Bethenny Frankel Shows off New Red Hair


Bethenny Frankel has many different products under her belt from Margaritas to Popcorn and now she is adding something very sweet to her Skinnygirl brand. Bethenny has added candy with the likes of chocolate truffles, chocolate bars, chocolate-covered almonds, and gummies.

As Bethenny walked the red carpet at Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York City, everyone noticed something new; Bethenny’s hair color is now red.

But don’t think that she’s changed her signature brown locks, she confirmed to US Weekly that the look is only temporary. “It’s a wig,” she said of the color, which she described as “Skinnygirl red.”

“I had been wanting to (go red) and then today was such a great excuse. A gentleman named Tokyo (Stylez, who makes Kylie Jenner’s wigs) … made it for me. He’s lovely.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


13 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel Shows off New Red Hair”

  1. She talked about Erika looking like Bambi – she looks like a cheap hooker. Did she have more work done? If so, it isn’t working.

    1. Well yeah I kinda agree even though I like the color. She did it for publicity, she knew people would talk about it more than her cookie line lol

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