Bethenny Frankel Says She Doesn’t Need A Man To Complete Her

Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel has always been open and honest about her dating life with the public and in a new interview she’s sharing why she has been more secretive about her post-divorce dating life.

“I am kind of in purgatory right now,” the Bravo star told Entertainment Tonight. “I have been dating but I have pulled back a little bit.”

Frankel is reportedly dating Dennis Shields.

“I am not in a place where I want everything to be rushed, and I don’t want the big white dress, and someone to rush me down the aisle,” she admitted.

And she will keep her love life private from now… “Because what happens when you are in the public, and you date? Everyone is like, ‘She is happy she found love again, she is the happiest she has ever been.’”

“We are not living in the Jerry Macguire movie and no man is going to complete me. I complete myself,” she proclaimed.

Do you agree with Bethenny’s approach to love?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I’m not a Bethanny fan anymore, but I agree 100% on this approach. If you look for someone to complete you, you might set yourself up for failure. Be a complete person yourself, and then find the love and companionship to enhance you, not complete you 😀

I don’t care who Bethenny dates. I just know that the guy has to have bigger balls than she (always says she has) has to make it work.

agree Sandy… I could give a poop who she dates… I don’t like it when she talks about getting some balls…. who the hell wants those things dingling around in their pants… I prefer what I have…. lol…

Cin, that was really funny and so right! I can’t stand Bethenny but after reading a story in the Daily Mail there wasn’t one good comment about her! Not surprising after last season!

Duchess of Wienerschintzel

The more I know men … the more I love my sex toys

This will go into moderation, but I agree a man can’t complete a woman, & a woman can’t complete a man. One might strive for that, but it isn’t physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually possible. It’s those who keep trying who keep failing. I am a huge fan of Bethenny, and always a man has to have more hutzpah business wise, or at least as much, to live peacefully with her, one of the many reasons the wimp and her didn’t make it. He was a Momma’s boy, and wanted to remain so. She tried, IMO, much harder than he… Read more »

Whatever, Love Bug. If you like it we love it.


Bethenny worked her ass off for over 20 years, after a horrifying childhood that would have put most people in a a nut house, or in the bottom of a bottle, alcohol or pills or both. She was forced to strive to make things that were negative into something joyous, and she did that. It is very similar to yelp, or letters written to the management of a company. People rarely write about positive experiences they have had. That is why she gets a lot of negative commentary from behind a nice safe keyboard, or from a mob of people.… Read more »

I love this picture of her… she is not all plastic looking and it’s natural… wrinkles are okay – we all get them and when they start with the botox – well it becomes very unnatural looking

I so agree with her. Bravo to her for gaining more and more wisdom and kindness as she continues to grow. Inside, there is a loving person fighting her way out of a hard shell, like a chicken fighting to get out of her egg. I really admire her for doing this and understand that at 40+ years-old, it is so very difficult to do. Albeit she is so strong and determined in everything she has ever done, I think she may well be the exception to the rule that both tests and proves the rule.Carole will be a great… Read more »