Bethenny Frankel Rips Into LuAnn de Lesseps in the Berkshires


The drama continued on Wednesday night’s episode of the Real Housewives of New York City as Bethenny continued her fight with LuAnn de Lesseps. “You’re not honest about how you live your life!” Bethenny yelled at LuAnn. “You criticize people for doing what you do on the regular.”

When LuAnn asked who she criticized, Carole Radziwill chimed in, “You criticize me for dating someone younger and you routinely date younger guys!”

“Women feel about you that you are the woman that they wouldn’t want to have their man around,” Bethenny said, adding that Sonja Morgan claimed that she had slept with half of the men she had been dating too. The Countess was shocked Bethenny would believe Sonja of all people right now.

“The problem with you is that women don’t trust you, and they think you have sex with married men and you cheat and you f*ck younger guys and criticize other people about the same thing that you do, and you act like you’re holier than thou, and you wrote a book about etiquette and it’s the most comical thing,” Bethenny screamed. “You can’t pretend you’re mentoring Sonja. That’s demented!”

LuAnn explained that she was worried that excluding Sonja could cause something “bad” to happen and this softened Bethenny enough for her to apologize to the Countess.

For a very brief period of time there was peace. The ladies sat down for dinner and Bethenny continued to express her feelings towards LuAnn.

“You are cunning and crafty,” she told her.

“You move in on the guy!” Ramona added. Singer was happy to have the change to get a dig in at de Lesseps. Bethenny compared LuAnn to a variety of things ranging from a barracuda to a Venus flytrap, and LuAnn continued to insist she had never stolen a man from anyone.

The next morning everyone tried to recover from the fight. Bethenny took Carole and tried to leave Dorinda’s as early as possible, while LuAnn stayed and cooked breakfast for everyone. Dorinda noted of Bethenny and Carole’s exit, “It doesn’t send the message to me that they were appreciative.”

Back in the city, Ramona was throwing a charity Holiday party and she believed she could get Bethenny to make up with Sonja and LuAnn. LuAnn tried to extend an olive branch to both women. When she didn’t receive the warm and fuzzies from Bethenny she tried to move on to Carole.

“I want you to know that I’m really sorry,” she told Radziwill. “I went too far. I should have came to you sooner, and I’m sorry and I miss you as a friend.” Carole thought this apology seemed “more sincere” than LuAnn’s last one, but that wasn’t saying much.

Bethenny forced LuAnn to say out loud that she had nothing to do with the creation of Skinnygirl. When Sonja arrived, Bethenny left the event.

In an effort to help Sonja, the Countess advises Sonja to “drop the whole Tipsy Girl thing” completely, prompting the aspiring prosecco purveyor to freak out. Sonja explained to LuAnn how many times she had reached out to Bethenny and how she never meant to steal anything from anyone.

“It would have been better if you had never texted anyone,” LuAnn explained, while Dorinda reiterated that her decision not to include Sonja had come “from a place of love.”

Sonja tried to leave the party upset, but LuAnn chased her down and told her this wasn’t the right place to try to work things out with Bethenny.

“Yeah, the right place was Dorinda’s!” Sonja said. “If she doesn’t want to see me, she’s going to leave! She left! I didn’t even get to say hi. She left!”

Carole told the cameras that Sonja “saw an opportunity to make a little money and honestly didn’t think too much about Bethenny.”

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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12 Replies to “Bethenny Frankel Rips Into LuAnn de Lesseps in the Berkshires”

  1. Yeah…and then they tried to run out in their pajamas in the morning without even saying goodbye.
    But my favorite part is Bethenny is the one dating a married man…and he is married to a good friend of hers. They are saying he is separated, but the story is the affair started before he actually left his wife.
    (mike drop)
    I hope they bring his ex on next year …maybe to replace Carole…but I am still thinking that through.

  2. I have been a fan of Bethenny for years, but this season she is a complete negative, mean, opinionated, unforgiving “power-trip” of an ICE QUEEN. Nothing positive EVER comes out of her mouth. Does she ever say anything nice to the ladies? It is difficult for me to even watch. I hope Bethenny watches this last season back, and goes to see her counselor to work though all her ANGER issues. I feel sorry for the other housewives. Carole needs to “run like the wind” away from Bethenny.

  3. With every episode I dislike Bethenny more and more (if that is possible).. I hope that the judge rules in Jason’s favor.. he deserves it for putting up with such a vile, nasty witch.. Does she realize how ugly she looks when she is going off on people? Is she ever happy??

  4. Andy, your train is off the tracks.
    This season is unwatchable.
    Bethenny isn’t off her meds.

    Carole should be gone or just a friend. She’s mean and just up Bethenny’s behind. She used to be funny but now she is a B clone.

    Sonja is Sonja and they won’t accept her. Why, cuz their way is better? Insecure, defensive, paranoid?

    Luann, shut up. Bethenny and Carole are judgemental and don’t like you. Hang out with Sonja, Jules, Dorinda, and Romona and shut off those 2 witches so they can ride their brooms of criticism and holier-than-thou attitudes into a ditch.

  5. I really felt bad for Dorinda but I have waited years to see Luann get put in her place. The woman has no conscience. Yes B went too far but in the case of B vs Luann I am Team B.

  6. Bitchany is a bad guest. Who would ever invite this persons not their home? TEAM JASON, the money mooching get all he can out off he divorce, he earned his war wounds!

  7. I am team Bethany all the way. Luann is not honest and is guilty of everything Bethany said to her. I think the venue was the wrong place to call out Luann it made others look uncomfortable and it was very inconsiderate to Dorinda

  8. Bethenny is OFFICIALLY the MEAN GIRL of
    RHONY — in fact she is the Captain of this toxic group and her Co-Captains are Carol & Dorinda !!!


  9. I now understand Bettheny’s ex-husband’s actions. At first thought he was vindictive but now I can see why he did what he did. She deserves it all. Her arrogance and viciousness has no boundaries. Thank God he has shared custody…hopefully it will save her daughter. What a disgraceful display for this child to one day witness. Not a big Luann fan but she’s right…”money can’t buy you class.”

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