Bethenny Frankel Speaks Out About Tinsley Mortimer

Bethenny Frankel is speaking out about her introduction to her new co-star Tinsley Mortimer. While Bethenny thought their introductions was flawless, Tinsley thought Bethenny came off very cold.

“I didn’t get to know her that well in the beginning and I still don’t,” Bethenny told The Daily Dish. “I think we definitely, I don’t want to say kept our distance, but we had a certain amount of distance. But I enjoyed her. I thought she was kind and sweet and had good intentions. And she came to play. I like her, from what I know. I mean you could like someone — we’re not best friends.”

But Tinsley did become friends with Bethenny’s BFF Carole. “Tinsley and Carole [Radziwill] definitely struck up a good friendship, which is really nice,” Bethenny said. “But I don’t have anything negative to say about her… I was definitely surprised by Carole and Tinsley becoming such good friends ’cause I think Carole had a preconceived notion about Tinsley before she came on the show and wasn’t all that excited about it. I, actually, was excited about it just based on knowing nothing. So I think that was an interesting surprise.”

In the end, Bethenny noted Tinsley had the right pedigree to be in this group. “She’s been through her own ordeal,” she said, referring to her 2016 arrest. “Which makes her prime to be a part of this group, and I thought she was a welcomed addition. No negativity at all.”

Photo Credit: Bravo