Bethenny Frankel Speaks Out About Nasty Divorce From Jason Hoppy!


When Bethenny Frankel announced she was divorcing Jason Hoppy after three years of marriage, she told the press they would remain “amicable.” Their divorce has been anything but amicable, and has turned nasty over the custody of their 2 year-old daughter, Bryn. Jason and Bethenny have also had disputes in court over custody, support, property, insurance, and more. Now, she is speaking out about her split from Jason.

“I really did think it would be amicable. I absolutely did,” Bethenny tells People of her initial statement. “I wrote that entire statement myself. And every single word, I believed to be true.”

“Someone said to me recently, ‘We see what we want to see.’ And I guess, at the time, that’s what I did,” she says. “The truth of the matter is, you go with your gut at the time. Whatever I’m going through now, I’m certain that I’ll learn something from it. When the clouds pass, I will figure out what the silver lining was.”

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8 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel Speaks Out About Nasty Divorce From Jason Hoppy!”

  1. You are so fake everyone knows you only married Jason because you wanted to be more on than just a housewife.. No one feels sorry for you..

  2. I hate you for what you did to Jason. U r exactly like your mother, so give brynn to Jason so that she has a chance for happy life, you remember what your mother did to you, let her go with her father , then you can have all the fame you desire, famewhore

  3. Shame on all of you for your cruel, cruel comments. No one really knows what went on between the two of them…and certainly not just because we were able to witness and edited few seasons of their lives.

    Would you say these same things to her face…or is it easier for you to say such cruel remakes behind the safety of your computer.

    Let’s be kinder to one another.

    1. Yes Kate, I do agree with you. I always tell my children to get both sides of a story. But from what I know, this guy walked into a crazy world of Bethenny, and knew she was high maintenance. He came on the show for her, and brought his parents on as well. She got her attention that clearly she needs, and the spin off show, plus the attention to her Skinny Girl brand that she would never had gotten if she didn’t have a show. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY that’s all she wants. If Jason was such a bad guy, and an abusive dad, I’m sure that she would have called attention to it. So why wouldn’t she want to share Bryn with her father?

  4. I can’t believe how mean & nasty people are. You have no idea what happened in that marriage. I have observed Jason’s passive aggressive behavior & wouldn’t be surprised if he is Borderline. I know B. is not an easy person to get along with & she’s made that clear & owns it. The difference between her & her mother is obvious to anyone that watch the show, B is willing to do the work with therapist to be a better person & I’m sure she’ll be a fantastic mother to Bryn. Jason should have visitations & be as involved as possible, I’m sure he too will be a great Dad once this storm passes & they sort it out.

  5. Jason knew Bethenny well enough to know her issues before he married her. Did he think she would change or did he marry her because she got pregnant? Bethenny is witty, beautiful and has become quite the business woman. She “chose” to put her issues out there for all to see allowing cameras into her therapy sessions. Due to her past I’m not convinced she will ever find true happiness even with all of her success. It’s obvious how much she loves Bryn and I know she wants better for her daughter. I don’t know what Jason was like. He was difficult to read. But, as a grandparent of one about the same age as Bryn, it would devastate me not to be able to see often an establish a close relationship. I felt Bethenny pushed Jason’s parents away the moment Bryn was born. I with them all the best, mostly…Bryn.

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