter Bryn

RHONY star Bethenny Frankel has spent most of her time in court over the last four years and it looks like she’s going back.

The two will be back in court in January because Bethenny has sued Jason for custody of their seven-year-old daughter, Bryn, after he was charged with stalking and harassing Frankel.

According to court records obtained by Page Six, Frankel reopened her divorce case on December 6 as a play to get custody of her daughter.

They originally settled their custody battle in 2014 by agreeing to co-parent Bryn. They reached the deal after Frankel called Hoppy “white trash” from the witness stand, the site reports.

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29 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel Sues Jason Hoppy For Custody of Daughter Bryn”

  1. That poor kid. I guess co-parenting isn’t going to work for them. To me, he is unstable. While I think he should have visitation, I think it needs to be supervised for a period of time to ensure that child is safe. This situation seems like a powder-keg that could explode at any minute. I fear for Bethenny’s safety.

    1. You are entitled to your opinion and I always appreciate and respect an opposing view but Jason Hoppy is NOT dangerous.. she is! she is psychotic, unstable and manipulative! She manipulated him into having a child and marrying her! You watched the show just like we all did! She s always attacking others and blowing up on them if they don’t share her “reality”! She always places herself up on the pedestal of “moral authority” when she has none! There are zero family members in her steady boyfriends or friends! I feel sorry for her ex! She just used him and threw him away like he was trash! Hs angercis “ hurt” because I believe he really loved her.. but she doesn’t love anyone but herself!

      1. How do you know who she has or doesn’t have in her life? How do you know Jason Hoppy is not dangerous? Those statements are more than an “opinion”.

      2. Ita with your every word!! She loves to gaslight others & cry “victim” when they react to the nastiness..True victim is the daughter, very sad!!

  2. I think, that Hoppy, should be required to go to Therapy and Anger Managment, before he is allowed even monitored Visitation.
    He has proved to, be Mentally Unstable to say the least.
    Other, than Bethanny’s Safety, his Vindictiveness could result in Kidnapping Bryn and leaving the State or Country in order to Punish Bethanny.
    I don’t know but he obviously needs Mental Help and Medication..
    You never know, Sociopaths don’t have Neon Signs on their Foreheads.
    He has certainly pit through Bethenny through Psycological Torture!
    Just an observation..

    1. I don’t know, Minx. I kinda think your description could also apply to Bethanny. I used to like her quick wit and one liners, but now I’m thinking she’s really on the edge. When she went OFF on Luanne at Dorinda’s home, I lost “like” for her. Imo, she appears to be unstable. That being said, I don’t think Hoppy is all that stable either. Their sweet child is caught in the middle. It makes me sad. Bryn knows what’s going on. All children just want to feel loved and safe.

      1. Oh, I am not Giving Bethanny a Pass. I am not a Fan.
        However, (speaking from Recent Personal Experience), Whatever her Behaviour is (aside from her usual sarcasm, etc.) more than likely is a result from all the insanity she has been, going through.I, wasn’t battered or abused, btw- just found out, my Fiance was leading a double life. All is well.
        The last what two seasons Bethanny has been unhinged. Her divorce and everything else has had to endure is Psychological Torture.
        I am speaking on, the behalf of Women who have been conned, duped, ripped off, used and gone through heartbreak, embarrassment and pain of Psychological Torture. Smart Women, get sucked in by Predators as well,as everyone else.
        Bethanny, goes to Therapy and owns that she is broken.
        When a divorce and settlement takes longer than the actual marriage? And, the Man, harassing her. She deserves some slack.

        1. Luv ya….seriously for real. You put it all that there, and I respect your opinion!!! Just saying, I think they’re both asses! BTW, my goldie is now good. Took it long enough, lol. Freaking dog that sleeps across my face because she can’t handle simple issues!! The wind blows, it’s raining, we got the Christmas decorations out of the closet, the heater clicked on….you name it. She is spoiled and anything that is not in the norm, she wiggs out. She is sooooo freaking beautiful, j/s

        2. Well said Minx! I have liked Bethenny since day one, however, she has a short fuse for bullshit and I think, speaks before she thinks some times. I have watched every episode of the Rhony and the bethenny series, she truly loved Jason and him her, but his actions after are beyond disturbing. I agree he shouldn’t get to see Bryn at all until he see’s a psychologist and shows he is stable. I heard that when they lived together in Tribeca he would pee all over the floor and walls around the toilet as well as not flush #2! That shows someone that has mental issues as well as locking Cookie in the storage room downstairs and not telling Bethenny where she was. WTF. I can only imagine what else he has done and the things he says/does when he has Bryn. Scary!
          So is she a little harsh..yes, does she have reasons to be, probably.
          I wish her the best and hope she gets full custody of her daughter.
          Merry Christmas all 🙂

        3. Did you ever stop to think that maybe the sociopath is Bethenny? Just saying. I am not giving Jason a pass here by any means, but she wanted him for the child mostly, then she dumped him. She never really wanted to be married. She even said so. She is very much an aplha female and Jason maybe, was more of a beta male…and now he rebels. I don’t condone any of his alleged stalking behavior either, I don’t know the man either but Bryn should not be used as a pawn or a piece of property in a game of tug of war either. I feel for Bryn most of all. JMO
          Oh, and I found their (Bethenny and Jason’s) spinoff show to be very hard to watch. I felt sorry for Jason back then, really.

          1. Same. It’s interesting how the public narrative about who Jason Hoppy is has changed to “he’s dangerous”. Divorces are ugly and run on high emotion. I think he’s likely pretty pissed because he has to deal with a person who is as jacked up as Bethenny, and acts out, to be sure…but this whole “Sleeping with the Enemy” label so many want to slap onto him really cheapens the issue of women are in REAL and present danger, women don’t have the millions to carry on a full publicity campaign assault to win in the court of public opinion. In my life I have been intimately familiar with stalking on a personal level, I know women who have literally survived kidnapping, I know situations where there has been hard prison time involved for exes that have flipped their lids and fallen off their rocker. Jason to me, is not a sociopath: pissed off, yes. Humiliated in finding out he was nothing more than a mere sperm donor on Bethenny’s rise to the top of the reality heap (as has been publicly confirmed by Bethenny’s former close friend Patti Stanger who advised her to get knocked up to snag a spin-off in the first place)? Yup. I mean, who here hasn’t seen the mess that was their show and what a dysfunctional shrew she was? But him being an actual danger to Bethenny or Bryn where they will physically be in harm’s way – I don’t see it.

  3. I said all along that “B***h Bethany” was “setting him up” by pushing her ex-husbands buttons to elicit a particular response and charging him with stalking! Ths was all part of her “ plan” to take custody away from him! She’s got to control everything and everybody! Sneaky conniving b***h! It’s like that little girl is just another possession .. she’ll take the only stabilizing factor she has in her life ( her dad and grandparents) and screw her up like she is! This woman has zero friends or relatives..she can’t get along with anyone.. Jason I would demand a full psychologcal workup and profile on your ex wife to determine her suitability for parenting!! She is scary psychotic mommy dearest!

  4. I love Bethenny and I disagree 100% with what she’s doing. However, Jason refused to leave their home and forged a document and had his mother commit a crime by notarizing it. He also involved Bethenny’s boyfriend at the time who had NOTHING to do with any of this mess with over 150 emails. He has repeatedly violated Bethenny’s personal space and tried to make her look bad. I think he loves his daughter and is a good dad and Bethenny should leave well enough alone.

  5. Wow! Thanks for sharing that. I don’t support someone just because they have a vagina or a penis. I try to see the issues from a moral, legal and ethical perspective. I come from a home where the man is king and I never understood the logic in that. My mother actually said that she wouldn’t be surprised if my husband beat me for not having dinner on the table when he got home. ( I was working full time too) How anyone can blame a woman for being raped, beaten, cheated on etc is beyond me. Hopefully, we humans continue to evolve and get past this attitude soon. Yes, men can be victims too, but until the playing field levels and this behavior stops on all sides, logic dictates that you put your prejudices and biased upbringing aside and start using you brain. (Soapbox just collapsed)

  6. That’s awesome. My daughter, who is wise beyond her years, pointed out to me that people who talk about time-travel are afraid to go back in time because they’re worried they’ll change the future. Then why is it we think that we can’t do anything now to change the future? We all seem to think that what we do doesn’t matter. It surely does.

    1. Hi UnrealHW,
      It is absurd and defeatist, to believe that we can, not change
      the present in,a small way or make a major positive influence upon the Future.
      I have to, believe this, as I have witnessed the best of humanity and the worst.
      I am,an Educator. If, I can, inspire one Student, then that’s a Significant Change. I may never know if, I have of course.
      We never know how we influence other’s
      ” It’s a Wonderful Life” is the perfect Holiday Film of going back in time and how the Future might change, but not necessarily for the better.
      We have the Here and the Now.
      Which is the Important Place to Live .
      There are no guarantees for the future.

  7. Jason Hoppy is a grifting sociopath and Bethenny is a coke snorting lunatic. That said, I personally know worse parents. Single moms who bring home a new “daddy” a week for the kids to meet, single dads who date girls born two years after their 16 year old daughter, etc. At least, while these two may be unscrupulous, they can afford a few nannies and a good boarding school to buffer their influence.

  8. This is tragic. I dont like that Bethenny is doing this. I am not there and will not judge these 2 people (who I have never met) but I hate to see them in court fighting again. What a waste of energy and money. Its toxic.

  9. I don’t know what happened in their home, but as far as Bethenny emasculating her husband, that is a given. She is a strong character with a masculine vibe, herself.
    What I think happened, is that she took a successful man, and sold him to her brand, devoting himself to her and her dreams at the expense of his career. Maybe he thought it was a forever marriage and thought of it as a joint venture with mutual benefits, but as she became more successful, she did not need him any more, so he was dispensible. (JMO)
    Now, after his exposure on TV and everyone knowing how wealthy his wife (ex or not) is, he is like he is up a river without a paddle. He is seen as a loser, as she portrayed him. Would anyone even hire him? Out of his frustration and the loss of his identity as he always knew it before Bethenny and wanting to be a father and husband, he has lost it.

    Yes, Bethenny has been seeing her shrink, but does that make her that aware to the point of changing for the better? I don’t know.
    I admire her wit. I see her as brilliant. I just think that she is someone who should probably never be in a long term relationship on an intimate level. She is not able to give enough to actually be an equal with another, since she will always want to be on top of every one and every thing.
    I see her as wanting to control every little thing in Bryn’s life. I do hope she goes to family therapy for Bryn’s sake. Divorce is tough on children.

  10. Hi Minx,

    I am okay. Just busy. Extremely cold day, now snow all afternoon and evening, and still waiting for dishwasher repair next Tuesday, so I wash everything by hand….
    I walked my dog in weather in the teens and 20s….too cold.
    Some animal made it into my attic…waiting for exterminator tomorrow…too busy, and something died in the wall or something in the master bedroom. I had to sleep in the guest room last night, so I am not a happy camper. I am not ready for Christmas. No spirit this year…just hoping for a better 2018.

  11. I dealt with the raccoon issue in 2015. That cost thousands. My homeowner’s insurance paid some of it, but I was left with paying more, of course. That was a major cleanup because of the spores raccoons leave…big one. They sent in cleaning pros who cleaned the air with machines…major. All insulation was repaired. It was over 7000 total and that was not all the insulation in the attic. After they sealed up the hole where the raccoon entered…and we never found the raccoon…only his mess, another raccoon or the same one tried to come back…and after bending a gutter and fascia back to reenter, he realized he could not get in…but he left enough of an opening for a squirrel to come inside…and that had to be cleaned up and dealt with. Now we have mice.
    The exterminator came today…said a mouse must have died in the ductwork over my bedroom…saw where he opened it up. Now that is sealed…mouse dead somewhere. After he left, I lifted up some insulation over a duct over my son’s bedroom and discovered…a dead mouse. The man did not answer his phone at that point…so hubs took it out himself…nasty thing.
    That was my day so far!
    You are so artistic. I imagine your gingerbread houses are gorgeous. My eldest son the design/mechanical engineer used to make them here at home when he was younger…villages. What a mess but so nice. He is always so compulsive about things…had to make them one day. He went out and bought everything and started to work at it. It took up my entire kitchen table…that last time he made one.
    Both sons are in NYC today. We got more snow than they did there…so they can do things…like make another robot and hopefully have some fun too…more than just robot making?
    I know 2017 was horrific. I hope 2018 is better!!!

  12. Im with you Unreal…57 Jason has some psychological problems and he needs a good therapist. His actions are not something a reasonable person does. To walk up to your ex wife and tell her “Im going to take you down” and then comment to her boyfriend Dennis just shows he has serious issues. I am a Bethanny fan. Actually Im a lot like her without the $$$$$. Im a black or white kind of woman who tells it like it is but respectfully. If I cannot say something respectfully I just keep my mouth shut. I like her will and her strength. People hate her for some reason but no one knows what she went through as a child. How would you like to live with a mother who told you she wished you had never been born. That will change a person. Bethanny had to fend for herself and as she grew up and during that time she put up walls around herself to keep all the people in her life at bay as a defense mechanism. All you haters give her a break. She is a character on a TV show which we all know is scripted. The producers tell her what type of situation that they want to make drama and she is the best at it. NOT ONE PERSON who spues hate at her doesn’t know ANYTHING about her. TV is FAKE and she is a great actress. Inside her life she is private and keeps to herself. I never understood how people take all this HW;s crap to heart and believe that these women are all exactly the way they are portrayed on the tube. Go Bethanny I hope you get custody. I do believe that a child does need a mother and a father but until Jason gets some deep therapy and learns his actions affect his daughter she needs to remain with Bethanny.

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