Bethenny Frankel Speaks Out On Luann and Tom’s Marriage

As you may remember, at one point Bethenny Frankel had a lot to say about Luann D’Agostino and her husband Tom last season on RHONY. But how does she feel about the couple’s marriage today?

“Where it stands for me is that Luann is married and she’s happy,” Bethenny recently told The Daily Dish. “She knew what she was doing, she knew what everyone had told her. And she knows who she’s marrying and he knows who he’s marrying and so they’re on the same page. It doesn’t matter to me what page that is ’cause it’s not my business.”

Bethenny added, “But the truth is, what’s good for Luann is not necessarily what’s good for anybody else — and none of us have had any glowing report cards in relationships. So, you know, she’s a grown woman.”

Despite everything that happened last year, Bethenny thinks that things could work out for Luann and Tom. I’m not a swami. I can’t predict the relationship future of Luann and Tom. I oddly think they’re gonna last a while, but maybe I’m the village idiot,” she said. “It depends upon what they both want. It’s hard. Marriage is hard and getting married in the spotlight is hard [with a] reality show on top of it is hard. She’ll hold on for a long time because it’s important to her that it’s a success after all the attention. But let’s let the dust settle and it’s really their business.”

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17 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel Speaks Out On Luann and Tom’s Marriage”

  1. What does this psychotic hot mess know about successful marriage or even a successful relationship for that matter! You can’t help but roll your eyes at this “know it all bastion of unhealthy choices in the romance dept”! She can’t even get along with other women! Skinny and ugly inside and out.. She’ll just grow old and alone clutching her bags of money to her shriveled breasts! No family, no friends, no man!

    1. Lol…I am always struggling to understand why anyone would care what she thinks about anything. I watch what she does, which is usually in direct contradiction to what she says….and that tells me everything I need to know about this little bully.

      1. Lol! Appreciate your comment! You are so right! She’s really scarey crazy! She comes across as rational then “boom” the bottom drops out and she’s sobbing and alternately attacking people! I feel sorry for the title girl..JH is the only chance she has for normalcy.. such sweet grandparents too! I just pray her daddy clears his name and recognizes he’s got to protect himself from her looney tunes mom! Never communicate w BF or meet in person without a witness and probably video/audio! She is the worst kind of bully.. nuts!

        1. Yes, absolutely the psychopath, Jason, should quit suckling at his Mama’s breast, maybe be thankful for the millions of dollars he screwed Bethenny out of for the few months of work he did for her company. Then he had ALL OF his legal bills paid, ALL OF his household bills, his MORTGAGE on the apartment Bethenny paid for herself, plus 12 GRAND a month is spousal support, and that was BEFORE the final settlement. Wow, that guy got paid for any pain he was caused having a wife who had a violent upbringing. Is she damaged, absolutely. She goes to therapy and is a good Mama. The Grandmother isn’t supposed to have the say in how to raise Bethenny’s daughter. Bethenny isn’t responsible for her own crazy parents. That is so unkind.

          1. The purpose of the blogs to to have differing’s a safe space for everyone to “have an opinion”. ..nobody is wrong or right. I’m not going to get personal with another blogger just because we don’t agree with each other. I agree that BF is not responsible for her upbringing but she is responsible for getting help to heal and “overcome” that upbringing so she doesn’t repeat the patterns of abuse/neglect with her daughter. She has no filter of what constitutes normalcy but cannot help but act like she does when she makes herself out to be “the moral authority”when it comes to other people’s lives! She can “tell it like it is” but no one else can when it comes to her! That makes her a hypocrite! I do believe JH needs to move on! The anger over “feeling used” has to be refocused on the blessing that come in the form of his precious daughter! Whether he was adequately compensated in the divorce settlement is anyone’s guess because the financial details were not released. I think both of them are wrong in just not focusing on their opinion!

    2. Well tell us how ya really feel, LOL!!! All jokes aside though, Bethenny really did make an ass out herself last year and got two shows out of that clustermuck she pulled off in Florida, but I’m curious to see how she cleans up her image this season. Trust and believe there is definitely a “how” plan in place.

  2. Bitchenny should take two pills of STFU and take care of her own mess since she’s bit shagging a married man…remember the old saying about having a glass roof ?

    1. Well, for once a woman, all by her little self, broke the allegorical glass ceiling and stands above it now, where usually only the heads of the male gender reside. As far as the glass roof? If everyone waited until the final divorce papers were signed, sealed and delivered, 55% of the population of recently “married” people would not date.

      1. The point is that Bitchenny was still married to the other guy while she was shagging the Charlie-Brown look-alike…so she should take a suppository of STFU since she´s was doing more or less the same thing, at least the Countless was single and so was her husband-to-be and they were boinking around but they were single, Bitchenny was not

        1. Oh, were you there? If they had been “shagging” before Bethenny was separated from the psychopath, there would most certainly be pictures, articles and PROOF. Not just some jealous poster who hates her and wants to make up lies like Ramona.

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